For music lovers, there are music festivals and concerts. For thrillseekers, there are amusement parks and carnivals. And for foodies? There are food festivals. These events showcase different types of food made by talented chefs that come to showcase their talents in the culinary world.

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Some food festivals showcase a specific type of food or cultural cuisine while others give visitors a taste of the local food trucks and chefs that live in the area. No matter what the specific food fest that you're planning to visit is for, you're bound to have a good time and leave with a full belly.

To see 10 food festivals around the world that foodies have to attend, keep reading!

10 FOOD & WINE Classic In Aspen - Aspen, Colorado

The FOOD & Wnie Classic in Aspen is a food festival that takes place in Aspen, Colorado. The 2020 event is already being planned and is set to take place in June of 2020. Visitors can either buy a pass as a consumer or as someone working in the restaurant industry and get to experience the full weekend of delicious food.

The FOOD & Wine Classic in Aspen features a wide variety of different brands, chefs, and even celebrities that come together in the beautiful Rocky Mountain area to showcase their food, cookbooks, and talents.

9 Hawaii Food & Wine Festival - Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is a state that has beautiful weather, a unique culture, and delicious food. For foodies that want to take a trip to the islands and taste some delicious local cuisine, attending the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival is definitely a bucket list must! The HFWF isn't a single festival. There are multiple events that take place all over the Hawaiian islands throughout the month of October.

This festival is put on by the Hawaii Ag and Culinary Alliance in order to draw in people from all over the mainland and the world to experience the local culinary talents of people living in Hawaii. Purchases made during the festival fund donations back to local culinary programs.

8 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival - Orlando, Florida

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is an event held by Walt Disney World in their Epcot park in Orlando, Florida. This event takes place during the fall in the Epcot World Showcase. If you're a person that likes to experience foods from different countries and cultures around the world, visiting this food festival at Epcot is a must.

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There's special Disney merchandise sold during the event for serious collectors, too. Along with the F&W exclusive merchandise that Epcot carries during this season, the festival features a wide variety of different events based around food from different countries.

7 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival - Victoria, Australia

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is a series of multiple events taking place across Victoria, Australia. While some food festivals are a single event, this food festival takes place during the month of March and is multiple different events in the area.

The events scheduled for this month-long event change each year, but visitors are sure to get a taste of everything that Australia has to offer at this food festival. Melbourne and the surrounding areas are a hotbed of world-class restaurants and unique culinary experiences, all of which are on display during this food festival.

6 Music City Food + Wine Festival - Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville may be a city that's known for their country music, but that's definitely not the only thing that draws people in to the city. The 2019 Music City Food + Wine Festival took place during the weekend of September 20th through the 22nd and the 2020 event is still being planned.

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This festival is perfect for anyone that loves good food, good drinks, and good music. Dozens of chefs and vendors come together in Nashville to show off their unique offerings. From food to drinks, there's a huge variety of different things for visitors to taste and experience while at this food festival.

5 Pahiyas Festival - Lucban, Philippines

Considering the Philippines is such a popular destination for delicious food and a unique culture, it's no surprise that there's a hugely popular food festival in the Philippines that draws in visitors from around the world. The Pahiyas Festival is one that has been going on in the Philippines since the 16th century as a way to celebrate the harvest.

Today, this incredibly bright and colorful festival takes place on May 15th. Colorful rice wafers decorate the area of Lucban, Philippines while fresh fruits and vegetables are consumed. The celebration is a way to prepare for what will hopefully be a bountiful harvest for the farmers in the area.

4 Bite Of Seattle - Seattle, Washington

Bite of Seattle was founded back in the 1980s when thousands of people came to this coastal city to experience delicious foods from dozens of restaurants that are located all over the city. It takes place during July in Seattle and has grown ever since then. Now, it's one of the biggest festivals in Seattle.

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Attending Bite of Seattle is completely free, meaning that you'll have plenty of money to spend at the different vendors and stands around the festival. Whether you're looking for some delicious food or local craft beers, Bite of Seattle has it all.

3 Vegas Uncork’d - Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a city that a lot of people visit for different reasons. Whether it's seeing a show, trying your luck at the casinos, or even doing something a little off the beaten path, Las Vegas is a wonderful place to visit. And if you're a major foodie, you're in luck! There are a lot of incredible restaurants in Las Vegas and the city is home to a food festival known as Vegas Uncork'd.

Vegan Uncork'd takes place from May 9th through the 12th and is hosted by Bon Appétit, a popular food magazine. This food festival features celebrities and chefs from all over the world that come together to Las Vegas' different hotels for a weekend of food, cooking, and entertainment.

2 World Gourmet Summit - Singapore

If you're someone that takes fine dining and world-class cuisine seriously taking a trip to Singapore to attend the World Gourmet Summit might be something that needs to be on your radar. This event takes place in Singapore in April and May and is a showcase of the finest things the world has to offer as far as food goes.

Chefs from across Southeast Asia come together to Singapore and share their culinary skills. for people that are as into wine as they are fine dining, there are also wine tastings that take place during this food festival.

1 Feast Portland - Portland, Oregon

Oregon is a state with a lot of really fun, unique things to do. Whether you're someone that is into music, museums, or food, you're sure to have a good time in Oregon. And if you're a major foodie, there's nothing better in this coastal state than attending a food festival like Feast Portland. Feast Portland takes place in Portland, Oregon in September.

This food festival brings together chefs, artisans, and craft brewers to share what they love to make with people that love to taste it. From cheese and hot sauce to craft beer and wine, Feast Portland features it all.

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