22 Places That Are Better In Minecraft (So Don’t Bother Leaving Home)

We all like travelling, but we all have to accept that it's pretty much impossible to see everything this world has to offer, without using your entire life just to see all the sights that everyone enjoys seeing! This is why people will look for ways to see the world without having to leave their house, as it ensures they have a chance to see things that they may have otherwise missed.

Minecraft is a tool to create a lot of things, which is why many people have turned to it as a way of recreating many of the scenes and sights that we would otherwise have to get on a plane to see. What we've done is pull together some of the best Minecraft recreations out there, so that people don't have to leave their home to see the greatest sights the world has to offer.

So, what we're saying is, it's about time that we had a look at the best that Minecraft has to offer, showing us all that there's no reason to leave the house when we can stick on Minecraft and see some of the best sights that this world has to offer!

22 The Eiffel Tower

via: planetminecraft.com

Quite possibly one of the most famous towers of all time, this place is famed for the long lines that take people right up to the top, but Minecraft has sorted this for us.

Yes, go into Minecraft and you will be able to take a look at the tower up close without the huge lines that are known to plague it in the real world.

Climb all the way to the top of the tower and look down on the world of Minecraft instead of Paris!

21 The Acropolis

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This is the sort of thing that people used to fantasise of finding, as it is filled with places and buildings of historical significance.

To this day, the things that were found within this citadel continue to influence the way that people think and write about how people in this area lived at the time.

Yes, if you don't think you've got enough time to get there in the real world, the Minecraft version is lovingly recreated!

20 The Washington Monument

via: minecraft.net

The US like to ensure that they remember their past, that they're able to remember the things and the people that came before them. They're a place that is steeped in history, and they want to make sure that everybody knows that, which is why they have this monument to their first leader. The reality is though, visiting in real life means that you won't be able to travel to the top, as it's a smooth obelisk straight into the sky.

19 The US Capitol Building

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Honestly, this place is so impressive, we don't think it matters whether you see it in person or on a computer screen. It's one of the most impressive buildings in the US, if not the most impressive! People in the US seem to have an obsession with building things as high as possible, always going for the biggest they can get things, but it's the history and the grand scale of this building that makes it interesting.

18 The Statue Of Liberty

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What a lot of people don't know, is that this amazing piece of US culture was actually gifted to them from the French.

Now, it's one of the defining characteristics of the US, highlighting the way the US people like to think of themselves as people of liberty.

People who can't go to see this woman and her torch can catch a glimpse of her in the world of Minecraft!

17 The Golden Gate Bridge

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Quite possibly the most famous bridge on the planet, it's no surprise that so many people want to visit the Golden Gate Bridge before they leave this Earth. Thankfully, Minecraft has offered them the opportunity to do so without having to worry about getting on a plane. Sure, it won't offer the same thrill of driving, or even walking, across the thing in the real world, but it does mean that people can see the true stature of the thing.

16 Manhattan

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What with it being one of the most famous skylines of all time, it's no surprise that somebody decided to remake it in Minecraft. This was most likely done by someone who has a serious love for New York City.

Who knew that somebody could love an area of the world so much they would do this?!

Feel like Spider-Man by taking a look at this place from the sky in the video game.

15 The Chrysler Building

via: planetminecraft.com

For people who live in NYC, this isn't that interesting a sight, but for anyone else, being able to travel to the top of this thing from the comfort of their own home is a big deal.

We think it's interesting how people can get used to something just by being in close proximity to it, and yet it stays interesting to someone else.

No matter how many times we see this thing, we'll always think of it as a sight to see, just because we don't live near it.

14 Notre Dame

via: planetminecraft.com

Paris has a lot to offer, and while it's a small city, that doesn't mean it's possible to see everything all in one day.

That being said, Minecraft has managed to sort this out for us by the looks of things!

Go take a look at the Louvre and the Arc De Triomphe, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to go home, stick on Minecraft, and take a look at the Notre Dame which you missed in the real world!

13 Mount Rushmore

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Okay, so it doesn't offer the same face quality as the real life version of Mount Rushmore, but there's a major journey on the way to the one in the real world, so we say stick with this one in Minecraft! Plus, it makes us laugh to see this sort of thing if we're honest. It's like a parody of the real world sight, so in a certain way, it's almost as if Minecraft is offering people a chance to see something they'd never be able to in the real world.

