Every restaurant and dining establishment has had to change its guidelines when it comes to COVID-19 protocol, that's no secret. From wearing masks when diners aren't eating to some establishments closing their doors save for takeout, the world of dining out has undergone a revolutionary overhaul in order to comply with safety and sanitation practices.

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Food trucks have not been exempt from this protocol; however, this doesn't mean they've had to go through such extraordinary lengths as a brick and mortar location to comply with new guidelines. Since food trucks are mobile and don't usually stage outdoor dining, the need for sanitation staff, reservations, and protocols in terms of staff has differed very much. Additionally, food is ordered and out quicker in most cases, patrons can stand six feet apart from one another, and the length between a customer and a food truck window is decent. So, how does ordering from a food truck benefit a diner over sitting down in a restaurant? The next time you hesitate to try a new food truck, don't - it's a worthy experience that's one deserving of a patron's time.


The Service Is Much Faster

Food trucks have the unique advantage of offering quick, high-quality food due to their small kitchen capacity and high-temperature equipment, which usually consists of a flat top, grill, and even fryers.

Many food trucks specialize in a unique area of cuisine which has been perfected to ensure minimum wait times to put out the best quality food in their repertoire. Therefore, a long way in a line is not often the case and if it is, the wait won't be nearly as long as in a restaurant.

There's One Interaction As Opposed To Several

When ordering from a food truck, there's always one interaction with the staff taking orders at the window. Occasionally, there will be a window on the opposite side through which food is handed out but that's it.

This, as opposed to a restaurant where there are multiple interactions with staff and potentially other customers, can be far less stressful. There's efficiency in the simplicity of ordering food from a food truck and many people have grown to love its minimal contact, friendly, regular faces, and quick service.

The Diversity And Creativity In Food Is Often Inspired By Traditional Street Food

One unique benefit of food truck life is the fact that most of them specialize in a specific cuisine or blending of cuisines referred to as fusion. Therefore, the menus that are curated cater specifically to the flavors and dishes of a certain style and allow customers to experience street food in a way like no other.

With smaller menus, it's also easier to try multiple dishes for great prices as opposed to restaurant dining which is usually restricted to one dish and potentially a starter.

The Prices Are Affordable

With most, not necessarily all, food trucks, the prices are usually far more affordable than the average restaurant. The beauty of street food is that with minimal overhead and a smaller staff, menu pricing is usually far lower than that of the average menu.

This is great for a multitude of reasons: one can try more than one menu item, save money on the experience, and take advantage of combo deals or specials without paying double the price.

It's A Great Way To Support The Community

When you support a local food truck, you're also supporting a member of the community. Similar to supporting a small business or locally-owned restaurant, the money spent on food by patrons is money that goes to supporting a family, paying for college tuition, or ensuring that someone has a roof over their head.

Food trucks have very much become a staple in many towns and cities with a trend that doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Specification In Certain Cuisines Is A Great Thing To Experience

Granted, a food truck menu might be smaller than the restaurant menu that so many of us are used to seeing, but there's a good reason for this. More often than not, each food truck menu has been perfected with each item offering the most in flavor and quality.

For example, if a food truck is committed to grilled cheese and offers a menu with ten different options, plus sides such as fries or mac 'n cheese, you can guarantee that each one of those grilled cheese sandwiches is made with high-quality ingredients and each combination has been carefully thought-out and perfected. The sides will be of similar quality with what's more than likely a personal 'secret' recipe, or something of that nature.

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