For those interested in camping but find themselves a tad too fancy for the great outdoors, the perfect compromise is the concept of “glamping.” This chic semi-outdoorsy alternative gives folks the feel of being out there without having to work too hard to make the trip tolerable. Hey, not everyone is meant to “rough it.”

When pitching a tent and starting a fire isn’t exactly up your alley, going for glamping makes the vacation a lot less stressful. Some people want to relax while still having the camping vibe going strong.


Sure, true campers think glamping is a far cry from the real deal, but those purists can stick to their way of doing things while the glampers take their vacation to the next level. To each his or her own, so stick to what makes you feel comfy. Posh is pretty nifty, and glampers are all in for the fabulousness of it all.

These five fun glamping destinations give glampers the experience of a lifetime. Far from the average vacation, travelers will enjoy some unique accommodations and Insta-worthy snapshots. Fun for all ages, these spots are spot-on! Glampers, get ready for an unforgettable trip.

Eastwind Hotel & Bar – A Cozy Windham, NY Not-So-Rugged Relaxation

Head to the Catskills to Eastwind Hotel & Bar for a glamping adventure you’ll be remembering for years to come.

A favorite accommodation among guests is their “Lushna” glamping experience, which is a Scandinavian take on glamping. There’s even a sauna to get super relaxed and warmed up when the weather is cool.

They are pet-friendly, so bring along Fido if you’d miss your four-legged friend too much while away.

Unlike traditional camping, there’s a bar here! Grab some cocktails and say “Cheers!” to glamping done right. Not to mention, the weekend breakfast buffet is too good to pass up, so wake up with an appetite.

Westgate River Ranch – A Lake Wales, Florida Favorite

Rodeo lovers will enjoy the resort/rodeo feel of Florida’s Westgate River Ranch in Lake Wales. The spacious atmosphere is a nature lover's dream come true, and if you adore horses, you’ve found your perfect vacation spot.

All of their glamping accommodations are fully-furnished and roomy, set under oak trees and under the night stars.

Perhaps you’d enjoy one of their luxe tepees with private patio decks and fireplaces.

This picturesque place is like heaven on Earth, so make your trip down south for a special glamping trip you’ll be glad you booked.

Asheville Glamping – A North Carolina Nook

Asheville Glamping is luxurious and lovely, with plenty of space for visitors to explore.

There are a variety of options to choose from, from out-of-this-world dome-like accommodations to tepee-like structures. There’s even the “Silver Bette,” an automobile that’s similar to a Winnebago.

There are treehouses too, making it hard to choose which would be the most fun for you and your glamping travel buddies.

Perhaps you’ll have to return to Asheville Glamping again to experience all their different moods. They’d certainly be happy to have you!

El Cosmico – A Marfa, Texas To-Do

Head on down to Texas to El Cosmico for a glamping experience that’s super cool and laid-back.

Like many of the glamping destinations across the country, El Cosmico offers a variety of glamping options to make your stay special.

Try one of their trailers or tepees. Perhaps you’re more into a safari tent or a yurt. The “Cosmic Casita” is extra special, with a unique structure and a futuristic feel.

If you’re into traditional camping, do that here too with their self-camping option. No matter your preference, El Cosmico is suitable for your travel to-dos.

Dunton River Camp – A Dolores, Colorado Camping Alternative

Dunton River Camp is amazing, with views you can’t find anywhere else. It’s spacious and airy, with lots of room on the grounds and plenty to do in the area.

Their spacious tents are filled with high-end amenities you’d normally see at a resort. This special treatment is what folks love about glamping since they get the best of both worlds. There are only eight tents, so your stay will be subdued.

Be sure to enjoy time by the river and head to Dunton Hot Springs. The many amazing elements of this vacation will be unforgettable.

Have fun glamping, no matter which destination you choose. You can't go wrong when you are having a blast. These five spots are special, but there are many more options across the country to select from. Look online or get advice from fellow glampers who've found places they prefer.