We love France and we literally don't care who knows it. It is one of the most sensational countries on the face of the planet, and it is unbelievably underappreciated in the world of travel. It's almost as if a series of stereotypes have prevented it from thriving as it should, which is a shame.

Today, we're going to run through some of our favorite anecdotes in regards to why we love the French culture so much. None of them are particularly shocking or overly complicated, because that's not what France is about. They go about their own business, and they do so fairly magnificently.

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10 Cheese

You don’t necessarily need to be a foodie, or even like cheese, to enjoy a good piece of French cheese. There just seems to be something a little bit sharper and a little bit more enjoyable about it, as if the culture alone dictates it to be that way.

Of course, that isn’t the only rhyme or reason behind why it tastes so good, because we honestly believe that they pour more into it over there. It feels like they take real care in producing their cheese, as opposed to doing so simply for the money.

9 Wine

We can all but guarantee that some of the best wine you’ve ever had will have originated from France. It can be smooth or it can be rich, but either way, you’re going to get what you paid for.

There’s a certain elegance to the pairing of France and wine, too, whether it be because you’re drinking it over there or because it has been imported to you. We find it to be a case of dining on a whole new level, and let’s face it, we can all do with a bit of classing up from time to time.

8 Paris

Nobody should ever need to go out of their way to sell you on Paris, because the city should be doing that for you. From the sensational monuments to the breathtaking views, Paris is one of those cities that you simply have to visit at one point during your lifetime.

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The city has been through a lot of troubles over the course of the last few years, many of which weren’t even their fault. As a result, the tourism figures don’t seem to be at the level they once were, and we’re here to say that it’s our job as travelers to rectify that issue.

7 Bordeaux

If you want a more chilled out approach to traveling around France, then Bordeaux is the place for you. It’s a little bit cleaner than Paris, it’s not quite as busy as Paris, and for the most part, it tends to be cheaper (although that’s no reason not to enjoy Paris at some point).

Just like in any other country you’re going to get a different experience from going to different places, and because Bordeaux is a little bit further away, that’s almost certainly going to be the case regardless of where you’re flying in from.

6 French Riviera

This is where you get to experience what it’s like to live life in the fast lane. The French Riviera is where the rich go to play, and where people go to sample the finer things that France has to offer. It’s larger than life, it’s special, and for many, it’s a once in a lifetime kind of place to visit.

We aren’t so sure what it would be like to live there on a permanent basis, but that isn’t even the point. The views alone make it worth the trip.

5 The People

This false stereotype that the people of France are all really mean and rude needs to be put to bed once and for all because personally, we’ve never experienced that. In fact, we believe that it’s quite the opposite: as most of the French people we’ve interacted with have been quite pleasant.

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We’d even stretch that a little bit further and suggest that they’re really charming, too, which is probably a stereotype in itself. If you are nice to them then most of the time they are nice to you in return, which isn’t exactly ‘news’.

4 Sport

The 2018 FIFA World Cup saw France become world champions of football for the second time in their history, and for the second time in the last twenty years. If that isn’t an indication as to what kind of country you’re dealing with in the world of sports, then nothing is.

Outside of football (and rugby, of course), the French are also pretty proud of the world famous Tour de France. This magnificent cycling race allows you to take a look behind the curtain at all of the hidden gems which are littered across this great nation.

3 Macaroons

They look like those weird, magical colorful sweets from Spy Kids: and they taste even better. Macaroons come in all different shapes and sizes, but best of all, they come in so many different flavors that you’ll never be able to sample them all.

It’s such an elegant snack to enjoy, and we don’t say that lightly. It’s not too messy, they aren’t too expensive, and they can be enjoyed by everyone. If you can, try and get an authentic macaroon from over in France itself. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

2 Fashion

While Paris is specifically viewed as one of the central hubs for fashion both in Europe and around the world, it certainly isn’t the only destination in France that can make that kind of claim. The French really do pride themselves on the way that they look, and we mean that both for the men and the women.

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In any major city or town, and even in the villages, you’ll get a unique grasp on what fashion means to the people of France. It’s not about egos or anything like that: it’s just about looking good and making a statement in doing so (without ever really intending to in the first place).

1 Countryside

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the deep south or up in Normandy, because the French countryside is pretty undisputed. You could go for miles and miles without seeing another human or perhaps even another gas station, and we really adore that kind of seclusion.

Sometimes it’s important to get away, outside of the spotlight and into another part of the world’s culture – which is what France does so brilliantly. From waking up to seeing the great views to receiving bread at your front door every single morning, there’s nothing quite like it.

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