There is a better place to experience the best of fall than in New England. The region's foliage appearance is recognized for leaving vacationers in awe! While every state in New England offers something unique to its guests, Maine is the most impressive destination for witnessing breathtaking fall foliage. A visit to Maine's Bar Harbor in the fall is worth it, thanks to its spectacular fall colors, incredible outdoor opportunities, fantastic food scene, and adventure experiences tourists will not find anywhere else. With flourishing forests, beautiful mountains, and mind-blowing ocean waves, vacationers can never fall short of photo-worthy spots for fall pictures.

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8 Explore The Town’s Stone Bridges

Bar Harbor is home to numerous stone bridges, offering the best of fall getaway experiences in Maine, and travelers are bound to meet some when hiking, taking photographs, or biking on the island. Bubble Pond Bridge and Duck Brook Bridge are the most famous of them all, and both guarantees incredible foliage views, thanks to their location among some of the state’s most spectacular forests. This also creates perfect photo opportunities for travelers. These stone bridges have a historical significance to the island, as they are part of the historic carriage roads used to lead the locals and visitors around Mount Desert Island.

7 Join The Locals In Celebrating Fall Festivals

For outdoor lovers, fall is the perfect time of the year to enjoy some events outside, thanks to the beautiful weather. Fortunately, there are numerous fall events to keep vacationers busy in Bar Harbor. At the beginning of the season, join the residents in celebrating the Acadia Night Sky Festival. Experiencing the stars in the sky is something travelers wouldn't want to miss, as people have done everything they can to reduce light pollution. In October, one can try and catch the MDI Marathon, an opportunity to see the foliage, while doing some marathons across the island.

6 Visit Acadia National Park

Home to beautiful trails and a magnificent shoreline, Acadia National Park is a must-visit for its numerous foliage-friendly spots. Receiving more than two and a half million travelers every year, the park is brimming with incredible recreational opportunities, including horseback riding, climbing, birding, and hiking. Some of the park's most impressive trails include Jordan Pond Path, Cadillac Summit Loop Trail, Jordan Cliffs Trail, and the Beehive Trail. These gorgeous trails offer breathtaking views of the colorful foliage found within the area.

5 Explore One Of The Stunning Historical Museums In Town

Outdoor events and activities are incredible, and exploring a historic museum after spending hours outside is an experience every visitor is going to relish. Bar Harbor is a town filled with rich history and art. Visiting some of its gorgeous museums offers a chance to learn about the area. The Abbe Museum allows vacationers to learn the story of the first Native Americans to inhabit Mount Desert Island. The Seal Cove Auto Museum takes visitors back to the 1800s and early 1900s and lets them learn innovation stories across the periods. Wendell Gilley Museum, on the other hand, is a perfect spot for vacationers looking to learn some skills in bird carving.

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4 Have A Taste Of Some Fall Favorites

Some flavors are only available in the fall, and they disappear once the season is over. After spending many hours outside exploring the colorful foliage, why not grab one of the fall flavors from some of the best bars and restaurants in town? Apple cider, pumpkin spice, and season-inspired alcoholic drinks only come around in the fall. Visit the Coffee Hound Coffee Bar for a hot apple cider to warm up after spending some time outside. There are also numerous signature drinks and espressos to keep the fall fun going. Some other hot spots to check out are Galyn's, Choco-Latte, and Atlantic Brewing Company.

3 Frenchman Bay

Located near downtown Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay offers incredible foliage views from the ocean. One can do this while paddling with friends or as a family along Mount Desert Island's coastline. The magnificent colors that line the gorgeous cliffs are second to none! Note that this is Maine's most dramatic bay, making it a must-visit spot, not only in fall but at any time of the year, as there is a lot to experience. Don't forget to take some incredible pictures to up the Instagram game.

2 Take A Boat Ride Along Somes Sounds

Somes Sound are technically not within Bar Harbor but a few miles from the town. This gorgeous body of water is too beautiful to be left out of top fall activities in Bar Harbor. Surrounding a section of the famous Acadia National Park, Somes Sound provides incredible views of the trees and the bordering islands. A boat ride is a fantastic way of enjoying the surrounding foliage views and capturing spectacular moments for Instagram. Somes Sound shouldn't be missed when looking for fall activities in Bar Harbor.

1 Explore Bar Harbor’s Incredibly Spectacular Beaches

Relaxing on the beach is one enjoyable activity in the fall. While the temperature may not favor going to the beach, the absence of crowds makes it one of the most relaxing things to do in the fall. Located within Acadia National Park, Sand Beach is one of the best, and travelers can reach it by following the Park Loop Road. Another beach to check out is Seal Harbor Beach, an ocean beach located amidst the town on Mount Desert's southwestern side. From Bar Harbor, one follows Route 3, heading south to get to the beach.