It’s common knowledge that humans know more about Mars and the Moon than they do about their own oceans. Humans have devoted lots of time and money into developing space travel, however do we know what really lies in the depths of our oceans?

This article will showcase some of the most bizarre discoveries made by deep-sea divers. These discoveries range from frightening sea creatures, to underwater cities and remnants of ancient civilizations that are outright scary! These odd findings may rouse lots of curiosity as to what else is left to be discovered in the very depths of our oceans.

These findings will make you think twice before you go off on a long swim in the ocean, and might make movies like Jaws or Sharknado feel a little scarier. Or maybe not....some of these might make some readers want to live like pirates and go diving deep in the sea to find sunken treasures, which actually happens, BTW! Let’s see how these various findings make you react.

24 Underwater Designs Made by Fish - who knew they were such artists?

Deep-sea divers off the coast of Japan in the mid 90s were intrigued by these strange designs that seemed to magically appear on the ocean floor (shakahariblog). It took over 10 years for divers to figure out what was making these mystical circles on the ocean floor. The creator of these intricate patterns were pufferfish, who make these circles when trying to attract mates (shakahariblog). It’s fascinating how these minuscule fish can create these large patterns that can be up to 7 feet wide! Pufferfish certainly have an interesting dating life!

23 Oarfish - maybe put it back where it was found

Woah there, this creature is not your ordinary fish. This creature closely resembles the mythical Loch Ness Monster that has often been used to spook people out of swimming in the ocean. The oarfish measures up to 11 metres long and was found swimming in some seriously deep waters (TheClever). This creature appeared on an episode of River Monsters and it’s the only instance where it was caught on film. This sea creature is quite an odd discovery! I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that I would not like to encounter it while swimming.

22 Ancient Village - Ancient emojis

Atlit Yam is an ancient city near Israel which is speculated to be over 800 years old (TheClever). This ancient city was explored by sea divers in 1984 who expected to find a shipwreck in this area, but instead found a village that was ravaged by the tsunami. The city is now over 40 metres underwater (TheClever). While I’m certain that exploring this site is very interesting and telling about how villagers in this ancient city lived, it’s also totally eerie to imagine such a misfortune.

21 Underwater Waterfall - don't go chasing waterfalls

Waterfalls are some of the most beautiful and natural sights to see in the world, not to mention they can be very romantic. Want to take it to the next level? Visit the underwater waterfall. Just joking, that would be dangerous, but it’s still cool to know about! This waterfall can be found near Africa and South America and is caused by the strength of the current that pushes water downwards (listverse). The scientific term for this underwater waterfall is actually Kelvin-Helmholtz waves, but underwater waterfall does sound cooler (listverse).

20 A Hole In The Earth - that's not supposed to be there

I don’t mean to alarm you, but there’s a hole in the earth’s crust. Remain calm, everything's totally fine. Scientists aren’t quite sure why this is, but they believe it’s caused by moving tectonic plates (listverse). While the ocean floor should be closer to 7 km thick, deep-sea divers found that the floor was very thin in this area and actually allows sea water to touch the earth’s mantle (listverse). Sounds like a pretty freaky thing to discover!

19 Stone Age Artifacts - maybe it was an old cellphone

Imagine going for a dive and discovering artifacts that belonged to civilizations that are over 10 thousand years old. Well, this is what recently happened to Swedish divers in the Baltic Sea (ancient-origins). These divers found an incredible amount of stone age artifacts. It is very rare to have relics from such an old civilization and that makes this discovery so incredible and memorable! Items found include hunting tools like harpoons, old bones from ancient animals and there is more to be found( ancient-origins)! Let’s see what else lies here!

18 Underwater River - Physics lost this one

Confused? You’re not alone. Imagine swimming deep in the ocean only to find a river in the middle of the ocean. Yep, that’s what happened to the deep-sea divers who explored this site! There is a river that lies at the bottom of the Black Sea that has waves, rapids, waterfalls and everything you’d typically expect from an above ground river (messagetoeagle). While the river underneath the Black Sea is one of the most popular ones, several more exist, including one under the sea in Mexico. It’s such an interesting phenomenon to study!

17 Icy Finger - a witch in the sky

This is not something you’d like to accidentally swim into while deep-sea diving. This spooky ice formation looks like an icicle straight out of a nightmare or horror film. This scary looking ice stick form is also called a brinicle, as it is formed as a result of cold brines in the ocean (messagetoeagle). There have not been many studies conducted on these icy ocean fingers, therefore they’re incredibly hard to avoid and predict. Beware of large, icicles that reside in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans.

16 Sculpture Park - a lovely stroll in the park

This one is very special. You can actually go snorkeling and explore this site. These sculptures are located in the Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area in Grenada (puregrenada). This was built as an art exhibit, but also as a means to protect the coral and has over 68 different attractions to visit (theadventurejunkies). The sculpture park built in 2006 has greatly helped Grenada’s coral reef recover from the hurricane that swept its ocean in 2004 (Wikipedia). This site is an incredibly intelligent and beneficial discovery to the planet, but also a little spooky!

15 Lost City - no, not Atlantis, sadly

This sounds like something straight from a storybook or a fantastical piece of Greek mythology, but it’s actually real. A city was completed submerged by 30 feet of water and lost under the waves (TheClever). This city is referred to as Heracleion by Greeks, and also as the city of Thonis (TheClever). This site was discovered by Egyptians in the early 21st century. Remains of statues and infrastructures were explored, how interesting yet eerie! The story behind this city is still mainly a mystery to us, but I’m sure we’d all love to know more.

