Frequent travelers know that anything and everything at the airport is ridiculously overpriced. While you'd think that the more money you shell out, the better experience you'd have, but sadly, that's no longer the case.

There are definitely a lot of things not worth spending on when your traveling. For example, if your flight is only a couple of hours, would you really spend five times the price of an economy seat just to sit in business class? And, all travelers know that literally everything at those airport gift shops is outrageously pricey, so better bring your own snacks and don't even bother purchasing a cheesy souvenir.

Some travelers might find that flying first-class or purchasing an airport lounge pass a necessity, but in reality, they are just not worth it and you really won't be missing out on anything.

Here are 15 things not worth spending on when traveling.

15 First Class Seats Can Be Pricey

Flying first class is definitely not worth spending the money on especially if you're only flying for a couple of hours. Many airlines even make it difficult to let you know exactly what you'll be getting if you purchase a first-class ticket.

14 Lounges Are Nowhere Near As Luxurious As You Think

Getting to relax in one of the airport lounges sounds ideal since you'll be in a quieter environment, have comfortable seating and so on, but is it really worth the price? If you aren't a frequent flyer, there really is no need to pay for one of these lounge access passes and some of them are not as luxurious as you would think.

13 No One Has Time For Fine Dining

It seemed like splurging on the finest dining was the only way to taste a real and authentic dish in whichever country you visited. However, there are so many street vendors and cheap eats that probably serve a truer meal than that $100 or more dish you'll be wasting money on.

12 Rental Car Insurance May Already Be Covered

Travelers renting a car are always asked to purchase rental car insurance, but there really is no point in shelling out more money for this. In fact, a rental car already has insurance, but only at the bare minimum requirement and your credit card company probably already covers you.

11 Paying For A Seat In Business Class When You're On A Short Flight

If you've experienced being on business class you may never want to look back. But, is it really worth spending five times the price of an economy seat, especially if you're flying for an hour or so? Unless you have loads of money to waste, travelers should reconsider paying hundreds of dollars for a seat that you'll be in for a short time.

10 Bellhop Service Isn't Necessary When Your Bags Have Wheels

Unless you are traveling solo with four or five large luggage bags, there is absolutely no need to get a bellhop service. Bags have wheels for a reason and you can easily move it from place to place, and while it doesn't cost a lot to use a bellhop, why waste any money on it when you can drag it yourself?

9 Phone Accessories Are Always Overpriced

Everyone knows that literally everything at the airport is way overpriced from bottled water to souvenirs. By now, most travelers know to always double-check if they have their phone chargers, earphones, and other phone accessories on them before heading to the airport. Don't be fooled by the airport's outrageously priced phone gear.

8 Paying For A Seat On A Flight If You're Traveling Solo

People traveling together will most likely purchase seats together, but if you are traveling solo, purchasing a seat really sounds like a waste of money. Seat prices can get a little expensive, especially if you're looking to sit near the front of the plane, and if you're traveling a short distance, it's not worth the cost.

7 Purchases In Airports Will Always Be Marked Up

Everyone wants to bring a souvenir home with them after an exciting trip, but try not to buy them at the airport. Not only are these trinkets tacky, but they could also cost you a lot more than what you were expecting. Try and find cool and unique items at the destination you are at instead.

6 Tours Of The City

Some people love taking city tours, but tour guides really only show the most popular sights and you'll end up missing out on hidden gems. Discovering a city on your own or with friends is always much more fun than having someone tell you where you should go and you'll definitely be making better memories.

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5 Bottled Water Is Only Necessary For Some Countries

Everyone knows that the cost of a water bottle at the airport is way more money than what you'd normally pay for it at your local grocery store. Many airports now have refilling stations, so consider carrying an empty water bottle or a reusable bottle.

4 Food Near Tourists Attractions Is Not Authentic

You might think that the restaurant close to Paris' Eiffel Tower is one of the most authentic French cuisine spots to go too, but that's not always the case. A lot of tourists believe they have to eat at these restaurants because they are next to a famous building or museum. In reality, there are probably hundreds of other places around corners or a few blocks away that are way more authentic and even a lot less expensive.

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3 The Sweater With A Logo Of Where You've Been

No one really cares that you've been to New York City with your "I Love New York" sweater, so avoid making these silly purchases. These logo sweaters might look cute on the kids, but they are also pretty pricey, so just avoid them.

2 Avoid Paying For Airport Wi-Fi

Not every airport offers free Wi-Fi, so try to avoid paying for it and use your smartphone's hotspot. Travelers should also check out a Starbucks or another restaurant in the airport that might have access to free Wi-Fi.

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1 Purchase Items In Advance If You Need A Travel Accessories Like A Neck Pillow

Spotting a neck pillow at an airport shop may be a tempting purchase if you are traveling a long distance, but they are usually really expensive. Do your research and shop online on sites like Amazon where you'll find a number of different styles and at a much lower cost.

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