We often take it for granted when we board a plane. We wait on line to get to our seats and then we stay seated for the long haul. But we never ask questions that might be on our mind and that are important to know when flying. The fact is, there are many things you should know even before you get on a plane. But how do you find answers? Well, the best bet is to simply talk to your flight attendants. They can answer questions that are not readily available to the general public. Like why it's best to be seated at the back of the plane. Like why you should treat them as if they were your best friends. Flight attendants control a lot of things that pilots do not. They are your ticket to better seats if you ask them in a certain way. They alone have the power to upgrade you based solely on your looks. They can advise you on how best to pack so your luggage can fit in the overhead cabin bin. Or like things you do that may just result in delaying your flight.

So there are so many things you should know. Flight attendants can give you a better picture about your flight, about the aircraft and about the rules you need to follow. Their number one duty is to make you safe, or make you feel safe, and their duties aren't limited to just rolling a cart full of drinks down the aisle. Flight attendants will tell all. They will give you the scoop on their world if you ask them politely. So here are 25 things you need to know before getting on a plane.

25 How To Get Some Shut-Eye On A Flight

You're tired but you can't sleep. You can take prescribed medications to calm you down. Or you can drink some soothing warm tea on the plane. Some people just need a little bit more help to relax.

To avoid the problem of not sleeping, according to Claim Compass, flight attendants suggest that you remove any distractions that may be keeping you up, such as a laptop, earphones, music, etc. And maybe have some Sleepy Time tea. You should be asleep an hour later.

24 How To Curb Your Crying Child When The Pressure Changes

Babies and infants have very small Eustachian tubes which allow the pressure to equalize in their inner ears. That's the reason why they cry and are in pain during takeoff and landing.

But you don't have to be that parent whose baby is crying loudly.

As Kids Health points out, it's easy to avoid the pain. Give them some gum or a lollipop or a pacifier, as the sucking motion will allow for their ears to pop and keep them from feeling uncomfortable. And besides, infants love candy.

23 Opening The Door During Mid-Flight Will Lead You To Handcuffs

According to a flight attendant, it's impossible to open the door during a flight but if you try, you will be restrained and when the plane lands, you'll be in handcuffs.

As Business Insider put it, the pilot may even make an emergency landing to get you off the plane.

While the flight attendant has a lot of important duties, it's up to the pilot to make the decision about landing. But attendants do have an input. One said, "Most of the pilots say to us, 'If you've got a problem with them, I've got a problem with them,' and they will back us up 100%".

22 How To Avoid Doing Damage To Your Hearing

We've already told you to cancel your flight if you have the flu because you can infect passengers near you. But if you can't heed that advice, know that if you have a cold and decide to fly, you could damage your eardrums and lose hearing.

According to the National Health Service (NHS) website, the change of pressure in the cabin, namely ascending and descending, can put your health at risk, causing pain in the ear that could lead to damage. You may even get a perforated eardrum.

And you can even permanently damage your hearing. If you don't want your health affected, don't fly.

21 Your Tray Table Is The Filthiest Thing On The Plane

You can ask the flight attendant if your tray has been cleaned, but you won't like the answer. According to a conversation with Business Insider, a flight attendant said they do, but

"remember, they're using a rag to start row one, and when they end up in row 35, that rag has wiped a lot of tables".

So the dirtiest, most germ-infested, bacteria-ridden part of the plane is the tray tables, due to people changing their baby's diapers on them, putting their feet up on them, and laying their heads on them, among other things. The interview with the flight attendant urges flyers to bring some sanitary wipes to wipe down the tray. We suggest you bring some Purell while you're at it, so you can always keep your hands clean.

20 Why You Shouldn't Take Your Shoes Off On The Plane

A flight attendant's best advice to passengers is to never take off your shoes while flying. The reason is the floors are dirty, just like the tray tables. According to Travel + Leisure, you should be aware that the carpets aren't vacuumed but rather only spot-cleaned when necessary, like a spilled drink.

Cleaning crews will eliminate stains, but they usually won't disinfect the area where "germs could have spread".

Also, you should never go barefoot in the bathroom. That liquid on the floor isn't water. It's pee. As a flight attendant told Reader's Digest, "We cringe [when passengers go barefoot] because those floors are full of germs."

19 How To Avoid Delaying Your Flight

When you first get on a plane, you will spend a long period of time in the aisle because passengers may be trying to stuff their luggage in the overhead bunker. The worse is when passengers delay everyone because they are trying to make their luggage fit when it's clear that it won't.

As any flight attendant will politely tell you if you ask, you are going to delay a flight, which is why the attendants will come over to assist you. If you don't know if you're delaying a flight, the key indicator is that the door of the aircraft will remain open.

18 Always Supervise Your Children

Flight attendants actually have it hard. They have to deal with who needs food and drinks, screaming children and, above all, children playing in the aisles in such a way that others can't get by. If the flight attendant is not a babysitter, then use your common sense and monitor your children at all times.

Attendants need to get by with their heavy carts and can't have obstacles in the way.

A plane is not your home; it's a shared space and it's unfair if your children remain unsupervised because this will tick off other passengers, according to Reader's Digest.

17 How To Get More Attentive Service From Flight Attendants

Travelers usually book tickets with seats in mind. Most of them want to sit at the front of the plane because then they can get off the plane first. Also they think choosing front seats guarantee that they'll get their preferred meal options.

But according to Life Hacker,  before you board a plane, ask a flight attendant about this before settling down in your seat.

They will tell you the truth, that if you sit towards the back, you'll actually have more attentive service. We've never heard of this, but this makes complete sense!

