Wellness resorts are often associated with tropical climates and settings comprised of bone-white beaches and luscious infinity pools. Arctic Bath, a new hotel and spa that opened in Swedish Lapland at the end of 2019, is proof that wellness can be found in the coldest of climates without a beach in sight. Promoting sustainability, modern design, and holistic health, Arctic Spa certainly makes the northernmost regions look tempting. Read on to find out all about this floating hotel.


Presenting Arctic Bath

Designed in 2013, Arctic Bath is the talk of the travel world. The hotel and spa offers a unique accommodation and wellness experience from its prime position floating on the Lule River in the heart of Swedish Lapland. Guests are not only exposed to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of staying in floating lodgings in the world’s northernmost region, but also to the innovative values of the establishment: wellness, design, and a minimal environmental footprint.

The idea was born from the concept of a floating sauna—a wellness retreat that honored the long-standing traditions of the region. The official Arctic Bath website explains that the signature timber design of the hotel symbolizes the importance of forests in Sweden’s development.

Although a floating circular building of wood may look strange to the untrained eye, it fits in well on the Lule River, which was traditionally used for transporting timber. The hotel also serves as a reminder and a tribute to the vital role of the river in the region’s history.

Along with state-of-the-art digs, Arctic Bath boasts a selection of exclusive on-site amenities. One of these is the restaurant, which serves a menu consistent with the hotel’s values of wellness and sustainability. Often serving traditional Swedish food, the restaurant features set five-course menus planned by the qualified chefs.

Local ingredients play a starring role, with Sámi flatbread and smoked Sámi fish often on the menu. The other ingredients that are locally sourced include dairy products, honey, fresh herbs, berries, beef, chicken, lamb, moose, reindeer, and wild birds. All the food is organic, free of pesticides and antibiotics.

Naturally, Arctic Bath is also home to a premium spa. All the treatments focus on a holistic approach to wellness, targeting both the inside and outside of the body. The treatments are designed for both singles and couples, featuring massages, skin treatments, and facials using world-class products.

The grounds are also equipped with a cold bath—another of the region’s revered traditions. Cold baths are said to bring relief to sore muscles and can even help the central nervous system. They are often taken with a warm sauna (of which there are three at the hotel).

The Details To Know Before You Go

The results are in and Arctic Bath really does seem like heaven on earth. So what do you need to know about this northern paradise before you go?

The hotel is situated in the center of Swedish Lapland in a village called Harads. You can get there by rail or air, with the closest airport being Luleå Airport, around 52 miles away. The closest train station is in Luleå or Boden, the latter approximately 27 miles away. Private transfers to the hotel can be organized at your discretion.

Guests have the option to stay in accommodation both on land and on water. The land rooms feature private cabins large enough for five guests complete with spiral staircases, loft sleeping spaces, and private decking. Inside you will find five bedrooms, a bathroom with both a bathtub and shower, a minibar, floor heating, a pellets stove, a spa bar, and of course, WiFi, all for the price of approximately $1,100 USD per night. There is also the option to stay in a similar cabin for two people only, with a single double bed and living room.

The water cabins are connected to the shore by floating walkways. During the summer, they float on the river, and in winter, they are fixed still on the frozen water. They include the same amenities as the land cabins and can be yours for around $1000 USD a night. Pets are also welcome in some of the cabins for an extra fee.

Peace and wellness are the goals of Arctic Bath, but there are endless activities to do on the river and in the surrounding region that the hotel can organize for guests. They include ice fishing, a husky sled ride, a village visit, a day tour on a snowmobile, horseback riding, cross country skiing, a moose safari, bear spotting, biking, and a nature hike.

Daylight hours are extended in the summer months, with the sun still shining at midnight during June. Of course, those visiting between the months of September and April will want to take some time to simply sit back and absorb the magnificent Northern Lights.