The sunshine state is a mecca for thrill and adrenaline seekers as it is endowed with so many fun parks where some of the most amazing attractions can be found. While there are so many satisfying attractions in the parks, roller coasters remain a highly in-demand attraction for thrill-seekers. And not just any roller coasters but fast ones so those few seconds or minutes stay in the memory for years. For those seeking to thread on this adrenaline-filled path, kindly pay a visit to these fastest roller coasters in Florida for the ultimate roller coaster experience.

10 Manta

Manta presents guests with a unique roller coaster experience with views of a splashing waterfall, stunning rock formations, and lush vegetation. But the main thrill lies in the roller coaster’s 56 mph speed and the track which consists of four inversions and several water splashes. Manta is unlike other roller coasters - it is a flying roller coaster with a length of 1,024 m and a height of 43 m. The roller coaster is inverted which means that instead of having their seats on the tracks, Guests here will have their seats hanging under the tracks which put them in a flying position with heads in front and legs behind. The front of the roller coaster even features the shape of a manta ray to make the flying ride more realistic.

  • Location: SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

9 Montu

Feel the thrill of an inverted roller coaster with Montu - a roller coaster located on the Egyptian section of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The 1,214 m long ride features 7 inversions and an Immelmann loop which is characterized by a simultaneous loop and roll which usually has the roller coaster heading toward the direction opposite where it came from. The thrilling ride rises to a height of 46 m and reaches a speed of 60 mph.

  • Location: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay , Tampa, Florida

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8 Cheetah Hunt

Cheetah Hunt gives adrenaline seekers the chance to ride on the 1,350 m-long roller coaster with the speed of the fastest land animal. Cheetah Hunt is the roller coaster with the longest track at Tampa Bay. It reaches a maximum speed of 60 mph and rises to a height of 31 m. The views of the lush vegetation, beautiful river, and rocks characterizing the ride make the experience both natural and thrilling.

  • Location: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Tampa, Florida

7 Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest presents guests with an amazing roller-coaster adventure on a mountainous landscape. The track is 1,184 m long and rises to a height of 61 m. The thrilling ride takes adrenaline-seekers through a track featuring beautiful trees and snow-capped mountains and also through scary dark mountain tunnels with a speed of 50 mph.

  • Location: Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

6 Kraken

Here at Kraken, as the gates open, guests hold their breaths and prepare to be thrown into ecstasy by the floorless roller coaster which reaches a maximum speed of 65 mph in less than 3 seconds, making it the second-fastest roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando only second to the incredible Mako. The 47 m-tall track features seven inversions and its track is 1,273 m long.

  • Location: SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

5 Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

At the beginning of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, guests are presented with views of some beautiful designs as they ascend upward. In a split second, they are plunged into a terrifying speed that enables the roller coaster to perform some unique turns as the captivating music plays in the background. And don’t mistake the little stops on the ride to be the end of the journey as they are just like the roller coaster’s deep breaths that make way for the next stage of the thrilling ride which is likely to be more intense than the previous. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is 51 m high, 1,200 m long, and reaches a maximum speed of 65 miles per hour.

  • Location: Universal Studios Florida, Orlando, Florida

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4 The Incredible Hulk

With a maximum speed of 67 mph and a height of 34 m, the Incredible Hulk is, without doubt, a thrilling experience. Just like other roller coasters allow people to ride the movies, the Incredible Hulk also basically takes people through the incident that occurred after General Thaddeus attempted to replicate the scientific accident that transformed Dr. Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk. The ride begins slowly with beautiful lights and the background sounds of the Incredible Hulk panting but everything changes when the screams ring out from the background. The epic music, scary immersions, and incredible speed combine to make this ride a must-do roller coaster in Florida.

  • Location: Universal’s Island Of Adventure, Orlando, Florida

3 SheiKra

SheiKra is best suited for adrenaline-hungry adventurers who want to push their roller-coaster riding limit. This thrilling 972 m-long ride features a height of 61 m and reaches a speed of 70 miles per hour. In the course of the short ride, adrenaline seekers will start slow at first and get to see the beautiful scenery characterizing the surrounding environment before getting plunged into a state of ecstasy as the roller coaster makes its way through a tunnel and a river.

  • Location: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Tampa, Florida

2 Mako

SeaWorld’s Mako is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The thrilling ride reaches an amazing speed of 73 mph and rises to 60 m making it the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Florida at the moment. Its length of 1,450 m also makes it the longest ride at SeaWorld Orlando. Besides the incredible speed, the steep dips and scary bends combine to make the experience on the roller coaster more exciting.

  • Location: SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando, Florida

1 Iron Gwazi

Florida is so dedicated to thrilling rides that new roller coasters are being unveiled all the time. When these roller coasters are unveiled, they usually top the chart as the best at the time of their opening and Iron Gwazi is one of those roller coasters. This upcoming 1,242 m-long roller coaster set to open on March 11, 2022, is touted as being the fastest and tallest roller coaster in Florida with a maximum speed of 76 mph and a height of 63 m respectively. It has also been tagged as the most terrifying so come prepared for the thrill!

  • Location: Busch Garden Tampa Bay, Tampa, Florida

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