Although it can be a lot of fun to go on a trip somewhere, it can also be full of some unexpected issues. Sometimes, inconvenient traveling problems come up. Things like an issue with your Airbnb or your hotel reservations or even with your flight. Having your flight become delayed can be really frustrating since it often means you'll be stuck waiting for the next one so you can be on your way.

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Luckily, there are a lot of ways to make the most out of this delay. Though it may be tempting to just sit and wait for the airline to announce that you're ready to go, this is definitely not a good idea. Instead, it's best to keep your mind off the delay and enjoy yourself.

To see 10 things to do when your flight is delayed, keep reading!

10 Read Your Card's Fine Print

Depending on the card that you used to pay for your flight, you might be able to get a reimbursement of some type for your delayed flight. If you find your flight delayed, you should take a look at the fine print and your card's terms, so you know exactly what to expect as far as a reimbursement for your delay if you can get one.

Keep in mind that even if your card has some kind of benefits for delayed flights, you might be waiting a while to get anything after you file a claim. Claims like that can take time to be reviewed and get back to you.

9 Research Your Destination

You've likely already done a lot of research on the place you're going to visit, but what does a little more research hurt? Even though you might think that you've looked up every fun attraction in the place you're heading to, having some extra time at the airport gives you a chance to look at some lesser-known attractions.

Taking a minute to research the city you're flying to can give you a chance to find some totally underrated tourist attractions like restaurants, museums, stores, and historical sites you may have missed before!

8 Work On Your Itinerary

Even though going on vacation can be a really nice time to just relax and chill out without over-planning everything, it's important to have some kind of a plan. That way, you'll be able to fit in everything you've been wanting to do while you're on your trip. When your flight is delayed, you'll have some extra time that you can use to plan out exactly what you're going to do and when.

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Taking a minute while you wait for your flight to be rescheduled so you can get back in the air is a nice time to look through all the things you've planned to do on your trip and decide when you're going to do them.

7 Get Out Of The Airport

Depending on how long your flight seems like it's going to be canceled, it might be a good idea to get out of the airport for a while. Although it may seem tempting to just stay there, wait, and try to find something to do while you're in the airport, that can also get super dull after a while.

If you're going to be stuck there for a while before your flight is rescheduled, see what you can do in the city you're in. Ask around or search the Internet to see what kind of attractions are close to the airport and good for a quick visit before you're back in the air.

6 Be Productive

Going on a trip is no time to be thinking about work, we know. But if your flight is delayed and you've got nothing to do, it can be a good time to get some things done that you've been putting off. Got an important email you've been meaning to write? Seriously need to declutter your downloads folder on your laptop? Finally, want to clear out your friends' list?

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Being stuck at the airport while your flight is delayed can be a good time to finally get productive and do some of the dull tasks you've been putting off. That way, you'll finally have a cleared out list of things to do and you can fully enjoy your trip.

5 Catch Up On Your Shows

There are so many shows out these days. People are always talking about how good certain shows are and how we totally have to watch them immediately. Then, there are some really good shows that we've started but didn't keep up with and have several episodes to catch up on. But it never seems like there's enough time to watch them all!

If your flight is delayed, that's the perfect time to check out all those shows you've been putting off. Whether it's a new show everyone keeps recommending or a show that you need to catch up on, having a delayed flight is the perfect time to catch up on or start a show.

4 Start A New Book

Let's be honest, it's hard to find enough time to read for a lot of people. Even though reading can be a lot of fun, life can be busy and there's not always time to grab a book and start reading. But if you're going to be stuck in the airport for a while, you've got plenty of free time to fill.

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Many airports have bookstores, so having a delayed flight is the perfect time to head into one and pick up a new book to read while you wait for the delay to be finished. Plus, you can keep reading after you get back in the air.

3 Explore The Airport

If you can't get out of the airport while you're waiting because your delay isn't going to be that long, why not explore the airport instead? There are a lot of airports around the world that are actually really unique and interesting. While wandering around an airport sounds like it would be pretty dull, a lot of them have fun things to see and do while you're there.

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Why not treat yourself to a snack or head into a store to buy yourself something? Whether it's a souvenir to remember your trip by or something like a book you can use to entertain yourself during your delay and flight, it can be a good way to kill some time.

2 Visit The Airport Lounge

If you're someone that flies pretty regularly and finds yourself with a lot of delayed flights or long layovers, paying the annual fee in order to access airport lounges might be a good investment for you. While they can be pricy and typically cost around $500 per year, depending on the airline, they're worth it for people that fly a lot and want to make being at the airport a more enjoyable experience.

If you don't fly often enough to justify paying that much cash but you still want to get into the lounge when your flight is delayed, there are a lot of airlines that offer a daily fee of around $50 and some credit cards offer lounge access when you buy a ticket with that card. Make sure you read the fine print of your card to see if it's part of your benefits or ask about paying the one-day fee to get into the lounge.

1 Plan Your Next Trip

Even when you're on a trip, your travel bucket list is likely still pretty long. It's hard not to think about all the other destinations that you're still planning to visit one day, even when you're on a relaxing and amazing vacation.

Being stuck at the airport for a little while during a delay is definitely a good time to think about that travel bucket list. Where will you be heading next? Hop online and look at some destinations for the future so you can get a head start on planning your next trip.

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