Switzerland is popular for many things, from hosting the world’s steepest funicular to featuring thrilling alpine coasters and exciting train rides. It also has a hotel so impressive that it starred in a James Bond Movie. The country is also popular for its towns that will make one feel like Alice in Wonderland. When visiting Switzerland, be sure to check out these fairy-tale Swiss towns for some magical adventure.

10 Lucerne

Lucerne features a magical charm and an interesting history, which is why it has become a popular destination in the country. The city sits at the center of the country, and besides the impressive architecture around the city, Lucerne is located close to some of the finest spots in the Swiss Alps. While in Lucerne, travelers will have opportunities to hike on a mountain and also take a cruise across the scenic lake.

9 Chur

Chur sits in the Grisonian Rhian Valley, featuring a backdrop of mountains carpeted by forests and clouds. The city is located very close to the Swiss Alps and has been named one of the oldest inhabited places in Switzerland, as settlements in the area date back to 3900-3500 BC. Just walking through the old town is a great way to witness the impressive architecture and explore the 5000-year-old history of this city. One can also sample the delicious local dishes and explore the Graubunden Art Museum to see works that date back to the 18th century.

8 Bettmeralp

Bettmeralp is a tiny town in the Swiss Alps with a pristine and tranquil feel. The town is car-free except for a large cable car that brings visitors from the train station of Betten. During winter, Bettmeralp becomes a winter wonderland where the streets and roofs of houses get covered in snow, creating the perfect stage for a ski holiday.

7 Gruyeres

The small medieval town of Gruyeres is endowed with interesting museums and an impressive castle that overlooks the scenic Saane Valley and the town below. One highlight of this town is the main streets which are lined up with restaurants, a cheese factory, and a chocolate factory. While in this town, one can explore the town’s art museum before heading to the Gruyère Cheese for some bites.

6 Montreux

Montreux is the kind of fairytale town that is often seen in Fantasy movies. Located on the Shores of Lake Geneva, this scenic town is characterized by stunning views of the Swiss Alps and surrounding lush vegetation. Taking a cruise across the lake is a must-do thing in this town as it offers the opportunity to see a stunning lakeside castle and the scenic views of the mountains. The town also features vineyards, rich cultural events, and trails that will give travelers an unforgettable Swiss adventure.

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5 Scuol

With impressive traditional and modern structures, Scuol is more like the capital of a kingdom in a fairytale movie. The town stands at an elevation of 1244 m above sea level, and visitors here will be met with numerous health spas, hiking trails, and restaurants offering delicious Swiss cuisine. The nearby Graubunden Mountains also make the town a popular ski destination.

4 Grindelwald

Positioned on a scenic valley and surrounded by a host of snow-capped mountains, Grindelwald is a scenic small town that has now become one of the most popular ski resorts in the country. Skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding are some popular things one can do here. The town also features mountain trails and cable cars to give travelers a more exciting outdoor adventure.

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3 Thun

Thun is an ideal location for nature lovers in Switzerland. Situated beside the scenic Thun lake, this town features a stunning alpine backdrop and an abundance of surrounding trees that combine to make the sight magical. As with such a lakeside town, cruising is a popular thing to do in Thun as it promises some gorgeous views of the surrounding nature. In this town, just taking a boat cruise down the picturesque lake and swimming in the water might be all the inspiration one needs to begin a fantasy novel that might turn out to touch the heart of the world like Lord of the Rings. The town is also endowed with history, and some destinations to explore this history include - the Old Town, the Town hall Square, and the town’s several castles.

2 Soglio

Soglio is proof that the small towns in Switzerland pack as much charm as the large cities in the country. With the small town hosting approximately 300 people, travelers will find absolute peace and untouched nature here. Located in the Bregaglia Valley, this town has been named the most beautiful Switzerland village in the past. Today all that scenery can still be seen, and taking a walk through the street is perhaps the best way to see the best of the town.

1 Interlaken

Interlaken is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland for good reasons. This little town is located beside two scenic lakes in the Canton of Bern and is surrounded by towering mountains carpeted with lush vegetation. Besides the natural scenery, Interlaken is also famous for offering opportunities for a host of adventures such as - hiking, swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, and cruising.