Long, uncomfortable flights in coach are enough to make even the most passionate travelers roll their eyes. For some people, the mere thought of a flight is enough to deter their craving for travel altogether.

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While flying in coach might not be the epitome of luxury, it’s always worth it to reach the destination of your dreams. Besides, there are a number of things you can do to improve the quality of your flight and your personal experience. Most of them come down to plain old common sense! Keep reading for some hacks that veteran flyers swear by.

10 Wear Lots Of Layers

When flying coach, you can’t always be as comfortable as you’d like. One surefire way to be as comfortable as possible is to wear lots of layers. Planes are cold, even if you’re traveling in the middle of summer to a tropical island. There’s nothing worse than being cold on a plane, so you’re always better off having more layers to work with. You can just take some off if you do get hot!

Don’t rely on the airline to provide you with a blanket. Sometimes they’re not readily available, and when they are, they’re scratchy and thin. You’re much better off bringing your own comfy clothes.

9 Don’t Use The Seat Pockets

The seat pockets seem like a great idea to store your excess items in during the flight, but some flight attendants caution against them. The main issue with seat pockets is that it’s harder to notice your phone or your tablet when it’s in amongst the magazines and sick bags.

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This means you’re more likely to leave the flight without it when it’s time to disembark. Losing essential items is a real headache when traveling, so it’s a good idea not to risk it.

8 Sit Away From The Bulkheads To Avoid Sitting Near A Baby

Nobody likes to sit next to a baby on a plane. It’s not the baby’s fault, it’s not the parent’s fault, and it’s not your fault. It’s just one of those things. To avoid being stuck next to a crying child on a plane, opt for seats that are located away from the partitions, known as the bulkheads. This is where most children under one year old will be, because it’s the only place where a bassinet can be secured.

If you do wind up next to a baby, make sure you’ve got a pair of noise-canceling headphones on hand.

7 Travel In The Morning When You Can

You can’t always have premium choice over when you’re going to travel, especially if you’re on a budget. But where you can, choosing to fly in the morning rather than at night will often make the flight a lot more pleasant.

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You’re likely to have a smoother flight in the morning than you are at night. This is because hot air rises during the day, which causes storms and winds to take place at night. If you suffer from motion sickness, it’s better to reduce your chances of bumpiness.

6 Never Fly With A Cold

It’s never a good idea to fly when you’ve got a severe cold. Aside from being uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous. There’s the chance that you’ll hurt your eardrums if flying with a cold, which could cause you to lose your hearing.

To avoid having to reschedule your flight, try to really look after yourself in the weeks leading up to your departure date. That means washing your hands before you eat, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, keeping away from sick people, and even stocking up on immunity-enhancing vitamins.

5 Book The Aisle And Window Seat When Traveling In Pairs

When you’ve got a long flight in coach ahead of you, having a spare seat in your row can make a world of difference. You don’t have total control over this, but there is one trick you can use to increase your chances of having a spare seat.

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While traveling in pairs, book the aisle seat and the window seat. That way, if the flight isn’t full, people will be less likely to choose sitting in your row, because who wants to sit in between two strangers? Even if someone does sit in between you, they’ll probably be happy to swap with one of you.

4 Bring Your Own Tea And Coffee

Why pay for airport coffee or drink plane coffee when you can bring your own hot drinks from home? While you aren’t allowed to bring large volumes of liquids on a flight, you can bring tea bags and coffee grounds with you and then just make your drink with hot water on the plane. This way, you ensure that you get a decent hot drink and you don’t have to pay a cent!

To bring the coffee grounds, you can simply put them in a tea infuser. Simple and effective!

3 Arrive Early For A Potential Upgrade

Just about all coach travelers dream of a free upgrade. You might not be able to afford to bump up your ticket yourself, but there are a few tricks to raise your chances of being upgraded for a reduced price. One of them is arriving at the departure gate nice and early.

Sometimes airlines offer cheap upgrades on the day of the flight and will announce it early on in the boarding area. You shouldn’t count on it, but if there are spare seats available and the airline does offer reduced-price upgrades, it’s definitely possible!

2 Alcohol Actually Makes Flying Worse, Not Better

A glass or two of something can really take the edge off on a plane, especially if you’re a nervous flyer. Even though a little wine can help you to fall asleep, the truth is alcohol actually makes flying worse in the long run.

Alcohol is dehydrating, so if you drink too much, you’re going to leave the plane feeling awful. Also, you may fall asleep, but it probably won’t be a REM sleep on account of the alcohol. So you’ll arrive at your destination feeling tired, even if you’ve slept.

1 Never Travel Without Disinfectant Wipes

If there’s one thing you always need to bring with you on every flight, it’s disinfectant wipes. Germs are easily spread on planes, not just through the shared air but through touching various shared surfaces. Before touching the armrests or the tray table, make sure you disinfect them with your wipes.

The tables and armrests aren’t cleaned before every flight, so you have to take the hygiene into your own hands. Though you may look a little pedantic to other travelers, it’s better than getting sick on the first few days of your trip!

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