Planning a vacation is a lot harder than it might seem at first. Sure, you want to find a beautiful place to relax, but that's about all that you can decide on. There are endless places to visit and it feels like there's never enough time to visit them.

When you want beaches, pools, and warm weather, the choice gets narrowed down quite a bit since you're not looking to explore a new city where you can walk tons of miles every day. Instead, you want relaxation. That means that you're probably thinking about going to Florida or going to an island in the Caribbean.

Which one will win out? Here are some reasons to choose one over the other.

20 Florida: Key West Will Catch Your Eye

Sure, Ft. Lauderdale is a super popular area in Florida, but there is so much more to explore. You will want to choose a trip to Florida over the Caribbean when you see these pictures of Key West. It has a ton of nature and doesn't feel commercial at all. It feels like a small city with the main street, Duval Street.

According to Travlinmad, "It's quirky, to say the least, and a perfect destination for a laid-back and adventurous traveler."

19 The Caribbean: Go To Cuba For Beautiful Architecture

If you want a warm-weather vacation where you can also go into town and sightsee, then the Caribbean is for you, and you want to check out Cuba.

According to this post on Reddit, Cuba is "just so different from the rest of the world. A lot of old Spanish buildings, squares, and forts to see."

18 Florida: You Can Actually Visit A National Park

Thanks to Reddit, Everglades National Park, we know that there's a park in Florida called Everglades National Park. This is definitely one reason to make the trip here as this would be a cool experience.

And since we tend to think of Florida as all pools and beaches, it's awesome to see a different side of the state.

17 The Caribbean: Aruba Is Your Place For Turquoise Water

Sometimes you just want incredibly beautiful ocean views and that is exactly what the doctor has ordered for your next vacation. If the beach is calling your name, then you want to go to Aruba, and this is a big reason to choose the Caribbean over Florida.

As someone shared on Reddit, "Aruba! The water is a beautiful turquoise and great for snorkeling/diving."

16 Florida: Miami Has Culture And Lots To Do At Night

If you want a vacation that allows you to see some culture and get out at night, then you definitely want to choose Florida because you can go to Miami. Someone shared on Reddit "if you want to party hardy Miami no question."

According to Visit Florida, you can go to Little Havana, the art festival called Art Basel Miami Beach, and tons of art galleries.

15 The Caribbean: St. Lucia Works Well For Food Fans

According to The Telegraph, you want to go to St. Lucia if you love to eat. This is a Caribbean destination known for its amazing food.

If the food is as good as these photos look, it's totally time to book a trip. This is especially true if you love fish.

14 Florida: The Orlando Theme Parks Really Are Magical (Including LEGOLAND)

Whether you have kiddos or are a big kid yourself (which we all are, really), you can't help but want to visit Orlando, Florida and its many theme parks. You can go on the rides and also eat tacos. People have posted on Reddit that you can visit for one to two days, so you can easily go to Florida for a week and stay at the beach for half and then go to theme parks for the rest.

13 The Caribbean: St. John Is Perfect If You Love Snorkeling

According to this Reddit post, "St. John has beautiful beaches where you can snorkel right off the shore and see turtles, rays, etc. This is great because you don't need to pay $45/head to charter a boat to a snorkeling spot."

This is a great point because you want the luxury experience of being on a boat and snorkeling but you don't want to shell out too much.

12 Florida: You Don't Want To Miss St. Petersburg For A Really Cool Trip

While you've heard of Fort Myers and Miami, what about St. Petersburg, Florida? This is a really fun place to visit. According to a Reddit post, it's got "Great beaches, awesome downtown with great restaurants and breweries, a lot of art and a young vibe."

From these pictures, we can definitely see that it has an awesome feel to it, and it looks like a nice place to relax.

11 The Caribbean: You Can Stay At A Beautiful Resort

Sure, there are resorts in Florida, but many people are going to agree that you're going to have a better time at an all-inclusive in the Caribbean. It just feels a bit lovelier and more luxurious.

For example, the Round Hill Hotel and Villas in Montego Bay, Jamacia looks really special.