14 Goblin Shark - thank goodness this guy isn't on land

Sharks are already an animal that rouse lots of fear in humankind. We devote an entire week to learning more about them and their nature on the Discovery channel, yet there is still so much to know. The Goblin Shark is a type of shark that is largely unknown to many of us because they reside in the deepest waters of the sea (TheClever). The Goblin Shark has some of the most threatening jaws ever seen on an animal. The fact that they live so deep down in the ocean means the chances of you encountering one on your afternoon swim are slim to none, but still spooky to think about.

13 Ancient Greek Computer - was it a Mac, or a PC?

In the ancient times, before planes and trains were invented, civilizations traveled by ship. This means that so many ancient artifacts are still being discovered in the depths of our oceans today. One of these fascinating discoveries includes this ancient Greek computer that was constructed in 87 BC (TheClever). This computer was found in the early 20th century and was thought to be a result of the Antikythera shipwreck (oddee). Historians are still unsure what exactly this machine was used for, but it’s extremely fascinating to speculate.

12 Frilled Shark - the cute name doesn't make it any less scary

No,! This guy does not look friendly, I’ll tell you that much. We’ve all watched documentaries about sharks that advocate about the pacific nature of these animals, but when I look at this one I’m not so convinced. The frilled shark resides in some of the deepest parts of the ocean at nearly 200 metres deep (TheClever)! He’s got quite the impressive row of teeth in there that can certainly do some serious damage. I’d rather not encounter this guy while swimming, who’s with me?

11 Blobfish - poor little guy has nothing going for him

Anyone else think that the blobfish is kind of cute? Unfortunately for poor ol’ blobfish, he was named one of the ugliest creatures in the world (TheClever). What is he exactly? No one is quite sure, he’s some sort of blob, I suppose. He was discovered in 1978 by surprised deep-sea divers and while he may look a little bizarre he is not dangerous at all. He actually has zero muscles in his body, he is quite literally just a fish-like blob. Anyways, please don’t hate on blobfish, he’s a nice guy, I think.

10 Apollo 11’s Engine - houston, we may have a problem

Everyone loves Amazon right? We all like to order the most random things, from toilet paper to makeup and Christmas gifts and get them the next day. Well, get this: Amazon was actually a key part of this discovery. The CEO of Amazon was instrumental in planning and ordering the recovery of Apollo 11’s engine that was found at the very bottom of the ocean (oddee). Just one more reason to like Amazon I guess. This discovery happened only 5 years ago in 2013 and was highly secretive. Cool, huh?

9 Emeralds - all the way from Oz

Emeralds are beautiful jewels, that are great when bought from a fancy jeweler, but these jewels are unfortunately cursed. The story goes that a Florida resident bought a treasure map and attempted to find the treasure chest that it led to (oddee). This man found millions of dollars worth of emeralds in the Gulf of Florida, cool, right? Unfortunately, this lucky discovery led to this man’s downfall, leading many to speculate that they were doomed emeralds (oddee). When investigations began looking into his discovery and withholding his earnings, he totally lost his mind. So sad…

8 Lazarus Fish - a useless little guy

In 1938, this fish was re-discovered by a marine biologist shopping in a fish market (oddee). When I say re-discovered, I mean that this fish was believed to be extinct for over 65 MILLION YEARS. Talk about a comeback! While it doesn’t have the exact same genes as this 65 million-year-old species, it is a very close second species that completely shocked divers and biologists alike (oddee). No one aside from the scientists seems excited about the return of the Lazarus fish, unfortunately, as it’s apparently inedible and therefore, unappreciated by deep sea fishermen.

7 Silver - just like the pirates find

Sounds like a scene straight out of “The Pirates of the Caribbean,” but this actually happened. Over 36 MILLION dollars worth of silver was found in the Atlantic ocean (oddee). Yep, that’s over 60 pounds of this precious metal. That’s the kind of “lifting” we’d all like to do, right? Anyways, this treasure was lost after a British ship met its end during WWII (oddee). Only about 20% of the silver on this ship was actually collected, meaning there are hundreds of pounds still down there (oddee). Who’s going for a swim?

6 Artifacts From An Ancient Naval Battle - that doesn't look right

In 2013, archaeologists found so many incredible artifacts in the ocean near the coast of Southern Italy (ancient-origins). These artifacts include helmets, armour, weapons and so many other things used by ancient civilizations. Historians have dated these findings back to Punic Wars that happened around 240 BC (ancient-origins). These discoveries are so interesting to study and show us a lot about how soldiers in that era fought wars. Anyone who loves ancient history should look up these findings.

5 Roman Medicine - how far we have come!

When we think of shipwrecks, most of us think more about the story behind the shipwreck and how fascinating the actual ship is. In this case, scientists have turned our attention to what could actually be inside this ship. Interestingly enough, scientists have actually found Roman medicine inside a ship that was thought to be 2000 years old (ancient-origins)! While these pills are totally expired now, they’re super telling to historians about what Romans used to heal their ancient ails. These discoveries were done in the late 20th century and resulted in other fascinating findings, like ancient lamps bowls, ceramics and more (ancient-origins).