12 The Space Needle

via: planetminecraft.com

This observation tower is the most iconic building in Seattle, to the point where, when people think of Seattle, they inevitably have this building pop up in their head as well!

The actual tower has elevators that move at 10 mph that take people right to the top in the real world!

As impressive as these elevators may sound, we think we'd rather be stationary and enjoy it from the safety of our own homes.

11 St. Peter's Basilica

via: planetminecraft.com

This area is interesting, as it is widely known as being an area for pilgrimage. The problem with that, is people have to be careful they don't end up going when a lot of other people will be there, otherwise they'll risk it being hugely crowded. So, one way that people may be able to get around this in the future is to travel there not in the real world, but by travelling through a virtual world to get there, just like in Minecraft!

10 Big Ben

via: planetminecraft.com

London is known for this brilliant piece of architecture, and while it's better known by a nickname than by its actual name, it has a huge amount of pull when it comes to tourists.

However, we would say that you can probably enjoy it just as much by visiting it in Minecraft.

Some people have even managed to create their own computers in Minecraft, meaning they could probably turn it into a working clock as well, which is sometimes more than can be said for the real one!

9 The Grand Canyon

via: planetminecraft.com

Nobody is denying that this place is an amazing example of the way nature can make some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sights across the world. That being said, there is a lot of it and it can be difficult to spend all of your time trying to see as much of it as possible. Second only to getting on a helicopter and flying yourself over the canyon, we think you could do a lot worse than seeing this place recreated in the world of Minecraft.

8 Grand Palace Station

via: pinterest.com

While a lot of things on this list were created just for the novelty factor, this station actually serves as a lot more than just that.

If people choose to visit this place in the game, they will find more than just an empty building.

Yes, believe it or not, but the person who put this in the game made sure that this station served a purpose, turned into a fully functioning station!

7 Pyramids Of Giza

via: imgur.com

One of the most recognisable sights in the world, it's no surprise that people want to go and see the Pyramids of Giza at some point during their life.

That being said, due to increased tourist attraction, the area around the pyramids has struggled to keep up, people often littering in the area or interacting with the pyramids directly.

A way around this is to try and get people to visit the Minecraft version instead!

6 The Sphinx

via: planetminecraft.com

People are always going on about the pyramids, but if we're honest, we think that this is the sight to see!

The pyramids may be fascinating and amazing too, but they're still just giant shapes.

Somebody actually had to craft the sphinx, a giant cat person, into existence. Like we say, they're both worth a look obviously, but this one definitely looks a lot more impressive to us if we're being honest!

5 The Colossus Of Rhodes

via: planetminecraft.com

Considering how obsessed the people of Greece were with their various gods, it's no surprise that they ended up erecting statues in their honor.

This one was of the sun-god Helios, and sadly it was taken down by an earthquake many years ago, so we can't see it in real life, even if we wanted to.

This is the first thing on our list that people will be able to go and see in Minecraft, as it's impossible for them to visit it while they're in the real world!

4 The Colosseum

via: planetminecraft.com

It is assumed that this place would regularly hold an average of 65,000 people, which is very impressive when you actually think about it.

Sadly, it doesn't still stand in the same way that it used to years ago, but a lot of it still does, which is why people enjoy visiting it whenever they travel to Rome.

If you're interested in pretending to be a gladiator, but don't have the money to get to Rome, Minecraft has got you covered right here!

3 The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

via: imgur.com

Unlike most sights, where we become interested due to the old yet intact sight of something that continues to stand, this is actually the opposite...

Yes, people flock to this place every single year to see what it has to offer, and what it has to offer is a tower that is slowly tilting to one side!

Sure, you won't be able to take that cliche photograph that everyone takes, but it's still worth a look on Minecraft!

2 Tikal Pyramids

via: imgur.com

Egypt isn't the only place with pyramids, as is proven by this pyramid found right within the middle of a ruin found in Guatemala.

This is a site of ancient architecture, so we're not totally sure that human beings should be allowed to come around as much as they are.

To stop people from ruining what is one of the most important sights in the area, we think that people should only be allowed to see it through Minecraft.

1 All Of Denmark...

via: geoboxers.com

Yes, believe it or not, but it's possible to take a look at all of Denmark in the world of Minecraft, which is an offer that would be pretty much impossible in the real world, even if you lived there! In yet another attempt to get children interested in their country, this was actually a project put into place by the higher ups, wanting to get in on the video game hype that obviously keeps a lot of children on the computer these days!

Sources: Buzzfeed

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