10 Florida: If You Or A Family Member Golfs, This Place Will Win

As Travel Republic explains, "Golf and Florida go hand in hand like a burger and fries. The Sunshine State is a golfer’s paradise."

This is the place to go instead of the Caribbean if you, a friend, partner, or family member is seriously into golf. It works out because the golfer can enjoy their favorite pastime and everyone else can enjoy the beautiful weather and sit by the pool or on the beach.

9 The Caribbean: The Cayman Islands Has A Pirate Festival

There's a festival about pirates in the Cayman Islands every November, which sounds like a really fun thing to experience.

This is a reason to choose this place as your next vacation destination instead of Florida. You'll want to see it for yourself and then tell everyone that you know about it. There are races, music, a parade, fireworks, and more, according to Explore Cayman.

8 Florida: Visit Captiva Island And The Famous Bubble Room Restaurant

Have you heard of Captiva Island? It's near its "sister" island, Sanibel Island, and it's close to Fort Myers. A small and peaceful place for a getaway, this place is worth visiting for a really popular attraction: the Bubble Room.

This restaurant is decorated in a fun, quirky, whimsical style and you'll even find Christmas decorations here when you visit. It's one of those travel memories that you'll always talk about.

7 The Caribbean: Check Out Blue Hole Mineral Spring

A spring with mineral water sounds pretty magical and that's exactly why you should choose the Caribbean over Florida. Yeah, you can get nice beaches and relaxing days in Florida, but you can't visit an actual mineral spring like you can if you venture over to Jamaica. Doesn't it look so cool?! There's even a pool that you can swim in.

6 Florida: Visit Sanibel Island As It's Still In Pristine, Untouched Condition

According to Florida Rambler, you want to go to Sanibel Island as the beaches are just as lovely as they used to be. Instead of finding garbage in the sand, as the website explains, "That doesn’t happen on Sanibel and Captiva. You can walk until you drop and never get to the part they spoiled."

Doesn't that sound so amazing?!

5 The Caribbean: You Can Go To A Few Places Super Easily (And Cheaply)

Want to visit a few places in the Caribbean during your vacation? You can totally do that and it won't break the bank, either.

According to Key Caribe, "Depending on where you live and currency rates, a Caribbean vacation may prove a viable, affordable option. Since many islands are in close proximity to one another, you can 'island hop' from one country to another with ease, and there are affordable options for traveling by boat or plane."

4 Florida: Clearwater Feels Like A City Plus You Get Your Beach Vacation

Florida is so much more than just beaches (although, of course, those are awesome).

You can visit Clearwater and go to Sand Key Park (which has an area for dogs if you bring your pet on your trip with you) or Clearwater Marine Aquarium. There are also malls so you can get some shopping done.

3 The Caribbean: The US Virgin Islands Work Well If You Love Sailing

According to The Crazy Tourist, "little coves and cliff-backed inlets to explore by boat" are one reason to travel to the US Virgin Islands. You'll visit Hassel Island, Thatch Cay, and Water Island, and you can see everything while sailing on a boat.

While you could, of course, take out a boat in Florida, it really wouldn't be quite the same experience.

2 Florida: It Feels More Kid-Friendly

If you have kids and want to go on a family vacation, you might be wondering if it's safe to go to some places in the Caribbean. There are many Reddit threads talking about various islands, from Jamaica to the Dominican Republic, as there have been some tragedies that have happened to tourists there, particularly at all-inclusive resorts.

Florida, on the other hand, does feel more kid-friendly, and you might feel a little bit more comfortable going there with your little ones. There are plenty of options for pools and beaches which kids love.

1 The Caribbean: It's The Best Of Both Worlds In Anguilla As You Get Entertainment And Chill Vibes

Finally, the Caribbean wins out if you want to enjoy some entertainment but also have a peaceful time not doing very much at all. The beaches are just so gorgeous here and it's a really amazing place. that Anguilla has "one of the best live music scenes in the Western Hemisphere" so that's definitely a reason to come here.