We don't all have the luxury of paying for a first-class ticket and all of the amenities that come with it. Instead, we are usually stuck in economy class and are forced to deal with noisy seat companions and a scrap of cloth for a blanket. First-class opens doors to a luxury experience that doesn't stop when they land at the airport to wait for a connecting flight.

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These special passengers usually have access to a lounge that was made just for them. They go above and beyond for these wealthy customers as they are treated like royalty at every stop. Keep reading to learn about ten things that are only offered in first-class lounges at airports!

10 A Gym

You might feel the need to stretch your legs or lift some weights the moment you step off of your flight, but you can't unless you are allowed into the first-class lounge. They have state of the art gym facilities that allow you to get a workout in when you need it most.

They might not have everything you need, but they usually offer enough for you to feel satisfied by the time you are finished. You might be questioning why people would consider this before hopping on their next flight, but with long layovers and time to kill it seems like the perfect alternative.

9 A Private Restaurant

When you fly first-class you no longer have to worry about waiting in long lines for a subpar meal. These lounges sometimes have their own private menu just for these prestigious customers, and they offer a lot more than a simple burger with a side of fries.

The food they create is portrayed artfully on a plate and the taste is something you will never forget. It is truly a VIP experience like nothing you have ever been through before. There are others that offer a buffet-style meal filled with an assortment of luxury food products that are unavailable anywhere else in the airport.

8 Cigar Bars

You probably expect there to be some sort of alcoholic drinks available, but you probably didn't expect there to be a bar filled with cigars. They have so many different flavors and brands so every avid or celebratory smoker can find something they like.

The workers are also knowledgeable about the products to help any curious first-class guests find a cigar they like and a place for them to smoke it. This amenity almost sounds too good to be true, but it is why only some airports offer this unique and luxurious feature to their guests.

7 A Personal Chauffeur

These airports cater to your every need when you buy a first-class ticket, and that includes helping you reach your flight in time. There are some airports that will send a car to the plane to pick you up after your flight lands, as well as drop you off when your next connecting flight is ready to take off.

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You never have to worry about running through the airport to reach your next flight before it takes off or worry that your nap will run long and you will oversleep your departure time. These airports have you covered and understand that you expect the responsibility to rest on their shoulders.

6 Hot Tubs

A hot tub probably sounds amazing after sitting on a plane for hours at a time. Luckily, some first-class lounges offer them to their guests. There is usually a fee involved if you want to use it, but a chance to relax is worth any price they could give. You can feel your body rejuvenating as the steamy waters warm your skin and clear your airways. There is no other way to fly when things like this exist in their first-class lounges.

5 Complimentary Spa Treatments

An airplane flight can be a stressful experience, so these airport lounges are kind enough to offer complimentary spa treatments. They usually last about an hour and you can request anything from a facial to a massage.

The workers were hired to pamper and relax you before your next flight so by the end of your time with them you feel the need to fly their airline again. It might seem a bit overkill to offer this experience, but for the price they pay for a ticket, it is totally worth the extra expense.

4 Nap Rooms

Many of us have issues napping on flights, and sometimes our layovers have us waiting till early morning to board our next flight. Luckily, many airports have nap rooms where you can catch some quick shut-eye until its time for you to board.

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If a lounge doesn't have a nap room, they sometimes have a relaxation room with lounge chairs, soothing lights, and calming music. No matter what you will find some semblance of peace during your stay which is all anyone wants while waiting for a layover.

3 Views Of The Planes And Tarmac

You can usually watch the planes take off and land from the economy class seating, but in the first-class lounge, it is so much better. You are placed closer to the action and you can see details, rather than just tiny human specs running around the planes.

There are some that even have outdoor patios so you can sit in the sun and enjoy some ice cream while you wait for your plane to land. It is a great way to pass the time and ogle at some of the biggest planes known to man as you are granted a personal viewing experience.

2 No More TSA Checkpoints

Flying first-class means that you no longer have to suffer in the long and sometimes uncomfortable TSA and security checkpoints around the airport. The staff will take you directly to the lounge where they have their own TSA agents ready to check your boarding pass, carry-on, and perform a search for any weapons on your person. It takes the stress out of flying as the worry of whether or not you will make it to your flight on time due to long lines.

1 Private Bedrooms

We generally groan when we hear that we have a long layover between our flights because it means that we will be stuck trying to sleep on the hard floor of the airport waiting area. If you fly first-class this horrible predicament is thrown out the window because some actually have private bedrooms for these situations.

While economy passengers are stuck toughing it out, these passengers are sleeping peacefully on comfortable beds in the lounge. They never have to worry about sore backs or stiff joints as they enjoy all that luxury has to offer them.

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