Flight attendants keep plane rides running smoothly. While the pilots are, of course, the ones in charge of the actual mechanics of flying, the flight attendants are the smiling faces that the passengers see during the trip. They offer snacks and beverages, keep people calm, and help when they can. Many people think about the life of a flight attendant and it's easy to assume that it would be super glam. Or is it like any other job where there are good parts and some things about it that aren't quite so fun?


We're probably curious about what it's like to work for Southwest Airlines, a company that many people love flying with. Here are what some flight attendants have said.

The Pay Is Good And You Can Work Overtime If You Want

As soon as people start thinking about what it would be like to be a flight attendant, they definitely start thinking about the pay. According to a Southwest Airlines flight attendant who posted on Reddit, the pay is good. She mentioned getting $22.36 per hour when she was in training, and when comparing flight attendants with other airlines who aren't always in good moods, she said, "We get paid too much to complain."

Another flight attendant for Southwest shared on Reddit that the pay is definitely awesome. She wrote, "Flight attendants start at $22 an hour with an increase every year as well. I'm in my 6th year and get paid $42 an hour. I have not heard a single pilot or flight attendant complain about pay here."

It also turns out that you can work overtime even if you're new, whether it's six days in a row or working three days in a row and then having four days of downtime, according to an employee on Reddit.

Flight Attendants Get Affected By Delayed Planes

No one enjoys getting delayed at the airport... or, even worse, on the actual plane. You keep waiting and waiting, hoping that the plane will finally take off. It doesn't matter whether you're heading home or on your vacation because you're going to worry anyway.

What is it like to work for Southwest Airlines when delays happen? According to a post on Reddit, it's not much fun at all. A flight attendant shared that flight attendants and also pilots are only paid "when the plane pushes back from the gate." She continued, "So while we're waiting for a plane, boarding or in between flights we get paid zero. Yeah, delays suck for us too."

If you're a flight attendant and your plane is delayed, that means that you don't get to go home when you thought that you would. And if you're on the clock, then you'll have less time at a hotel to relax. It's definitely not a pleasant situation.

They Truly Enjoy The Work

How do Southwest Airlines flight attendants feel about the jobs that they have? While of course there are happy and unhappy people in any industry, it seems like these jobs make people pretty content.

Posting on Indeed.com, a Southwest flight attendant shared how much the job has done for their life: "You encounter so many walks of life which allows you to learn about so many cultures. Traveling and having the ability to try new things, eat new food, and make a difference in people's lives."

Someone else said that there's a great work/life balance, along with a flexible work schedule and benefits that are good. There are so many jobs that don't offer people a good schedule and the chance to travel, but working for Southwest would definitely help you out in those departments.

They Really Do Get To Go On Planes Free Of Cost (And So Do People In Their Life)

Baristas and retail employees get free coffee or discounts on clothing or other merchandise. Do flight attendants at Southwest Airlines get to go on a plane for free?

Yes, as it turns out, they really do. According to the official website, if you work for Southwest Airlines, it's "free unlimited travel privileges." This includes "eligible dependants" which would be a partner, kids younger than 19, or kids who are 19 to 24 but students. This would be such a wonderful perk since plane tickets can really add up if you're someone who enjoys traveling and seeing the world. And if you have kids, this would offer you even more savings, so this is awesome to hear.

If we're curious about what it would be like to be a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, now we know some of the perks (like free airplane travel and getting good pay) and the not so great parts (like dealing with delays just like everyone else).