15 A-Listers Who Live As Far From Hollywood As Possible (10 Not Even In The US)

Living in Hollywood might seem glamorous, however, many actors prefer to live their lives as far from Hollywood as possible, while some stars don't even live in the United States. With the pressure of Hollywood on celebrities to act and look a certain way, some people just can't be bothered with the unfair expectations cast upon them.

In addition to the outrageous pressure Hollywood exudes, stars prefer to live in more remote locations to avoid paparazzi as much as possible! Some stars have even gone as far to move to countries where paparazzi is illegal, and we don't blame them one bit! If you're wondering who some of these celebrities might be, then behold, here are the 15 A-listers who live as far from Hollywood as possible, and the 10 who don't even live in the U.S!

25 Robert Pattinson - London, England


Robert Pattinson, who has starred in numerous films such as the classic 'Harry Potter' and 'Twilight' series, has too ditched the Hollywood life, for a life back home in England. According to DailyMail, Pattinson owns a secluded house in the Hollywood Hills but has admitted to having his heart elsewhere. Pattinson revealed to Radar Magazine in 2014 how he enjoys spending his time in London, over Hollywood, and has been spotted roaming the streets of London town where he lives in a quaint neighbourhood!

24 Rachel McAdams - Toronto, Canada

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This Canadian born actress, who has starred in countless hits, from 'The Notebook', 'Mean Girls', and 'Red Eye', resides in Toronto, Canada, her hometown. Although she does travel to Hollywood for appearances, shoots and events, the star spends most of her time back home with her family, says ETalk. According to the source, the star also travels back and forth from Canada to the U.S. to see boyfriend Jamie Linden, whom she just had a baby with a few months ago. Life in Canada isn't too shabby, so we don't blame Rachel for remaining true to her Canadian roots.

23 Blake Lively - Bedford, New York

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Blake Lively and hubby Ryan Reynolds are also East Coasters! The power couple currently live in the city of Bedford, New York. According to E! Online, the two have been seen out countless times shopping at the local supermarket, completely unbothered and away from the busy scene of Hollywood. The Westchester suburb is known to be quite a low key but luxurious location all at the same time, making for the perfect combo of 'lax and luxe, without the constant paparazzi!

22 John Mayer - Montana


John Mayer, who has lived in Los Angeles since his career first took off, has only recently had enough with Hollywood and moved elsewhere. According to People Magazine, the singer moved to Montana in 2013 in order to recover from throat surgery. John allegedly lives in Paradise Valley, which is widely known for some stellar mountain views! The location itself sits between the different entrances to the beautiful Yellowstone Park, making it quite scenic. Not too shabby, John!

21 Shania Twain - Switzerland

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Shania Twain, although one of the most successful country singers to date, cannot be bothered to deal with anything Hollywood right now. The Canadian-born singer lived in the U.S. for years during her booming career, however, she has flipped the switch and now resides in Geneva, Switzerland. According to The Guardian, Shania's tumultuous times in the past led her to find the love of her life and make the move to Geneva. The singer has posted countless shots of her in Switzerland, including one where she is enjoying her morning coffee on Lake Geneva by a cozy fire!

20 Chris Hemsworth - Byron Bay, Australia

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Chris Hemsworth, easily one of the most handsome Aussie actors out there, is not really into Hollywood, despite his massive success in film these past few years. Hemsworth, who plays the character Thor, has chosen to live a life of simplicity back in Byron Bay, Australia. According to News.com, the actor and his family, live in a $9 million home just off the coast of Byron Bay. The actor avidly posts shots of him and his family out and about enjoying the wilderness Australia has to offer! From surfing, visiting the Australian vineyards, and doing some yoga cliff-side, Byron Bay sounds a lot more enticing than Hollywood, that's for sure!

19 Julia Roberts - Taos, New Mexico

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Julia Roberts is another Hollywood A-lister who has chosen to live as far from Hollywood as possible. The actress who first broke out on the scene in the classic film 'Pretty Woman', lives on a ranch in Taos, New Mexico. According to ABC News, the star lives in quite a remote location, far away from the paparazzi, and hype of Hollywood. Although she is slightly more isolated in New Mexico, the paps still manage to get a shot of her out and about here and there, however, we're certain the number of pictures beats being swarmed by cameras endlessly in Hollywood!

18 Taylor Swift - Nashville, Tennessee

Via E! News

Taylor Swift, who is notably one of the biggest names in the music industry today, likes to live the simple life away from Hollywood! Although the singer owns countless properties, including one in Los Angeles, her primary residence is in Nashville, Tennessee. According to E! News, the singer lives in a posh condo in Nashville, where she spends most of her time when she's not working. The 'Reputation' singer has also posted several shots of her hosting at her Nashville home, including the time she and Kelsea Ballerini enjoyed a cup of tea at Swift's house!

