The various food themes of museums have created quite a few entertaining options to choose from. There are plenty of options to choose from with museums all over the world looking at different themes. Each museum focuses on a certain food or kind of food to delve into its respective world. Each place showcases the history of the item and various fun stories regarding the food of choice.

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We will look at the best museums that are dedicated or tied into food. They range from places that just feature one specific food to places with the portrayal of an entire genre. Find out which museums are worth exploring to get the most out of your preferences. All foodies will likely find excitement from visiting each of them given the subject matter. These are the top ten food museums that can be found all over the world.

10 The Museum of Ice Cream

San Francisco is the home of the Museum of Ice Cream. The museum is dedicated to the much-beloved dessert with various exhibits showcasing the fun. Visitors get treated to checking out colorful presentations of the delicious history of ice cream.

The Museum of Ice Cream hopes to indulge all five of your senses. There are even some new flavors of ice cream to taste with the experiments of recipes including gooey peanut butter, tropical mango, and a few other beloved tastes.

9 The Frietmuseum

The Frietmuseum is a museum dedicated to potato fries in the Bruges area of Belgium. Various questions about the history of fries are examined at the museum, digging deeper into a favorite appetizer for many of us foodies.

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Three floors will see the history of frites told with exhibits on the first floor. Chip-making machines, artwork, and various other displays showcase the fun behind the fries on the second floor. A café is on the basement floor selling special fries of different styles.

8 Disgusting Food Museum

The Disgusting Food Museum has two locations in the Los Angeles area of the United States and the Malmo area of Sweden. As expected, the museum is dedicated to some of the least appealing foods ever offered in the history of cuisine.

Some of the unique items on display include roasted guinea pigs from Peru, maggot-infested cheese from Sardinia, well-aged shark from Iceland, and the stinky durian fruit from Thailand. All these foods are meant to make you cringe, but it can provide a fun dynamic of entertainment for those with a strong heart and stomach.

7 Gingerbread Museum

Prague is the home of the Gingerbread Museum in the Czech Republic. It is often considered too small to be a legitimate museum, but that adds to the fun of visiting such a place. The location features some of the most beautiful gingerbread houses and other cookie designs ever made.

This is considered an art display given how impressive most of the visuals are. Gingerbread cookies are not only delicious, but they can appeal to the most creative minds out there, wanting to do more than just eat them. The Gingerbread Museum will also give you some tasty snacks to purchase before ending your visit.

6 Jell-O Museum

The delicious treat featured in the Jell-O Museum looks at the history of Jell-O with interesting exhibits. LeRoy, New York in the location of the museum outside of the city. A colorful museum looks at everything related to Jell-O with guided tours teaching you more than you’d ever expect to learn about it.

Other fun aspects of the museum feature reading visitor stories about their experiences with Jell-O, finding unique recipes, and voting on the best flavor of all-time. Admission is only $5 for adults and even cheaper for kids, which makes the Jell-O Museum a must-visit if you’re ever in LeRoy.

5 National Mustard Museum

Middleton, Wisconsin is the home of the National Mustard Museum. Visitors that love the condiment will have a fun time checking out the museum created to celebrate mustard. The history of mustard is packed into many exhibits that look in-depth at different aspects of the condiment.

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There are vintage jars, pots, and ads looking at the early years of mustard. This is one of the few free museums about food that gets a decent number of visitors wanting to check it out without a cost. The National Mustard Museum gives you a fun activity on a free day in Wisconsin.

4 The Potato Museum

Idaho is known for its potatoes, which makes it more fitting that The Potato Museum is located there as one of the top food museums in the world. Blackfoot is the region of Idaho where this museum is at to give the best experience for anyone fascinated with potatoes.

The tour of the Potato Museum includes a discussion about the history of the potato and its importance for the state of Idaho. There are exhibits and beautiful murals all dedicated to celebrating the food and community. The admission fee is just $6 and even cheaper for kids wanting to check out the Potato Museum.

3 Museu de la Xocolata

The private Museu de la Xocolata is located in the Barcelona region of Spain. It looks at the history of chocolate, which brings in a great number of visitors given the popularity of the food. The exhibits mostly provide interesting new facts about the history of chocolate in Europe you likely never knew about.

Visitors receive a piece of chocolate to snack on at admission once they pay for a ticket and enter the Museu de la Xocolata. Fun elements of the visit include exchanges between countries involving chocolate, the discovery of the cocoa bean, and many more things to find out about chocolate.

2 Instant Ramen Museum

Ramen is a beloved food all over the world in fancy restaurants, but instant ramen is also a beloved favorite for those that enjoy a cheap meal at home. The Instant Ramen Museum is located in Osaka, Japan with a look at the history of the instant meal in various exhibits.

Visitors mostly enjoy looking at the packages of international flavors to see just how much variety is out there. There are also sauce packet displays along with a look at some limited-edition released flavors that are no longer sold. The Instant Ramen Museum is a must-visit for all ramen fanatics.

1 The Dessert Museum

The Dessert Museum is the top food museum located in the Pasay area of the Philippines. This is one of the most visually beautiful museums with the pink décor and stunning design making it worth checking out based on that alone. The fact that everyone loves desserts naturally adds more appeal to it.

Various desserts are offered to sample during your visit like donuts and cupcakes. There are highly entertaining interactive exhibits like swimming in sprinkles and running through a candy forest. The combination of fun exhibit experiences, eating delicious treats, and learning about the history behind it makes the Dessert Museum an elite food museum.

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