We all deserve a vacation, right? It seems that deciding to take the vacation is always the easiest part while deciding where to go is what brings most of our planning to a screeching halt.

Both Fiji and Vanuatu are stunning beyond belief, give that tropical, carefree vibe that vacationers are looking for, and hold surprises for anyone who is willing to explore.

On one hand, Fiji is better known for its crystal-clear beaches, insta-worthy blue waters, and overall feel of tranquility and calm. Vanuatu provides much of the same but welcomes adventurers - for those who enjoy being active, seeking out otherworldly swimming holes, climbing through caves, and swinging from vines (literally).

Each place is full of culture and holds many a surprise for those who have yet to go, but here are some reasons to help make the choice between the two a bit easier... Hopefully.

20 Fiji: Sparkling Blue Waters And Dreamy Sand Beaches

Fiji really is known for this type of environment. For those who consider the beach to be their second home, the choice is clear: Fiji is perfect for warm days on the ocean, quick swims in calm waters, and laying out all day getting toasty with a tropical drink in your hand.

19 Vanuatu: Adventurers Will Love Every Waterfall And Volcano Tour

If seeking out secret waterfalls and diving into crystal-clear pools is more your style, Vanuatu is a no-brainer. With lush green forest, moss-covered rocks to climb up (carefully!), and plenty of swimming to be had, this is just one of many adventures travelers can stumble upon.

18 Fiji: Nadi Is The Place To Be For Shopping

It's a popular destination and not far from the airport! Nadi has everything you could want in an open-air market from travel gifts to unique, one of a kind island creations. Try some new foods or get a feel for the island life; just walking through this market is an experience.

17 Vanuatu: Plenty Of Hidden Coves For Exploration

If you're looking for some quiet contemplation and serenity, look no further than Vanuatu's hidden coves. Local guides will be able to point you to the closest cove to check out, and what you'll find is nothing short of peace, quiet, and true bliss.

16 Fiji: The Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple Is Worth Visiting

This temple is well-known in Fiji based on its appearance alone. Decorated in brilliantly vibrant colors, the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple is pretty hard to miss on your travels through Fiji. It's pretty humbling to take in such a colorful sight, and it's definitely a popular tourist spot worth visiting.

15 Vanuatu: Port Vila Offers Tons Of Tours

Upon arriving in Vanuatu, Port Vila will be ready and waiting to greet you with tons of activities and excursions. Like we said, this is can be a pretty adventure-heavy vacation destination if you want it to be. From plane sailing to bungee jumping, there's no end to the excitement that thrill-seekers can find.

14 Fiji: Family-Friendly Resorts Await In Denarau

The great thing about Fiji is that there's something for everyone, including kids. Many places are family-friendly as the overall environment is about relaxing and unwinding - it is an island, after all! Families looking to travel together can look no further than Denarau for a bit of fun and family time (or not).

13 Vanuatu: Hideaway Island Is Home To An Underwater Post Office

Vanuatu is a pretty interesting place, and it's not just because they have an underwater post office - but this is something worth seeing. Only a short swim from the surface of the water, the Vanuatu Post is the only underwater post office in the world... And yes, they mail postcards!

12 Fiji: Thrill-Seekers Will Love Big Bula Waterpark

Big Bula Waterpark is a great time for families and adults alike, with rides for just about everyone. Who could have guessed that an inflatable slide could be so much fun? Kids will love spending the day here as it's the biggest waterpark in the area and pretty diverse in terms of thrills.

11 Vanuatu: Mele Cascades Is A Hidden Gem For Swimming

If you're not afraid of a bit of a hike, Mele Cascades is well worth the trip. After just a short walk, visitors can take a dive into the cool, calm water that pools at the bottom of these falls. For those who are even more adventurous, you can climb the rocks back to the start for even more physical grind.

10 Fiji: Modriki Island Offers Day Cruises To Disconnect And Recharge

Modriki has been called the closest thing to be stranded on a desert island, without all the danger, severity, and fear of actually being stranded. This tiny island is fairly isolated and accessible via a short boat ride, but visitors will be thrilled to find that it's perfect for disconnecting and truly finding your peace.

9 Vanuatu: Catch A Glimpse Of Mount Yasur At Night For A Volcanic Light Show

Mount Yasur is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and while it's surprising that people can get so close, its activity is pretty well monitored. At night, the volcano puts on a stunning light show complete with molten lava that spurts up into the air, making for a thrilling light show.

8 Fiji: Time Seems To Slow Down In Vanua Levu

Vanua Levu is a smaller island in Fiji, but that doesn't mean it's any less significant. For those who are truly looking to relax and not be distracted by the outside world, this island resort is perfect for a quiet getaway. Things are just a little slower, a bit less crowded, and definitely have more of a small-village feel.

7 Vanuatu: Bungee Jumping Originated On Pentecost Island, Take The Plunge

That's right - if you were ever curious as to how bungee jumping started (because really, who just decided to strap themselves to a cable and jump?) the answer is right on Pentecost Island. Those who are native to the island are also responsible for starting the worldwide trend, and you can see it for yourself first-hand.

6 Fiji: Tavoro Falls Is Open To Swimmers On This Tiny Island

Tavaro Falls is the perfect waterfall for everyone because it's not the raging type of falls most of us think of when we hear 'waterfall'. It's also not too hard to find and ideal for a daytime dip in its cool water pools. Shielded from the direct rays of the sun, it's the perfect spot to chill out and be lazy.

5 Vanuatu: Pentecost Island Is Also Full Of Local Culture

Natives to this land have their own customs and culture, which you'll inevitably see upon your visit to Vanuatu if you decide to venture outside of a resort. This tower is where bungee jumping originated and, yes, those people at the top do jump off with vines as their only support.

4 Fiji: Vomo Island Is Home To An All-Inclusive Resort

If all-inclusive is more your flow, Fiji offers that, too. With so many amenities available at your disposal, it's hard to turn down a chance to vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life when everything is included in your stay. It's just one more way Fiji is a perfect tropical destination.

3 Vanuatu: Espiritu Santo Is Home To A Dive-able Ship Wreck

Experience diver? Look no further than Vanuatu. Those who have been trained are free to dive the wreckage of the SS Coolidge, a ship that capsized but is still completely intact. It's one of the more popular dives and is pretty easy to get to; definitely a must-do for experienced divers!

2 Fiji: Alternately, Turtle Island Is A Couple's-Only Resort, Perfect For Party-Seekers

Turtle Island is known for its beauty and tranquility, but it's also couples-only. Adult travelers have the chance to relax and unwind or engage in the nightlife if they so choose. There are plenty of options here whether you're a stay-in or an always-out kind of traveler. And definitely make sure to catch the sunset at least once.

1 Vanuatu: The Millennium Cave Tour And Blue Holes Are Too Perfect For Words

For the true thrill-seekers, a guided tour through the Millennium Cave might be just the trip. Complete with rickety wooden ladders that lead down, down, down into the caves, this once in a lifetime tour isn't for the faint of heart. What awaits at the bottom is worth the hike, though.