When that pancake craving hits, there's only one restaurant chain that can truly satisfy it like no other: IHOP. The International House of Pancakes is the go-to when it comes to anything that can be cured by that fluffy breakfast food, from hangovers to breakups. With a menu that's extensive in its flavors and a syrup caddy that has a topping for every mood, there's really nothing not to love about the chain. Even their annual Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n Fruity pancakes that come free on fan's birthdays every year is something to look forward to. And, now, fans will have even more to rejoice over: IHOP is opening up yet another restaurant and, this time, you'll be able to get your pancakes twice as fast.


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The new chain is called Flip'd and it's officially being called a 'fast-casual' breakfast restaurant. With an IHOP-inspired menu, it'll encourage customers to order their favorites to go, complete with a few surprises thrown in for the true pancake lovers of the world. There's already plenty of excitement surrounding the new opening of this restaurant and all it entails, aside from just the fact that everything people loved about the original pancake house will now be made even quicker. Here's everything we know about what you can expect.

The Flagship Restaurant

The first Flip'd restaurant was meant to be open by now but as with everything else during the pandemic, its opening was pushed back. In 2019, the chain had announced that the first Flip'd would be opening in Atlanta, and it was meant to be the first flagship restaurant. The goal of the restaurant was to create something that was still as loveable as IHOP but tailored to city centers, meaning the same great menu options, but much more quickly available. Rather than having a full-service, sit-down restaurant, in a bizarre twist of fate, the restaurant was going to cater to takeout - something that we needed a lot of during 2020. Customers even would have been able to place their orders ahead for pickup or have them delivered, along with being given the option for pre-made salads, wraps, and pastries.

With an original opening date of April 2020, the launch was pushed back. The intention was to open Flip'd restaurants in several other cities, as well, including San Francisco, New York, Denver, and Washington D.C. It took more than a year but Flip'd is finally back on track, and fans can now expect the first (originally delayed) flagship store to open in one of these cities - but it won't be Atlanta.

A New Marketing Strategy

While Flip'd started out with the intention of basically becoming a grab-and-go stop for IHOP's best, the company has since switched gears. Rather than going for densely-populated cities right off the bat, the very first Flip'd restaurant will be in New York City but will then be followed by a few more slightly unconventional locations. Follow the Big Apple, Flip'd will appear in Columbus, Ohio, Dublin, Ohio, and Lawrence, Kansas. As opposed to cities, the goal is to now open in metropolitan areas that are larger than most, as well as suburban areas, with the focus being on non-traditional locations for a chain restaurant such as IHOP.

Following the pandemic, the company has said that while their strategy has changed, the concept still remains, if not more so, relevant to the dining needs that exist today. Now, more than ever, people are looking for the option to pick up food and takeout, which means that Flip'd is coming about at just the right time. Customers will be able to order from a kiosk within the restaurants or at the counter, as well as through online ordering.

The Menu

Of course, everyone wants to know what kind of menu Flip'd will curate, especially coming from the creators of IHOP. Customers can expect things such as Build-Your-Own breakfast bowls and Pancake Bowls, various egg dishes, and sandwiches. Although breakfast will be an all-day event, customers can also anticipate lunch-themed meals such as burritos, burrito bowls, Angus steak burgers, and chicken sandwiches. Of course, a myriad of coffee drinks will also be on the menu - because no breakfast is complete without a jolt.

Also, if you're asking yourself what a Build-Your-Own breakfast will look like, at Flip'd, it'll start with a pancake bar. This is something new and innovative that has yet to be seen in an IHOP restaurant and it's keeping in theme with the grab-and-go style of the new flagship chain. Finally, customers have the power to create their very own pancake combinations, and that's more than an IHOP lover could ask for.

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