If you were hoping to travel to Europe but have been putting it off because you thought flight prices were sky high, you may want to start packing your bags. This fall and winter, round trips to some of the continent’s most popular destinations can be had for under $300.

Most discounts are scheduled between September and March of 2019, with round-trip flights starting at $198 to Iceland with Icelandair. The airline currently has flights to London starting at $274 round-trip from Philadelphia and Cleveland, $294 round-trip from New York City, $331 round-trip from Newark, $375 round-trip from Washington, D.C., $360 round-trip from Chicago and $382 round-trip from Boston.


Other Icelandair deals include round-trip flights to Oslo starting at $317 from Boston, $337 from New York City, $370 from Chicago, and $405 from both Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Icelandair recently committed to service from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to Keflavik International Airport in Reykjavik, Iceland, through July 2019. The service also offers connections to cities in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe.

“We are excited to open this new route to both American and European travelers. We know passengers appreciate more choices when they travel and Icelandair is expanding to meet their needs. Our new 737 MAX will also make the journey more comfortable and better for the environment. Icelandair looks forward to welcoming Cleveland aboard,” said Michael Raucheisen, PR Manager, Icelandair North America, when the airline announced its flights from Cleveland in May.

Norwegian Air is also offering flights from New York City to Amsterdam starting at $360 round-trip in November and December, and from Providence to Belfast for $260 round-trip in September and October. There are also round-trip flights from New York City to Bergen, Norway in October for $ 271, and round-trip flights from New York City to Paris in November for $301.

Flights to Reykjavik, Iceland, include $198 round-trip flights from Boston, $179 round-trip flights from San Francisco, $196 round-trip flights from Cincinnati, $200 round-trip flights from Pittsburgh, $206 round-trip flights from Washington, D.C., and $287 round-trip flights from New York City.

And flights to Spain include $208 round-trip to Barcelona from New York City, $256 round-trip to Barcelona from Boston, $302 round-trip to Barcelona from San Francisco, and $361 round-trip to Barcelona from Fort Lauderdale. Madrid deals include $366 round-trip flights from New York City and $412 round-trip flights from Los Angeles.

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Also, flights to Stockholm start at $331 round-trip from New York City and at $386 round-trip from Fort Lauderdale, while Italy flights include $359 round-trip flights from Fort Lauderdale to Rome, $347 round-trip flights from New York City to Rome, and $440 round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Rome.

In order to locate the best flight deals, look for your dream European destination and date range on Google Flights.