Sometimes trains are one of the greatest ways to see the natural landscapes and provide a stunning and relaxing alternative to driving. The last trains still running in New Zealand are mostly scenic trains while the Canadian Rocky Mountaineer is one of the most stunning in the world. In the United States, some of the scenic trains that ought to be the highest on one's bucket list are the Fall Foliage Train Tours.

The tours range from 6 days through to 12-day tours. Accommodation is at comfortable hotels - and often times historic hotels. The tours are all varied not just with their destinations, but also with their side tours of natural sites, historical sites, and notable cities on the way. There is no shortage of awesome train tours to chose from in the United States (for great train tours in Asia see here).


About The Fall Foliage Train Tours

New England is world-famous for its gorgeous fall colors and these trains take the holidaymakers through these dazzling displays of nature. There are many rail-based vacations on offer following different routes and cutting and weaving their way through different states. The hues of autumn are different all over and no two tours are the same.


Some of the destinations of these tours include Boston, MA; Newport, RI; Montpelier, VT; North Conway, NH, and others. But now that Canada is open to vaccinated Americans, why stop in New England? Pick a train that continues straight on through the border into Canada and visit Quebec City and Montreal or head the other way into Canada's stunning Maritime Provinces. Outside of New England, consider the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee or other Appalachian states like West Virginia. Finally, there's the Great Lakes region to consider - and even consider visiting Michigan's stunning Upper Peninsula.

Some of the rail lines include:

  • The Cape Cod Central Railroad
  • The Conway Scenic Railroad
  • Mt. Washington Cog Railway
  • Essex Steam Train

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Here are some of the options to pick from around the eastern side of the nation.

New England In The Fall

  • Date: Septemeber And October
  • Duration: 9 Days
  • Price: From $2,495 Per Person

This tour as the name suggests explored the spectacular scenery of New England in the fall. As with some other fall train tours, one should book early as the tours can easily get sold out. On this tour, one will discover the best of the fall in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. The tour here includes the stunning Mount Washington Cog Railway. There is also an excursion to Martha's Vineyard and a guided tour of its sleepy towns. On the more historic end of things, visit Salem - famous for its 17th-century Witch Trials.

Five night's hotel accommodation is included along with 6 breakfasts.

Autumn At The Greenbier & Historic Trains

  • Date: October
  • Duration: 9 Days
  • Price: From $3,295 Per Person

This tour is popular and can easily sell out. It offers an exceptional fall tour through the mountains and even includes time in Washington D.C. The tour is made up of rides on three heritage trains and a stay in one of America's oldest resorts. It cuts through the mountainsides of West Virginia and Virginia after the tour departs D.C. There are many sights and attractions along the way including monuments and museums. The scenic trains are the Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad, the Cass Scenic Railroad, and the New Tygart Flyer. The tour heads to White Sulphur Springs where one's stay at the magnificent Greenbier Resort is awaiting. Finally it the tour makes its way to Charlottesville in Virginia.

Accommodation for 8 nights and 12 meals are included.

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Falls Colors Of New England, Quebec & Montreal

  • Date: October
  • Duration: 11 Days
  • Price: From $3,895 Per Person

This is a stunning scenic rail excursion where one stays in superb hotels and stunning autumn colors. In this trip one will soak in the history of Boston (the starting point of the tour), then head to New Hampshire. In New Hampshire, one can enjoy excursions on the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad and the Mt. Washington Cog Railway.

Additionally, there are tours of Montreal and Quebec City with tours to the Montmorency Falls and the Acadia National Park (Quebec City is well worth a visit, see here for an essential weekend itinerary). National park entrance fees are included. Hotel accommodation for 10 nights and transportation are included. This also includes 13 meals and a New England Lobster Bake.

Book your autumn scenic train tour and enjoy discovering the country like the folks once did in the old days. Enjoy the slow pace of travel and the sight of the seasons changing and enjoy the peace and nostalgia of these old trains.

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