A female passenger could face some serious charges for deciding to open an emergency exit door because she felt like she needed fresh air. Yes, you heard that right.

Someone was out to lunch when they decided it was a good idea and the best way to get a bit of a breeze by opening an emergency aircraft exit door, something you do if you're looking at facing fines or jail time since opening an emergency exit door is considered “disturbing public order in an aircraft,” according to the South China Morning Post. You would think her friends and family might have said, 'Hey, maybe that's not a good idea.'


No, this particular lady, sitting completely relaxed in her seat with the door off its connectors was caught on video in a scene that has shocked over a million viewers and counting.

The story goes that the woman was even told not to press the button that would open the door. But, with the plane still on the ground, she decided to march to the beat of her own drum and significantly delayed everyone's flight by over an hour.

It's one thing to have a panic attack, maybe even be under the influence of alcohol when you something so insanely mind-boggling. But, to simply decide you want the fresh air to provide a breeze as if you were riding down the road in a convertible at 40 mph is something else. The woman was removed from the flight and detained by police.

Excuse Me, You Can't Do That, Miss

Thank goodness a flight's emergency exit door can't opened by pushing that button while in flight. One would assume this woman would know better than to try something so insane, but it's hard to grasp why she would pop the door open in the first place.

Our advice, simply turn on the air vent or ask a flight attendant for a glass of water.

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