There are good restaurants all over the world. These restaurants each serve their own unique take on different types of food from classic American burgers to international cuisines and dishes like pho. While we all love visiting traditional restaurants in order to get our food fix, food trucks have also become incredibly popular in recent years.

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A food truck is a restaurant that operates out of a converted truck, bus, or van. Sometimes, food trucks are mobile and go from one festival or event to the next, but there are some food trucks that are completely stationary. They've become a really popular food trend in recent years and some of them are totally delicious.

To see 10 of the best food trucks on the west coast, keep reading!

10 Teppanyaki Hut

Teppanyaki Hut is a food truck located in Portland, Oregon that has become really popular across social media in recent years. This food truck is a staple for Portland locals and visitors alike who are looking for some really unique Asian cuisine.

This food truck serves a variety of tasty Asian dishes like sushi and udon, but they've become particularly famous across social media for one dish. Teppanyaki Hut became famous for their delicious and unique sushi burrito. This food truck is open seven days a week and is a must for sushi lovers in Portland.

9 Taqueria Los Chilangos

Taqueria Los Chilangos is a food truck and catering business that serves up fresh and delicious Mexican food in Seattle. They have a wide variety of different dishes and change what they serve, depending on what's fresh and in season.

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This food truck is in different parts of Seattle during different times and often moves for special events. Because of this, this food truck is one that it's important to check out on social media to see where it'll be when you're in Seattle. That way, you won't miss out on taking a trip to Taqueria Los Chilangos to enjoy some tasty Mexican cuisine.

8 Doughp

Doughp is technically not a food truck, but this Shark Tank alumni is too unique not to include on this list of the tastiest and most interesting places to get a bite on the west coast. Doughp is a kiosk located in San Francisco's Myriad, the food hall in the Castro.

We all know that eating raw cookie dough right out of the tub or tube isn't good for us. But if you visit San Francisco, you can finally eat cookie dough without it ever seeing an oven - and be completely safe! Doughp is a food stand that serves up edible cookie dough that has no eggs or other harmful ingredients and it comes in a wide variety of flavors.

7 VCHOS Food Truck

VCHOS Food Truck has two food trucks that travel around Los Angeles and are in different places and at different events from time to time. VCHOS serves up their own delicious, modern twist on Salvadoran foods.

VCHOS makes all their food from scratch with the freshest ingredients they can get. A large portion of their menu is completely gluten free and all of it is so tasty. Some of the most popular dishes available at VHCOS Food Truck include shrimp and potato tacos, gourmet street tacos, and platano empanadas.

6 Bobablastic

Bobablastic is a food truck located in Portland, Oregon that serves up a variety of foods and drinks. The main thing that they serve is bubble tea, also known as boba tea, a drink that got its start in Taiwan in the 1980s.

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Boba tea has taken the drink world by storm and is available at restaurants around the world. Bobablastic serves up a wide variety of types of boba tea, poke bowls, unique desserts, and tasty sandwiches.

5 Kurotaka Ramen

Kurotaka Ramen is a food truck located in San Francisco that serves up delicious and unique ramen recipes. Ramen is a food that originated in Japan and has become super popular all over the world. Although ramen immediately makes many people think of eating instant ramen in college, it's become a huge food phenomenon that goes way beyond that.

Kurotaka Ramen serves up some really unique bowls of ramen that you definitely won't be finding in a plastic package on grocery store shelves. They also have a few other Japanese dishes, but visitors come to this food truck for the ramen.

4 Westside Taco Co

Westside Taco Company is a food truck located in Redmond, Oregon that serves up Mexican street food with a tasty, modern twist. This food truck is located really close to The Vault Taphouse, a brewery in Redmond that serves up glasses of Kobold Brewing beers. This means that Westside Taco Company is the perfect place to get a plate of tacos and an ice cold drink from over at The Vault Taphouse.

The menu at Westside Taco Company changes regularly, depending on what's in season and what the freshest ingredients that the owners can get their hands on are. Everything is locally sourced and sustainable, meaning this food truck is as good for the planet as it is for your appetite.

3 Caravan Crepes

Caravan Crepes is a food truck that foodies can find in Seattle where they serve up delicious crepes in a variety of different recipes. Caravan Crepes has both savory and sweet crepes, meaning that there's something to please anyone's taste buds.

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Crepes are a French food that can be served either as a breakfast, dessert, or even lunch. Depending on the filling, crepes can be made sweet or savory and Caravan Crepes has recipes for both. Their crepe batter is made from scratch and all their ingredients are super fresh and tasty.

2 Island Blends Acai

Island Blends Acai is a food truck located in Seattle that serves up a really unique menu of foods. Instead of making tacos, sandwiches, and BBQ like other food trucks around the country serve, Island Blends Acai serves up acai bowls and poke bowls.

Everything on Island Blends Acai's menu is made with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Whether you get in line at this truck to get a sweet, refreshing acai bowl or to try out a fresh bowl of Polynesian poke, Island Blends Acai makes eating healthy tasty.

1 Grindz Food Truck

Hawaii is a state that has a really unique culture and their own unique cuisine that you won't be able to find anywhere else... Unless you visit Albany, Oregon. When in Albany, you don't have to look far for the best Hawaiian food around.

Visitors to Albany that are craving a taste of the islands can go to one of Grindz's two locations: The Hula Hut on Salem Avenue or the Grindz Food Truck on 14th Avenue. Either way, visitors can get a taste of some really unique and tasty Hawaiian delights.

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