A Wealthy Family Is Offering $100,000 A Year For Photographer To Document Its Travels Around The World

A British family might just be offering the job of your dreams, as they are looking for an experienced photographer to document the entirety of its travels for a whole year.

It used to be that the ultimate job for a photographer would be getting a few shots published in Time or Newsweek. Or if the shutter-clicker was a fashionista, catching a few runway shows in Paris and getting the results immortalized in Vogue.

But with traditional media no longer the social force it once was, photographers have to look at more dynamic and even arcane options to make a buck or even get a semblance of glory. Which is why this dispatch from a filthy rich family might get some attention from the lens-focusing set.

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For a cool hundred thousand bucks a year and with all expenses paid, this family is looking for a professional photographer to document the highlights of their travels for 12 months. The opportunity came via the website Perflocal, a service connecting photographers with those who need their services.

But this one's a biggie. The lucky applicant capable of capturing some world-class shots also gets a benefits package including sick leave and up to a month's worth of holidays. Still, it's a commitment, with the photographer working around 10 hours a day and able to be flexible with short notice. A passport would also be handy, considering that much of the job involves working outside the country of the family's origin.

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And if the request is true to its word, count on going international most of the year, including working for up to three months at a time on all continents except Africa and Antarctica. Between junkets, where the family will stay at a number of holiday homes, don't expect to be home for more than a few days at a time.

As for any specifics, there aren't many, but here's a clue: It helps to be a Formula One fan. The itinerary includes following all those famous F1 racers like Louis Hamilton and Sebastien Vettel on the auto racing circuit with stops at Grand Prix events like the ones in Monaco and Abu Dhabi. Beyond that, other events on the family calendar apparently include Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.

Oh, and point-and-click types who post low-res pictures on Instagram need not apply for the gig that starts in February. One prerequisite is five years of professional experience.


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