A family who took home a suspicious package they found washed up on the beach unwrapped it to discover over half a million dollars worth of cocaine.

When walking on the beach, depending on what part of the world you find yourself in, someone might stumble across any number of things. Treasures from a sunken ship that have washed ashore, or perhaps a sea creature that has managed to beach itself. Most would hope that a poor animal in that situation is the most sinister thing they could possibly stumble across in the sand.


One family in South Carolina recently happened upon something much scarier, reports CNN. Somewhere in the region of 44 pounds of cocaine. Justus Holland and his family went for a seaside walk while vacationing in Fripp Island earlier this month when they came across a large, dark object.

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Rather than leave the object be or call the authorities, Holland and his family decided to load up the cargo and take it back to where they were staying. Once back at the house, Holland grabbed a knife and opened it up to reveal 20 individual bricks inside. Upon further inspection, the family discovered that they were bricks of cocaine and at that point decided to get the police involved.

When police arrived, they tested the white powder and confirmed it to be cocaine. They also estimated the street value of the 44 pounds of it to be worth somewhere in the region of $600,000, so quite the loss for whoever it might have previously belonged to. Officers also hypothesized that the package was washed ashore by Hurrican Dorian and that things like this don't happen very often. Maybe a few times per decade.

Police have confirmed that the Holland family did the right thing, however, they also urged anyone in a similar position to call the authorities right away. As terrifying as it probably was to discover 44 pounds of class A drugs, it could have potentially been so much worse. The package could have contained something like anthrax or even explosives which would have resulted in this story having a much sadder ending.

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