There are places all around the world that we should all strive to visit or travel to, many of which are pretty common, or perhaps even stereotypical. However, there's an entire continent that seems to be forgotten in the chaos of the tourism trade, and that's Antarctica. Many of us don't even really know all too much about it, but in reality, there's a lot about it that needs to be uncovered.

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Antarctica is a really important place, and here are 10 things to note about a potential trip here.

10 Airbnb Expedition

While the closing date for what we’re about to talk about has passed, it certainly opens up a lot of doors for people who are invested in the idea of exploring somewhere that they previously thought was unreachable. Essentially, Airbnb has put together an expedition (or sabbatical) that will allow five volunteers to join Kirstie Jones-Williams in investigating the presence of microplastics on the forgotten continent.

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This sounds both fun and like it would be for a great cause.

9 The Unbelievable Views

Sometimes views can seem pretty manufactured and sometimes they can seem pretty natural, and you can bet that Antarctica is all-natural.

In fact, we’d even go so far as to suggest that these views are the most natural thing imaginable. You look out and for miles upon miles and all you see is ice and the vast unknown. It’s impossible not to stop and take it all in if only to try and grasp the scale of this remarkable land. Sure, city breaks are great, but you can’t find a place like this.

8 Blood Falls

Under strict technical terms, the Blood Falls serve as a bizarre outflow of tainted saltwater that stems from iron oxide. As such, from a visual perspective, they look like Blood Falls. In itself, that’s one of the most terrifying things we’ve ever heard, but we mean that in the nicest way possible.

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It’s as if some kind of Game of Thrones phenomenon has come to life, and the best part is that it’s entirely natural.

7 McMurdo Dry Valleys

For those of you looking for something that isn't just ice, check out the McMurdo Dry Valleys.

They are snow-free and could probably make you feel like you’re stranded on another planet as opposed to another nation. There’s very, very low humidity here, and in many ways, it feels like a major crater that came out of nowhere one day. The winds can be fairly intense, though, which you would definitely need to prepare for.

6 Research Stations

With around 30 camps and an estimate of 42 countries working on research facilities and stations, there’s a lot going on down in Antarctica. In order to find out more about what’s going on, though, we’d argue that going to Antarctica and checking it out for yourself is the very best course of action.

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They’re littered all over the continent, and we love the uncertainty and mystery behind it all. There will be some revolutionary works going on, the results of which could cause major change throughout the entire planet in the years to come.

5 The Challenge

Surviving under such tense and often painful conditions is considered to be something that only the strongest of individuals can survive and that much is just obvious. The folks who live here often train for years, or perhaps just months (which is still a long time), in order to make it through their trek.

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It doesn’t really matter what the reasoning is behind the visit because one way or another, challenging yourself is challenging yourself. Step up or step aside, as they say. It’s going to be a tough road.

4 Few Have Visited It

Due to the cold nature of the environment and the fact that there’s pretty much nothing there, you don’t tend to see too many direct flights heading down south to Antarctica.

Being able to step foot on land that very few others have walked through is something of an adrenaline rush, and while it’s not a strong enough reason in itself, it certainly makes you think about the lengths which people will go to in order to make some kind of history. It’s a temptation, nonetheless.

3 How Large It Is

There are 0.00008 people per square kilometer in Antarctica with around 1,000 people to 5,000 people living there at any given time, and the size of the continent spanning 14.2 million square kilometers.

That’s a lot of room to explore, and the fact that it is the fifth-largest continent (and is near twice the size of Australia) is both impressive and daunting in equal measure.

Perhaps you aren’t interested in exploring a land that is quite so vast, but the gritty explorers out there will not be able to help themselves.

2 The Penguins

From the Adélie penguin to the Gentoo penguin and beyond, there are plenty of reasons why you should be fascinated by the penguins (and wildlife in general) that reside in Antarctica. It’s positioned as being uninhabitable, but these animals beg to differ. They make that large chunk of ice their own, and they do so in numbers.

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Penguins are misunderstood creatures and while Happy Feet may be a work of fiction, one thing that they nailed was the spirit that penguins possess. They’re just fabulous, and they certainly shouldn’t be undervalued.

1 The Peace

If you’ve ever looked into the possibility of obtaining an app called Headspace, then there’s a very good chance that you’re seeking peace, serenity and stress-free life.

There’s no set formula on how to go about acquiring it but if you want to give yourself a chance, head on over to Antarctica. It’s incredibly rare that you’ll even so much as hear another soul for hundreds upon hundreds of miles, so take advantage of that opportunity if you can.

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