An Indian man has been arrested after trying to pass himself off as an octogenarian in order to fool airport immigration officials.

Fake passports are nothing new. The latest advances in technology have made it pretty hard to fool computer scanners, however, so creating a fake passport that will get you into the United States requires some hacking knowledge, which is both hard to find and difficult to execute. It’s a lot easier to just find or steal someone else’s passport and try to convince immigration officials that you’re actually that person.


Which is precisely the strategy that Jayesh Patel tried to employ on his flight from New Delhi to New York last Sunday.

Patel is an electrician, and according to the Times of India, wanted to immigrate to the United States in order to get a better paying job. Rather than go through the normal process of applying for and being granted a visa (which in today’s political climate seems unlikely), Patel decided he’d contact a slightly illegal travel agent and try to sneak his way into the country with a stolen passport.

Unfortunately, the passport was for an 81-year-old man. Patel is 32, so this required some creative use of hair color, makeup, and costuming.

Appropriately disguised, Patel arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport in a wheelchair and refused to stand when airport officials asked him to, saying he was too old. Gotta respect a man willing to commit to the role.

Unfortunately, his disguise wasn’t quite as good as his acting. Officials began to notice discrepancies, such as his white hair on his head not matching the black hair on his arms, as well as his glasses which were quite obviously just flat panes of glass. Additionally, Patel’s youthful skin and voice didn’t quite seem appropriate to an 81-year-old man.

Patel was then taken aside and handed over to immigration officials where he eventually confessed his plan. Indian police are now trying to locate Patel’s travel agent and the makeup artist who helped create his disguise.

(via Fox News)