Finland Is Looking For Christmas Elves From All Over The World

A Finnish tourist organization is scouring the globe for all sorts of elves to spread a bit of Christmas cheer from the North Pole.

This holiday season, Finland could use a little help. That's little as in elves, but don't let that prerequisite disappoint interested applicants. The job doesn't have height restrictions. All you need is to have a headspace that's right for housing a bit of Christmas spirit.

Lapland Safaris, a tourist organization that attracts visitors to catch the splendors and unique experiences in Finland, is scouring the globe for all sorts of elves to spread a bit of Yuletide cheer, Lapland style. Considering the country's proximity to the North Pole, that shouldn't be hard. At the very least, being active and amiable will provide enough energy to ward off the cooler winter elements.

Which is what Lapland Safaris is looking for. The ideal candidate should have some entertainment experience and also act as a guide with enough charisma to pull off being a mythical employee of Santa's workshop. Oh, and an added bonus is someone with some great customer service experience.

Besides fluency in English, it also helps if applicants can speak either French, Spanish or German, given that the Lapland holiday festival does cater to a lot of international vacationers looking for something unique in the Scandinavian country.


If you're selected, you'll be working independently, although additional elves may also be around to offer a hand in whatever tasks you're looking for. A lot of the work involves directing tourists to the appropriate buses at scheduled times to catch their choice of attractions. And if the buses run a tad late, well, that's where the entertainment factor is most likely to kick in.

Before the work begins, expect a bit of an indoctrination in the Arctic Hospitality Guide training session, which will have instructors imparting wisdom on the right communication and ummm... "elving skills" needed to pull the gig off. All training, including letting elves know about their specific job functions, is in English.

There's no word of what an elf would get in terms of payment, but the stint is slated to begin at the end of November and end around the beginning of July. Benefits include reasonable rent and discounts in various restaurants and stores.

If you're interested in applying, visit the Christmas Elves for Lapland Safaris destinations page, for a complete job description and contact information.


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