For millenia, stories were told by people sitting around campfires, to either pass the time or teach important moral lessons to the young ones. Prehistoric cave art was also a way of depicting stories of civilization.

Today, all kinds of imagined worlds have been created that resonate with through various forms of media, including books, TV shows, and movies. Some stories may feature fictional locations with ties to myth. However, some fictional locations were inspired by stunning environments of the real world, such as Game of Throne's Westeros and Lord of the Ring's Middle Earth universe.  The beauty of these fictional places inspires viewers, longing to visit a place that doesn't even exist!

Take a look at some fictional locations that are featured in some of the most popular films and TV shows of all time. Travelers will be pleased to know that few of these places are actually real (and can be seen visited)!

Updated by Alex Renee on December 28, 2021: At some point, many travelers have started traveling due to the gorgeous places depicted in fictional movies, books, and TV shows. Writers and artists alike have drawn inspiration of these fictional places from the beauty of our own world. That's why we updated this list to provide readers some great (and real) recommendations to check out should they ever feel the need to visit fictional wonderlands like Middle Earth, Hogwarts, Pandora, Jurassic Park, and more. While travelers can't necessarily visit these places per se, there's places in the world that resemble these gorgeous, non-existent landscapes!

23 Fictional: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

For those of us who grew up reading the Harry Potter books and seeing the movies, it has been a collective fantasy of ours to receive a letter by owl with the chance to attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Considered to be one of the safest places in the Wizarding World (except for the times when it wasn’t), it’s a place of learning where children learn how to practice magic in several forms including potions and spells. It’s even possible to interact with magical creatures and enchanted plants, as well as have all kinds of magical adventures. However, fans of the beloved series can still experience the magic of Hogwarts at Universal Studios or even visit Harry Potter locations in London!

22 Fictional: Gotham City

Now this certainly wouldn’t be a great place to live in, given the rampant amount of crime that’s committed here compared to any other city in the DC Universe of comic-books and other related media, its appeal comes from its association with a certain character. Namely, Batman (or the Dark Knight as he’s sometimes called) who protects this city along with a variety of memorable sidekicks and allies. Plus, many of DC’s greatest villains reside here such as The Joker and anti-heroes like Harley Quinn whose fame has skyrocketed in recent years. So maybe it’s worth going here.

21 Real: The Flintstones' House

While everyone knows the Flintstones from their cartoons and commercials, their house is just as memorable in terms of design. Made completely out of rocks, it somehow manages to have working electricity and conditioning like a modern house which the show never really explained but we didn’t really care because it looked cool (at the time). But then a famous television personality named Dick Clark decided to build a house that looks just like the Flintstones’ abode in Malibu, California, which was listed at $3.5 million in 2012!

20 Fictional: Middle Earth

From the Shire to Rivendell to Minas Tirith, it’s hard to pick one place that would be preferable to go to in the realm of Middle Earth because they’re all so cool with something for everyone. For instance, the Shire would be a great place to go to for a relaxing carefree lifestyle which is practiced by the Hobbits who occupy it. Rivendell is also relaxing too, but in the healing sense as it has given travelers a brief refuge before they embark on a long and perilous journey. Then finally, the amazing architecture of Minas Tirith speaks for itself. While Middle Earth remains a fictional beauty, travelers can tour New Zealand and check out some gorgeous locations where the actual films were shot!

19 Fictional: Pandora

Ever since it appeared onscreen in the blockbuster phenomena known as Avatar, the tropical moon of Pandora which the Na’vi call their home has captured so many people’s imaginations to the point where a literal theme park based on it was built in Disney’s Animal Kingdom not too long ago. Yet no matter what the theme park offers, it could never replace the real thing which may lie somewhere across the galaxy (assuming there really is life on other planets). With floating mountains, bioluminescent plants, and many strange creatures, it’s got a lot of appeal despite its potentially hostile natives. Fans of this hit sci-fi film can hike on the Tianzi Mountain in the Hunan Province of China. Hikers can awe at the "Monarch of the Peak Forest" from which the film was inspired.

18 Real: Paradise Falls

From the beloved movie Up, this was the place that Carl and his wife dreamed of settling their house at. But what’s even cooler is that Paradise Falls is based on a real place. Known as Angel Falls, these majestic falls are in Venezuela. While there’s probably not an eccentric explorer living at the top of this waterfall with an army of talking dogs, the person whom the falls are named after was a pilot from America who attempted to land his plane there and failed (though he came out unscathed).

17 Fictional: Asgard

Though it may have been lost following the events of Thor: Ragnarok, the splendor of this place is still memorable as it’s one of the most visually creative places in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Home to the Norse Gods, including Thor and Loki, it is only accessible via the rainbow-colored Bifrost Bridge. This, in turn, is constantly watched by the guardian Heimdall, who literally sees everything despite the few times he was blind to an approaching threat. With impressive architecture and a generous (though not always great) ruler in the form of Odin, who wouldn’t want to live here?

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16 Fictional: Jurassic Park

Even though the movies go out of their way to demonstrate why this place would never work in real life, what child wouldn’t like to go to a place full of living dinosaurs that can be seen and interacted with? Sure, the science behind the cloning of these things is dubious and the way the dinosaurs are portrayed isn’t always scientifically accurate but it’s a fun concept. With that said, it is hard to ignore the fact that some of the dinosaurs like the T-Rex are incredibly dangerous and can be harmful to humans if they’re not contained properly. Fans of the film can check out some beautiful places in Hawaii that were actual Jurassic Park sets!

