Packing is one of the most stressful parts of any trip. Follow these tips and hacks and you will have one less thing to worry about before your trip.

Packing a bag to take on a long trip shouldn't be something that stresses us out to the extent it does and in some cases, we actively avoid for as long as possible. It is though, for a number of reasons. Trying to decide what you'll need for a week away and what can stay at home, all while trying to make sure you don't creep over the weight limit and end up having to pay an extortionate fee come travel day.


Some people simply know how to pack better than others, and flight attendants are among the best. Travel + Leisure recently spoke with Emirates cabin crew member, Natasha Faux. Faux divulged some top tips to live by when packing a bag, and who would know better than someone who travels as much as she does?

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The one thing we are most likely to forget or make a mistake with are toiletries. Any of them which are liquid-based need to be in sealed containers, under 100ml, and also in a Ziploc bag. So many of us often forget all of that. If that's you and you travel a lot, Faux recommends always having one ready whether you have a trip planned or not. Those toiletries won't spoil and once you do have somewhere to go, it's ready.

Perhaps the biggest issue of all is finding room for everything. For some reason, many of us feel the need to take 20 changes of clothes for a trip that will only take five days. Faux recommends not only taking the right amount of clothes for the length of the trip but try to take less. Pack clothes with neutral colors that you can wear more than once for various purposes. That'll soon free up plenty of room.

Whether packed to the gills or not, what can also be frustrating is when you reach your destination and everything in your suitcase has mixed up and is all over the place. For that, Faux recommends investing in some packing cubes. They're affordable, come in varying sizes, and keep different elements of your packed luggage separate.

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