While there are a lot of luxurious vacation destinations out there for adults, some of them can leave younger children feeling bored or uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are also plenty of vacation destinations that are perfectly suited for kids who are under 10 years of age. With activities that are both accessible and fun, little ones can have a blast exploring and making memories at these various locations. And if you're a kid at heart, you'll get to have an excellent time too -- right alongside your child. Here are ten family vacation ideas that are perfect for parents whose children are under 10.

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10 The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

Located in Amherst, Massachusetts, the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art is dedicated to fostering the joy that comes from reading and creativity. With various illustrations on display -- including some by Eric Carle, author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar among many other celebrated children's books -- kids will not only get to enjoy the art but also be inspired to create some for themselves. And lucky for them, there's an art studio where you can drop in anytime and play with all of the materials or join in on a special class held daily. There's also a library and a theatre, with various children-focused events held in them frequently.

9 Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Learning certainly isn't boring, as the Children's Museum of Indianapolis will prove to your little ones. There is not one exhibit in this five-level museum that isn't interactive. Whether your kid is into pop culture, dinosaurs, space, history, animals, art, science, or trains, this museum has something for everyone. Complete with a sensory Playscape for children under five, a carousel, and a theatre with frequent silly performances, there is no chance of being bored! And if your kid is active and a sports fan, there are plenty of outdoor things to try like baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, racing, soccer, tennis and more.

8 Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park

Theme parks are always a solid choice for a family vacation, but some kids are overwhelmed with some of the bigger rides. At Gilroy Gardens in California, there are rides for every age at every thrill level. There are slower and smaller rides for the youngest of kids or for kids who are a little more timid, and then there are rides that pack more of a punch and are more suited for a somewhat older child.

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The same rule applies for the attractions in their water park. You'll also be surrounded by various beautiful gardens, and they can be even better observed through fun car, train, and boat rides.

7 Disney World/Disneyland

It may seem like an obvious choice, but only because all of the things you've heard are true -- a Disney park is a child's dream destination. Not only are there a variety of rides with a variety of thrill levels for kids to choose from, many are centered on their favorite Disney characters. Not to mention said characters often walk around the park and are able to meet and greet your child. With parades, fireworks, little rides, and big rides, you can't go wrong with Disney World in Orlando, Florida or Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Keep in mind, while Disney World has more parks if your kid is a fan of science, culture, or animals, Disneyland has more Pixar characters and themed rides. (Pixar Pier, anyone?) You can choose whatever you feel is best suited to your kids!

6 The Crayola Experience

With multiple locations in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Florida, and Texas, the Crayola Experience is full of color and whimsy. An artsy kid would especially enjoy this attraction, as some of the activities include drawing a picture and having it digitally come to life, creating an art piece via drip art, melting and molding crayon wax into a small figurine, playing with modeling clay, painting with watercolors, coloring with chalk, printing your own Crayola crayon label, cutting and pasting in the Activity Studio, and of course...coloring with crayons. You can also see how crayons or are made or play on a colorful playground.

5 Legoland

With locations in Florida, California, New York, England, Japan, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark, and the United Arab Emirates, Legoland is a worldwide sensation. Not only can you ride tons of Lego-themed rides or play in a Lego-themed water park, you can also stay at a Lego-themed hotel.

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The rides vary in intensity from relaxing to out-of-this-world, and your child will have plenty of opportunities to create and build along the way. It's a blast for all age groups, including adults! And with so many locations, you have more chances to find a park that's closer to you.

4 World's Largest Toy Museum

Located in Branson, Missouri, your kid will get excited just hearing the name of this place! With over one million toy attractions, the toys on display include modern items that are relevant to your kids, and toys from older generations that will fill adults with nostalgic glee. Get a good look at Barbies, Disney toys, cast iron toys, Nascar toys, M&M toys, lunch boxes, Popeye toys, sci-fi/action toys, pull toys, tin toys, trains, and so much more. Best part? There's also a well-stocked toy store where you can buy some of the stuff that stuck out to you.

3 Sesame Place

Located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Sesame Place completely transports you to good ol' Sesame Street. Sesame Place features 16 kid-friendly rides, 9 family-friendly water rides, three live Sesame Street shows with your favorite characters, and a daily parade. Your family might even get to have a buffet meal with Elmo, or take a sweet photo with another one of your favorite characters! You'll also get the chance to walk down Sesame Street itself, or at least a perfect recreation of it. Admirably, Sesame Place also has accommodations for children with autism. They provide quiet rooms, noise-cancelling headphones, low sensory areas, and more.

2 Rocking Horse Ranch

Located in Highland, New York, Rocking Horse Ranch is an all-inclusive family resort with fun options for every age group. With horseback riding, a wildlife exhibit, mountain tubing, rock climbing, skiing, and kayaking among the outdoor activities, there will never be a dull moment. And if you'd rather hang out indoors, there's an arcade, an indoor water park,  live shows and entertainment, and "The Fun Barn" where you can play with Nerf cannons and bounce around. If that doesn't sell you, what if we told you you could leave your kids at The Wild Buckaroo's Kids Club or The Little Tyke's Nursery so they can be entertained while you try out the on-site spa?

1 Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge has 17 locations in the United States and one location in Canada, so you're bound to find one close to you. This resort is mainly known for it's extravagant indoor water park, but there's actually even more things to do than that! There's also a ropes course, a 3-D ride, interactive adventure games/scavenger hunts, a bowling alley, an arcade, mini golf, and more. With child-geared activities and parties scheduled for morning, afternoon, and night, plus plenty more attraction options depending on your location, you'll have to drag your kid out when it's time to leave!

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