15 Fictional: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

No matter the age, sweets are a guilty choice of food that everyone likes to indulge in every once in a while. This is especially true with children, whose addiction to sweet things has caused sickness in the stomach from eating too many or trips to the dentist for damaged teeth. But regardless of the consequences, a place like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, which offers a wide variety of strange and colorful rooms full of different candies, is charismatically appealing to anyone like its owner. Yet one must keep in mind the lack of safety measures and frequently disappearing guests.

14 Real: Tatooine

Though Star Wars may exist in a galaxy far away, some places may be a lot closer in terms of visiting. Tatooine, for instance, which was the home of Luke and his father Anakin before him is actually based on the city of Tataouine in Tunisia. Plus, many scenes of the desert planet were filmed here as well as in some neighboring areas including the partially subterranean Sidi Driss Hotel. This served as the exterior for the water farm Luke grew up at with his aunt and uncle. Thus, it has become a popular attraction for tourists.

13 Fictional: The Emerald City

As a whole, the Land of Oz has a lot of fantastic places that would be pretty neat to visit as well as a few less pleasant areas. But by far, the prettiest locale has got to be the Emerald City. Accessed by the Yellow Brick Road, it stands out like a shining beacon with an iconic design that comes from The Wizard of Oz film from the 1930s (though Oz the Great and Powerful certainly tried to replicate it as the above screenshot shows). Plus, the inside is just as amazing with jovial people around and the titular wizard himself.

While travelers can't actually visit the majestic Emerald City, they can still check out places that were inspired by the film, like Chicago's Oz Park or the Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas!

12 Fictional: Pemberley

While it’s not one of the most fantastic places that are highlighted in this article, it is certainly something that fans of the Victorian British author Jane Austen would love to be real. After all, this is the estate owned by Mr. Darcy, the love-interest of Elizabeth who is the lead heroine of the book Pride and Prejudice. Now among the various books that Austen wrote, this one has had several movie and TV show adaptations over the years including a recent one involving zombies (though that was technically based on a different work which borrowed elements from Austen’s writings).

11 Fictional: The Gatsby Mansion

In contrast to Pemberley House which is refined and classy, Jay Gatsby’s mansion is vibrant and wild with parties being thrown every night. Now that may seem annoying for those who don’t like parties, that’s just the way things were back in the 20s when F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby takes place. A classic tale of hubris and enduring love, this book has become quite popular through its film adaptations though especially the recent version starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular character. Because of his charismatic charm, and the film’s poppy soundtrack, it certainly makes this mansion worth checking out at least.

10 Fictional: Lilliput

Though it started out as a satire, Gulliver’s Travels is now regarded as an English literary classic that inspired a popular TV mini-series and several movies including one that starred Jack Black as the titular character (as shown above). But among the many fantastic realms that Gulliver explores, the most widely recognized one is Lilliput. Home to a race of small humans that are constantly at war with another nation of small people, Gulliver’s arrival could not have come at a better time. So who wouldn’t want to go there and be worshipped like a literal God?

9 Fictional: Neverland

When we’re children, the idea of growing up sounds foreign and not something to look forward to because it would mean change as well as taking on new responsibilities. Even as adults, we wish we could go back to being kids again and not have to worry about anything. For reasons such as this, Neverland has been an enduring concept that has lasted for centuries. Popularized by various adaptations of Peter Pan, though especially the Disney version, it's a place where no one ages. Instead, one can have many adventures whether it involves fighting pirates, visiting mermaids or seeing pixies.

8 Fictional: Narnia

For every child who read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, or saw one of the movie adaptations, they never saw a wardrobe the same way again. Admit it! We all fantasized about walking into our closets and discovering an entire realm full of magical creatures just as Lucy did. Of course, the Narnia she found was a winter nightmare taken over by the White Witch until Narnia’s true ruler Aslan came back and restored the realm to its true beauty. Still, it seems like a place worth checking out whether it’s covered in snow or greenery.

7 Real: Silent Hill

Based on the popular horror video game series of the same name, the Silent Hill movie is set around a small creepy town that’s always covered in fog where the residents are not what they seem as dangerous creatures also prowl the area. But what’s even more frightening than the fictional town itself is the real one that inspired it. Known as Centralia, Pennsylvania, its residents were forced to evacuate due to a massive fire. Even now, this Pennsylvania Ghost Town experiences smoke pouring from sinkholes and cracks in the paved roads as the fire beneath still burns.

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6 Real: The Hundred Acre Wood

As young children, we were all exposed to Winnie the Pooh books and movies. There was even a cartoon series that ran on the air for a time which expanded upon the adventures that Pooh and his friends had in the Hundred Acre Wood. Now what most people may not know is that the human character of Christopher Robin was actually based on the author’s son, and the Hundred Acre Wood was a real place that he explored as a child. Officially known as the Five Hundred Acre Wood, this is an area located in the Ashdown Forest within England.

5 Real: The Temple of the Sun

For those who know the Indiana Jones movies well, this structure might seem familiar. That’s because it is the Temple of the Sun, where the long-sought Holy Grail was eventually found in the third film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Ironically enough, this is also a real structure that exists in the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. Specifically known as Al Khazneh, this popular tourist attraction is home to a theatre, monastery, and tombs. Though like many sites within Petra, it is currently being excavated by archeologists who’ve been uncovering several underground lairs.

4 Real: Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

When one thinks about a castle belonging to a princess, they usually picture something like this. Now arguably, this image got burned into our brains at a young age when we saw Disney movies like the original Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty which used the same relative design for their castles. Plus, Disney knows how memorable this type of castle is. Hence, they created a replica of it at the theme parks and use it as their logo for every feature film. Apparently, Bavaria's Neuschwanstein Castle was an inspiration for Sleeping Beauty.