16 Be Considerate Of Other Passengers

Just ask a flight attendant. No matter how much you need to get somewhere via plane, if you have a cold you should not be flying. As Dr. Jeffrey Linder, M.D., a physician located in Boston said to Conde Nast Traveler, 

“There has to be some consideration for your fellow travelers”.

Also, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that if you sit within two rows of someone who has the flu, "there's a 3.6 percent increased risk of contracting the illness themselves." So if you have manners, don't fly if you have a flu!

15 How To Avoid Sitting Near A Crying Baby

So you're on a plane and trying to sleep. But then you hear a baby or a child crying. And of course they are crying loud, and for a time that seems interminable. And of course they are near you, maybe even right behind you. So what can you do? Well, according to Express UK, a flight attendant will tell you to choose a seat that's located far from the partitions--or bulkheads-- on board.

Those are the only places where a parent can safely secure a baby's bassinet. So avoid those places and you'll be far from a child.

14 The Proper Way To Pack Your Suitcase

A flight attendant will tell you the obvious: pack light. Don't carry heavy luggage that you have to check. If you do so, you will have to wait a long time to retrieve your luggage from baggage claims, and it might even have gotten lost. Just bring what you can on the plane. If you're having trouble finding room in your carry-on luggage, then you didn't edit down your wardrobe to the essentials.

The best way to make all your essentials fit is by rolling your clothes rather than folding them.

But here's what flight attendants know that you didn't. There's a way to do this effectively. According to Travel + Leisure, to roll your clothes and keep them wrinkle-free, fold one end of the piece and that will hold the roll in place.

13 How To Get a Better Seat

So if you were flying, and your seat is not next to your companion, or if your seat has little leg room, or if your seat is in the middle and you're surrounded by a trouble-making kid, you should know before you get on a plane that your seat can be changed. Just ask your flight attendants.

According to Travel + Leisure, If your flight hasn't been sold out or if there are a ton of empty seats, you can ask them if you can get better seats.

The flight attendants will find you more comfortable seats, and that's when you can do the happy dance!

12 Don't Bring Along Food That Needs To Be Refrigerated Or Warmed

What you need to know before getting on a plane is not to bring food that needs to be heated in a microwave or preserved in a fridge. There is no microwave on an airplane so you can't heat up things like milk. And there is also no refrigerator to keep your food cold if it's something that has a short shelf life.

There are many snacks and meals you can bring that doesn't necessitate being heated or chilled.

If you're lacking for ideas, Simplemost has gathered twenty portable snacks that can survive a flight.

11 Don't Try To Board Before Your Seat Zone Is Called

Flight attendants have seen everything. So when you try to board early and give your ticket to the flight desk, they will politely tell you to wait until your seat zone is called.

Don't be that person that annoys the attendants, as well as passengers who are actually before you.

Your boarding pass contains your zone or group. If you don't know what the numbers refer to, you can ask the attendants. According to Business Insider, they will tell you that the numbers are an organized system that actually makes boarding faster and more efficient.

10 Always Befriend A Flight Attendant

On the day of the flight, some airlines will offer upgrades for a reduced rate. You may just get bumped to first class or business if you know who's in charge, and if you have manners. First, be early in the boarding area because that's when announcements are made for last-minute upgrades. If the boarding desk doesn't address this, you have another option.

The check-in desk employee is not the person to ask for an upgrade, it's the flight attendants who are in charge of seating.

So be courteous. Ask them how they're doing, how their day is going. A twenty-second conversation may just get you that upgrade. If you're distracted, texting or emailing on your phone and you ask for an upgrade, chances are you won't get it, according to Business Insider.

9 How To Get Free Stuff

A flight attendant told Business Insider that if something goes wrong on your flight, flight attendants will make the decision whether or not to give you free stuff. You may get more drinks, and sometimes you can score by getting a free meal.

Those lucky enough may get upgraded or get more points.

But don't complain and be grateful. According to the Independent, you should know that, "With the airline computer systems today, [flight attendants] can track all the free stuff given. We know who takes advantage." Don't be entitled!

8 Your Flight Attendant Is Not Your Babysitter

Here's what you need to know before boarding that you can confirm with flight attendants. They cannot hold your children in any way possible. If you come to that point, then you haven't brought with you some distractions for your children.

Always find space on your carry-on to hold toys, games, puzzles, snacks and more to keep your child entertained.

And if you do see flight attendants helping you out, know that this isn't required and they are doing this out of the kindness of their heart. Remember always that your child is your

7 The Better You Look, The Better You'll Have A Chance For An Upgrade

Before you board, learn the tricks of the trade that flight attendants abide by if you want an upgrade. According to AOL, most times, you won't get an upgrade because of all your frequent flier miles. So what works? It's simple. If flight attendants find you attractive and like your look, you may end up flying in a better seat.

A flight attendant told Travel + Leisure that if you look "smart but understated, and look like you travel often, it helps".

If you're potentially due to get an upgrade, you may not get it if you're not dressed in the right way. This means no sweatshirts and sweatpants or gym outfits. A nice pair of pants, a dress shirt and a blazer will help a man. And make sure your grooming is down. For example, comb your hair as if you were going on a first date.

6 The Water Supply Is Unfit To Drink

The EPA (The United States Environmental Protection Agency) created the Aircraft Drinking Rule Act in 2009 after their study found that most airplanes' supply of water was not clean at all and that their tanks were old and contained bacteria. At least now there are standards.

And we now know why flight attendants only serve us bottled water.

So remember to never order a drink with ice cubes, whether that's just water or Coke with ice. The airplane's ice is derived from their water supply, and so the ice may get you sick.