17 Jennifer Lawrence - Louisville, Kentucky

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Jennifer Lawrence, who is too an Oscar-nominated and winning actress, has starred in countless films from the popular 'Hunger Games', 'Joy', 'Red Sparrow' and many more that have launched her to stardom. Although she does own a property in Beverly Hills, California, the actress has been quite vocal regarding her disdain for living in the Los Angeles area, says NY Daily News. This has led Lawrence to live her life back home in Louisville, Kentucky, where she was born and raised. The actress is often photographed back home supporting her favourite sports team, the Louisville Cardinals!

16 John Travolta & Kelly Preston - Jumbolair, Florida

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John Travolta and Kelly Preston currently reside in a beautiful home in Jumbolair, Florida. The couple, who wed back in 1991, has lived in Florida for as long as they have been together, claim Business Insider. The power-duo chose Jumbolair over Hollywood, as this remote location of Florida is one of the only cities in the U.S. that allow residents to fly and park a plane onto their properties, says the source. Considering Travolta is a licensed pilot, owns his own jet, and has a mini airport attached to his home, this makes for the ideal location for the two to live.

15 Elijah Wood - Austin, Texas

Via The New Potato

Although one would imagine that Elijah Wood, who played the famous character, Frodo in 'The Lord of the Rings', lives in Hobbiton, he, unfortunately, does not! The actor currently resides in Austin, Texas, says The New Potato. The actor moved far away from Los Angeles a few years back to live in Austin, where he is often seen attending numerous local cultural events, from festivals, restaurant openings and art shows, claims AustinCultureMap. The star has also commented on Twitter how the move has allowed him to live his "best, most unbothered life"! Good on you, Elijah!

14 Sandra Bullock - New Orleans

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Sandra Bullock, has played in countless classic flicks, including 'The Blind Side', which earned the actress her first ever Oscar nomination and win! Although the star does own countless properties in Beverly Hills, and Austin, Texas, she spends most of her time at her luxurious Victorian mansion in New Orleans, says Popsugar. The actress purchased the beautiful house in 2009 for a whopping $2.25 million, which has since become quite a tourist attraction amongst visitors in the Big Easy! Sandra currently resides in Louisiana, where she is raising her son, Louis Bardo Bullock, claims the source.

13 Sarah Jessica Parker - New York City

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Sarah Jessica Parker, who is famously known for playing the iconic character, Carrie Bradshaw, in 'Sex & The City', like her character, lives in the heart of New York City. Parker chose to live her life on a completely different coast, and we love every bit of it. According to Celebzz, the star lives in a fabulous home in Manhattan, New York with her husband and actor Matthew Broderick, and their three children. Although there aren't any laws prohibiting paparazzi in New York City, the level of paps are significantly less on the East Coast than in Hollywood, however, we love getting shots of SJP's stunning looks every now and then on the New York streets!

12 Meryl Streep - Salisbury, Connecticut

Via Vogue

Now, when we're talking about Hollywood A-Listers, Meryl Streep is probably one of the first names that come to mind. Meryl is one of the most decorated women in film history, not only having the most Oscar nominations but most wins for any other actress out there. Although you would think someone as famous in Hollywood would live in Hollywood, Streep has never "gone Hollywood". According to Vogue, the actress not only raised her family in Salisbury, Connecticut but spends most of her time there, when she isn't working. In addition, the star is able to live her life in peace, on her beautiful Litchfield County estate.

11 Usher - Atlanta, Georgia

Via HelloBeautiful

Usher Raymond, professionally known as just 'Usher' has been in the industry for some time now, with countless hits, the star has amassed massive success in the world of music, however, he prefers to live away from the spotlight! According to HelloBeautiful, the singer lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. There are certainly a lot less paparazzi in Georgia than in Hollywood, making life slightly more easy going. Although you won't find as many people shouting your name in Atlanta, paparazzi still manage to sneak a few shots here and there of the 'Confession's singer.

10 Harrison Ford - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Harrison Ford, who is a world-renowned actor, famous for playing the role of Indiana Jones, is yet another big name who refuses to live anywhere near Hollywood. Harrison Ford has been in the business for decades, so it only makes sense that he wants his privacy. According to Virtual Globetrotting, the actor and his wife, actress Calista Flockhart, currently reside in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! The rustic region offers the couple complete privacy from the stampede off paparazzi seen throughout the streets of Hollywood, allowing the two to simply breathe and enjoy their lives, hassle free!

9 Oprah Winfrey - Maui, Hawaii

Via Odyssey

Oprah Winfrey is definitely a star who is not about that Hollywood lifestyle. It goes without saying that the self-made Billionaire owns many properties across the world, however, believe it or not, Hollywood is not one of them! According to Odyssey, Winfrey likes to spend much of her time at her home in Maui, Hawaii. The star will avidly post shots to her social media from her garden on the estate! The former talk show host is said to have purchased 60 acres of land in East Maui, where she grows more than 100 species of local and organic produce, says Pride of Maui.

