Most people likely know that Florida is a great place to go to. After all, even celebrities like Haley Bieber really seem to enjoy visiting towns in Florida, such as Miami. One of the places there that’s fun to see is the Coral Castle, which is pretty interesting.

According to, there are plenty of things that make this state so much fun. For example, the weather is almost always warm. In addition, some may not know that Florida actually has more than 900 freshwater springs, which is very impressive.

Many of the travelers who visit this place have children. Families love Florida because it is full of fun things for them to do. Here’s how families can make the best of a Florida trip.

10 Everyone Can Have Fun At The Kennedy Space Center

There are many beaches in Florida that are gorgeous, and travelers may not know about some of them. But when they are not visiting the beaches in this state, families can have some fun at the Kennedy Space Center. Visitors can do cool things like hop into a space simulator to find out what it is like to be in NASA’s icon, which is Atlantis. They can also see a shuttle launch, according to

9 People Of All Ages Can Enjoy Everglades National Park

Florida is the home of a number of visually stunning spots, and one of them is the Everglades National Park. This is one of the few things that can entertain people of all ages, which one of the reasons why it is the perfect spot for families who are on vacation. According to, one of the things that makes it so cool is that this place is the home of lots of different animals.

8 Families Can See Lots Of Butterflies When They Go To Key West Butterfly And Nature Conservatory

A lot of adults really seem to love butterflies, and that’s true for children as well. The perfect place for families who want to learn more about these beautiful creatures is Key West Butterfly And Nature Conservatory. At this place, visitors can learn a lot about butterflies, and they can get truly stunning things to look at as well. According to, people can also check them out on the internet through their live webcam.

7 Children Can Learn About Lots Of Creatures At St. Augustine Alligator Farm

Children love learning about animals, and that’s what makes this place so perfect for families to go to when they are enjoying a trip to the sunshine state. The people who work at St. Augustine Alligator Farm claim that this is the only spot people can go to if they want to see “every live species of crocodilian,” according to Travelers who go there can walk away with extra knowledge on birds and reptiles.

6 Everyone Can Enjoy Fun In The Water At Fury Water Adventures

There are lots of water-based activities for people to enjoy when they go to Florida. One cool place families can check out if they are in the mood to have some fun in the water is Fury Water Adventures. According to, some of the things travelers can do there include riding on a banana raft, listening to live music, snorkeling, and sliding on some water slides. There are other activities to enjoy as well.

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5 Kids Can Build Forts At Bok Tower Gardens

There are many things for the little ones to do while they are at Bok Tower Gardens. According to, kids can build some forts out of the sticks that they find there. They can also take part in some really fun things like having a treasure hunt. Some of the other things they can do include crawling through tunnels and playing while they enjoy nature. Additionally, this place has some beautiful gardens in it.

4 Clearwater Beach Is A Stunning Place For The Whole Family

Nearly everyone can appreciate a nice beach that has gorgeous water and white sand, and that is part of what makes Clearwater Beach a nice place for families to go to when they are enjoying a Florida vacation. When kids are there, there is no shortage of things they can do to create some amazing memories. According to, kids can enjoy doing things like swimming, building sandcastles, and searching for some really pretty seashells.

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3 Families Can Check Out Rides And Nature At Busch Gardens

It does not seem like there are very many places that combine the fun of an amusement park with nature, but they do exist. One of those places is Busch Gardens, and this is one spot parents definitely need to see when they go on vacation with their kids. According to, there are some really thrilling rides at this park. In addition, there are also many flowers for people to see while they’re there.

2 There's Something Fun For Everyone At Universal Studios

Fans of theme parks probably know that there is more than one major amusement park for people to enjoy in Florida. Disney World might be where most tourists go, but Universal Studios is just as much fun at that place is. According to, there are lots of rides for everyone to go on there. This place also has nice restaurants that people of all ages will love, and families can see stunt shows, too.

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1 Legoland Is An Awesome Spot For A Family Vacation

Legoland is not just in Florida, but that is a state that is the home of one of the park’s locations. This place was clearly designed with children in mind since it appears to be entirely made out of legos. According to, this is one place where children can let their imaginations run wild. There are also lots of fun rides for all of the guests to enjoy during their visit, which is cool.

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