A flight attendant's job is not easy, especially if there are rowdy and demanding passengers on board. The cabin crew is there to make passengers feel safe and happy while in the air, so passengers should treat them with ample respect.

There are things flyers shouldn't do in front of flight attendants. Acting entitled, complaining about the meal options and making a complete mess at your seat are just things flyers should avoid doing while heading to their destination.

Flight attendants work hard to make passengers feel comfortable no matter how short or long a flight is, so there shouldn't ever be a need to make a fuss or make a flight attendant's job feel unbearable.

Here are 20 things flyers shouldn't do in front of flight attendants.

20 Make Demands As Soon As They Board

Flight attendants are busy greeting passengers, helping people to their seats and fitting carry-on luggage in overhead bins. Demanding a drink or snack before take-off comes off as arrogant and is frustrating for flight attendants who are extremely busy getting other passengers comfortable and feeling safe.

19 Talk On Their Cell Phones During The Safety Demonstration

No matter how many times you have been on a plane, listening to the safety demonstration is very important. Talking on your cellphone during the demonstration is not only rude but if an emergency does occur, you'll be left panicking when you should have been carefully listening to the basic safety procedures and remain calm.

18 Bring A Heavy Carry-On

While almost all airlines have a weight limit on checked bags, travelers should be aware that some even weigh carry-on luggage, according to Smarter Travel. It can get really frustrating for a flight attendant to have to constantly lift extremely heavy bags into overhead bins or carry them through the airplane to find room.

17 Make A Mess

Flight attendants are constantly walking back and forth to collect trash or any unnecessary items to throw away so there shouldn't be a reason why your seat or space should be a mess. Making a mess just shows how much you don't care about the other people who will be sitting there on the next flight or the people who must use more of their time cleaning up your trash.

16 Make Inappropriate Jokes

One of the worst things a passenger on a flight can do is mention anything that has to do with bombs, explosives or contagious diseases. Passengers can be immediately kicked off the plane and make other passengers wait hours before takeoff to make sure everything is okay. No flight attendant wants to deal with this kind of nonsense.

15 Bother Flight Attendants When They Are Preparing The Cabin

Travelers shouldn't interfere with flight attendants when they are busy preparing the cabin. When passengers arrive on the plane, the cabin crew assist with the boarding process, aid any special needs passengers and children and most importantly, monitor passengers and are trained to detect suspicious behavior, writes Career Explorer.

14 Make A Fuss About The Meal Options

If passengers have specific dietary needs they should know to plan their meals ahead of time before boarding a plane. Passengers should never blame or take out frustration on a flight attendant if they forget to call before or don't like the meal options provided. If you aren't a fan of airplane food, you can always bring your own food with you.

13 Sit In The Wrong Seats

According to The Travel, flight attendants have passenger lists so they will know where you should be sitting. Travelers shouldn't treat themselves to a first-class seat if it looks available since it'll just create more hassle for flight attendants who are trying to get passengers situated before take off.

12 Watch Inappropriate Movies

There should be no reason to be watching any sort of inappropriate shows of movies during a flight even if there isn't anyone sitting next to you. Why make passengers and flight attendants feel extremely uncomfortable and uneasy during their flight?

11 Get Up When The Seat Belt Light Comes On

When one of the most irritating things a passenger can do it to get out of their seat when the seat belt light comes on. This light is on for your safety, whether it is to disembark, during turbulence or to land. If you must use the restroom, wait until it is okay to do so.

10 Blaming Flight Attendants For Everything

A flight attendant's job is very important and their number one priority is making passengers feel safe and comfortable during a flight. Blaming a flight attendant because you don't like the meal options, or your seat is uncomfortable is out of a flight attendant's hands.

9 Hogging Overhead Bins

According to Business Insider, one thing flight attendants wish passengers would stop doing is hogging the overhead bins. "Put the suitcase in the overhead and put your small bags underneath the seat in front so we don't have to run out of space and have to check bags," a flight attendant said.

8 Putting Your Feet On Walls And Tables

Putting your feet on walls or other passenger's seats and even going barefoot is horrifying for everyone on board. The flight may be long and sitting in a seat for hours is uncomfortable, but don't treat this area as your own living room. No one wants to see your feet!

7 Acting Entitled

"Stop trying to sneak into an upgrade seat," one flight attendant shared with Business Insider. There is no need to act entitled in front of flight attendants whether you are sitting in first-class or economy. Treat flight attendants as you would anyone else you come across: with respect.

6 Touching Flight Attendants

You wouldn't touch your waiter at dinner and pull and tug at his or her shirt, so why would you touch a flight attendant? Touching a flight attendant will make them feel uncomfortable and it's just plain rude. One flight attendant shared, "I have been poked, prodded, and tugged on too many times to remember."

5 Snapping Your Fingers To Call A Flight Attendant

There is never a need to snap your fingers to get a flight attendant's attention. If you really need their help, use your call button, or simply wait for them to come up the aisle and to your seat. The cabin crew works hard so that passengers have an enjoyable flight, so don't act entitled.

4 Doing Yoga

"Getting up and wanting to stretch in our galleys like it's a yoga studio or wanting to stand in our galleys is annoying," a flight attendant shared, adding, "The galley is our only work area, and we have nowhere else to go because our seats are in the galley by the doors." If you need to stretch, try walking up and down the aisle a couple of times and return to your seat.

3 Asking To Sit In An Empty First Class Seat

As mentioned before, flight attendants have a passenger list that details where each person sits. To be safe, passengers should sit in their assigned seats before trying to ease their way into an empty first-class seat. Also, the center of gravity on a plane is very critical during takeoff, so that seat might be open for your safety.

2 Constantly Asking How Long The Flight Will Be Delayed

Believe it or not, a flight attendant doesn't have all the information from the captain, so he or she can't answer all of your questions. "We know maybe 5% of what they do. We don't know how bad the weather is, why we are taking a new route, or why we can't land early. But believe it's for your safety!" A flight attendant shared.

1 Not Saying Hello

"I wish passengers would acknowledge the crew when they board," a flight attendant truthfully shared. Always greet your flight attendants with a simple "hello" when you board the plane and a "thank you" when you disembark. Flight attendants are people too and should be treated with respect and kindness.