It may be hard to hear, but America's Sunshine State is also riddled with ghosts. One city in particular, St. Augustine, is riddled with ghost tours and haunted houses. As one of the oldest cities in America, there are tall tales of ghost sightings and eerie things going on since the city's founding in the 1500s. So, once the weather gets cooler and fall festivities fill the air, take a trip down to Florida to see all the spooky tours taking place.

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With Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party taking over Disney World from late August through October, many tourists are making the trip down to Florida for the ultimate Halloween vacation.If Mickey and his buddies aren't spooky enough for you, you can turn to these 10 ghost tours around Florida that are top-rated.

10 Secrets Of St. Augustine Ghost Tours

Tickets for Secrets of St. Augustine Ghost Tours tend to sell out, so be sure to grab a few tickets a couple of days in advance so you don't miss your chance! Led by Dion Moore, this walking tour is 75 minutes long (and well worth the money).

You'll walk through the haunted streets while Dion (a master at storytelling) paints a picture of what happened over 450 years ago. You'll learn the deep history of the city while learning more about the ghosts hiding behind the very walls you're standing in front of.

9 Key West Ghost And Gravestone Tour

Key West is home to some local tales that no-one else would believe unless they took the Ghost And Gravestone Tour. You'll learn about Key West's dark past by trolley, where people have lost their lives from disease and grim and grisly murders.

The tour guides also get dressed up in spooky attire to make this tour one-of-a-kind. Be on the lookout for creepy dolls!

8 American Ghost Adventures: Orlando

If you're vacationing in Orlando and appreciate a solid unsolved mystery case – this is the tour for you! The American Ghost Adventures tour in Orlando is two hours long and is filled with ghost stories.

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What's cool about this Downtown Orlando tour is that you'll even get to use professional ghost hunting tools! The tour guides make it fun and play trivia games with large crowds as they show you what haunted Downtown Orlando has to offer. There's even a haunting investigation!

7 Sheriff's Ghost Walk: St. Augustine

Heading back to America's oldest city, St. Augustine, Sheriff's Ghost Walk is another crowd-pleaser among ghost-fans. With this tour, you'll be taken down dark alleyways, cemeteries, and houses — being told of the hauntings that occur daily.

Yes, the tour is led by a "sheriff" who supposedly came back to life after being killed in 1911. He now leads the 90-minute walk, on which people have been said to encounter unexplainable phenomena.

6 The Official Ybor City Ghost Tour: Tampa

Have you ever heard of Ybor City before? Well, if you're visiting the Tampa area, Ybor is right outside. Once you've made it to this charming (and eerie) town, the Ybor City Ghost Tour will take you on a 120-minute tour that includes stories creepy enough to be their own movies.

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You'll learn about Ybor's former residents who've done some shady things, leading them to haunt the streets of Ybor years later. Watch out as you pass through a haunted house or two along the way!

5 Afterlife Tours: St. Agustine

The title alone should scare you enough, but if you're still looking for a vacant ghost tour in St. Agustine, try Afterlife Tours. Thanks to the Savannah Ghost Research Society, the tour includes "paranormal evidence" from every haunted spot they visit.

You'll visit lesser-known cemeteries, hear about pirates, and see St. Augustine like you never have before on this hour and a half-long tour. The fact that this tour offers "evidence" of these unexplainable happenings is what makes this tour one of the best.

4 Ghost & Mysteries Tour: Key West

If Disney World isn't your cup of tea, you can head (about) six hours south to the tip of Florida for the Key West Ghost and Mysteries Tour. The 90-minute walking tour is led by guides who take you to the most haunted areas in Key West.

As the second oldest city of St. Augustine, the Ghost and Mysteries Tour is more than just strolling and listening – it's interactive. Be on the lookout for spirits and ghosts as you learn about Key West's history!

3 True Tours: Fort Myers

True Tours takes you on a haunted ghost tour smack dab in the middle of Fort Myers' historic district. While True Tours offers a few tours for tourists, you'll want to book their Haunted History Tour.

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The 90-minute tour is led by experienced tour guides with a deep knowledge of the city and its hauntings. If you're a night owl and taking a tour at night, be on the lookout for spooky orbs flowing in your photos!

2 A Ghostly Encounter: St. Augustine

If the name of the tour doesn't sell you off the bat, maybe the fact that you'll be roaming around old cemeteries will! Tour guides will tell the story of St. Augustine's scary past and you'll even venture to Old Fort's front gates – which have been said to have hosted ghost sightings.

While some guests call ghost tours "history" tours, more or less, A Ghostly Encounter is more known for its mystery. Nevertheless, it's one of the longest-running ghost tours in St. Augustine and it shouldn't be missed.

1 Amelia Island Ghost Tours

The Amelia Islands can be found on the Atlantic coast of Florida. It's known for its wealth and tourists from Europe, but it should also be known for its awesome ghost tour. The island is filled with ghosts and hauntings – many being captured on outdoor cameras.

For two hours, you can learn about the small island's dark past and venture into a cemetery to hear about who's wandering the grounds. Needless to say, this isn't one for the faint of heart!

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