8 Nicole Kidman - Leipers Fork, Tennessee

Via Illawarra Mercury

Nicole Kidman, another major name in the world of film and television, has opted for a life away from Hollywood. According to Country Living, Kidman and her country singing hubby, Keith Urban, live in the town of Leipers Fork, Tennessee, which is quite close to the state's capital, Nashville. Apart from being the country music capital of the U.S., which is fitting for Keith Urban, the two spend their time on a lovely ranch-like estate. Nicole Kidman told Vogue Magazine in July 2015 how she loves to grow roses, which is such a "joy for me", she said.

7 Ted Danson - Little Rock, Arkansas

Via LancasterOnline

Ted Danson, who is currently starring in one of the hottest Netflix shows at the moment, 'The Good Place', is not about that Hollywood life. The actor, and his family, all live in Little Rock, Arkansas. According to Lancaster Online, Danson has been a long time resident of Little Rock and is particularly in love with the food, especially Doe's Eat Place, which the actor frequents often. In addition, the actor has commented on how Little Rock is the perfect combo of the "big city and a little of the rural", he said, which sounds absolutely perfect!

6 Victoria Beckham - Holland Park, England

Via House & Garden

Victoria Beckham along with hubby David Beckham and their four children, currently reside in Holland Park, England. The area, which is located in quite a posh area of London, is only fitting for the ex-Spice Girl herself. The fashion designer is constantly travelling, however, according to House & Garden, home is where the heart is, and that is all the way back in England. The star has discussed raising her family in England on numerous occasions, and although she and hubby David lived in Los Angeles during his time playing with the LA Galaxy team, they remain back home in London, where she runs a multi-million dollar empire.

5 Daniel Day-Lewis - Ireland

Via Irish Mirror

Daniel Day-Lewis is easily one of the most renown actors to date, starring in films such as: 'Phantom Thread', 'Lincoln' and 'There Will Be Blood', he has gone on to win countless awards, including his three Academy Awards for Best Actor. The star has since retired from acting and resides back home in Annamoe, Ireland, which is 32 km south of Dublin, says Irish Mirror. The actor, who is English born, returned back to his Irish fathers' roots, as he lives a quiet life amongst the rolling hills, and heather-flecked mountains of Annamoe, Ireland, and we're sure he's loving it!

4 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie - Correns, France

Via The Loop

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, have not only starred in countless films each but first met and acted together on the film 'Mr & Mrs." According to The Loop, the couple spends most of their time at their France residence. Although the two have homes in several cities, including one in Los Angeles, they currently reside at their sprawling 35-bedroom property known as Chateau Miraval, in Correns, France. With an ever-expanding family, it is no surprise that the couple once lived happily together in a gigantic house like the one they have in the south of France, which is also where the couple got married, says The Telegraph. Although no longer together, they still put the kids first and make sure they are far from the spotlight as well.

3 Natalie Portman - Paris, France

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Natalie Portman, who has starred in countless films including the Oscar-nominated 'Black Swan'. The star currently lives in Paris, France, with her husband, Benjamin Millepied, and their young son. According to NY Times, France has much stricter privacy laws for celebrities, which is a reason for many famous Hollywood stars moving to France. Not only does the fact that celebs have more privacy in France make the city even more alluring, but it also has a rich history and culture that simply does not compare to Hollywood.

2 Johnny Depp - South of France

Via Vanity Fair

Johnny Depp is no stranger to the world of Hollywood! The actor has starred in numerous films that have made him a household name. According to Vanity Fair, the actor currently resides in the south of France, where he owns an entire French village, yes that's right, a village! Although the star has lived in the Provençal Village for some time now, he has recently put it up for sale with an asking price of $63 million, says Variety. The star is avidly seen throughout France, where he walks the streets freely, unlike the events that take place in Hollywood between celebrities and the press. Depp has even paid several visits to the Pirates of the Caribbean section of Paris Disneyland!

1 Madonna - Lisbon, Portugal

Via Anne of Carversville

Madonna, who is easily one of the more recognized figures in music, has recently moved her entire family to none other than Lisbon, Portugal. The 'Vogue' singer has never been one to live in Hollywood. According to DailyMail, the singer relocated to England for many years during her marriage to Guy Ritchie. Although she has lived in the U.S. for most of her early years, the singer has only recently made the switch to Lisbon this past May 2018. According to House & Garden, the singer lives in an 18th-century palace, which was recently used as a boutique hotel, and includes 12 bedrooms. A palace truly fit for a queen!

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