Cathedrals have had a major impact on our history as a community. They represent the changes in architectural advances throughout time, as the world entered into new eras of ideas and leaders. These wonderful buildings aren't just for people of faith, but for anyone interested in witnessing the historical buildings of the world.

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Sometimes, we don't appreciate just how fortunate we are that these cathedrals still exist today, allowing us to view their excellent features and walk into a piece of history. Keep reading to learn about ten cathedrals in Europe you should add to your travel itinerary!

10 Notre-Dame Cathedral (Paris, France)

This cathedral is a staple in the history of France, sitting on an island in the heart of Paris. It recently suffered a tragic fire, but the people of France have joined together to save this historical monument.

This was the place where Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned emperor, and he saved the cathedral from demolition during the French Revolution. It has suffered through multiple wars and still came out stronger, which is why it should be on everyone's list to see.

9 Cathedral Of Santa Maria (Florence, Italy)

This is the third-largest church in the world, boasting elegant sculptures to add to its beauty.  It ignited the Renaissance era with its construction, as its inspiring ideas spread across Europe. It is a work of art in itself and speaks of the ingenuity of the Italian people.

Travellers will be astounded by what they find inside, as they stare in awe at the high ceilings and unique paintings that adorn the walls. This cathedral was built to compete for power with the other nearby cities, and any tourist would agree they hit it right on the head.

8 Duomo De Milano (Milan, Italy)

This magnificent structure was built over the span of six centuries, and that monumental effort can be seen in the ornate details adorning its front. This is another Gothic cathedral, with numerous statues of intricate detail layering its outside walls, but it does cross over into the neo-Gothic architectural era as well.

Duomo De Milano boasts a sundial you can set your watch by, just one of many fascinating features. Tourists flood this place for its beauty and deep-rooted history, which is more than enough reason for anybody to visit.

7 St. Basil's Cathedral (Moscow, Russia)

This cathedral in Russia automatically catches the eye and draws us into its psychedelic beauty. Interestingly, it actually houses nine different churches under a single roof.

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Its history intrigues us, as it is rumored that the architects were blinded upon the cathedral's completion, so they could not replicate their work elsewhere. You will be drooling to come here and experience the work the architects supposedly gave their sight for, as you dream of traveling its masterfully decorated halls.

6 St. Stephen's Cathedral (Vienna, Austria)

Take one look at the roof of this masterpiece and you won't be able to resist coming here.

The original construction was ruined in a fire back in 1137, and had to be rebuilt again after more damage occurred due to the conflicts of the 20th century. Despite these setbacks, the craftsmanship is nothing less than amazing, and people are drawn to its long-standing significance in Austrian history.

5 Canterbury Cathedral (Canterbury, England)

This cathedral, founded by St. Augustine himself, is a beautiful sight to behold. It contains plenty of intriguing historical facts, from the grim demise of an archbishop to the flogging of King Henry II.

When you walk its expansive halls, you won't be disappointed by the incredible sights and architectural marvels the gargantuan place has to offer. It still holds church services to this day. Who knows? You may feel inclined to attend, to bring yourself closer to its origin when you add it to your itinerary.

4 St. Vitus Cathedral (Prague, Czech Republic)

Several saints are said to have been buried in this cathedral, marking it as a leader in the world of the church. Whatever your reasons for visiting, it's a wonderful sight to behold.

The stained glass is perfect, as are the sculptures adorning the walls. Curious tourists and other visitors will find this architectural marvel well worth the trip. You will be dying to see it for yourself as you research images of its grand halls, wondering how it would feel to sit in one of its many open pews.

3 Burgos Cathedral (Burgos, Spain)

This cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it a priority in your travel plans. It is free to view and offers several weekly services if you feel a need to partake in them.

The artwork is brilliant throughout, and the Virgin Mary Statue is a must-see for anyone in the area. The triple entrance is a fantastic part of its design, the Gothic spires themselves seem to be calling visitors' names. You will snap pictures of everything, not wanting to forget a single moment of the experience.

2 St Isaac's Cathedral (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

The interior artistry of this extravagant cathedral will draw any creative eye to its tall pillared doors. It is a particularly interesting case of late, as the cathedral will be transferred into Russian Orthodox hands and will become free to view for anyone interested.

It contains several large statues of winged angels and preaching apostles, beautifully mastering the art of life-like perfection. This is a sight no tourist will want to miss, especially if it holds the magical light show again in the future.

1 Metz Cathedral (Metz, France)

This beautiful cathedral in France was actually damaged by fireworks in the past. It is nicknamed the Lantern of Godbecause, at night, the cathedral literally glows.

It has been celebrated for its luminescence, as it shines like a beacon to help those struggling in France. The interior is beautiful, complete with an antique organ and episcopal throne, and travellers in the area would be foolish to miss a chance to witness it. You will be scribbling this in your travel book as you witness its high walls and curved arches, wondering what it might be like to stand beneath them.

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