If there's anyone out there who hasn't yet seen the beauty of Studio Ghibli, then heed our words of advice: Go now! Be off like the wind and go watch My Neighbor Totoro or Princess Mononoke!

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Hayao Miyazaki started a movement that has ongoing momentum still to this day. The word 'Ghibli' translates to 'hot desert wind'; it was fitting for Miyazaki, as he'd hoped these animated films would "blow a new wind through the anime industry." Many will say that there's nothing more magical than watching a truly unique animated film come to life, full of characters who we easily become emotionally connected to. Nearly everything Studio Ghibli has created has been nothing short of a masterpiece and in Japan, they devote an entire museum to the studio's brilliant artwork.

10 It's Also Called The 'Disney' Of Japan

Not surprisingly, Studio Ghibli has—on more than one occasion—been referred to as the 'Disney' of Japan. It's likened in that way because of its purity and innocence, and also the fact that many a child grew up watching these heartfelt films.

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Each one offers something unique, from Kiki's Delivery Service with its loveable quirks to the beauty of animation in Spirited Away. Every movie and TV show goes so far beyond what a typical animation can do, and it's helpful to know the legacy before experiencing it first-hand.

9 There Is A Rooftop Garden That's Just As Magical As It Sounds

Just like in many of the films, nature is a key element when it comes to Studio Ghibli's animations. Whether it's in the background as the environment or up front and center as a floral arrangement, the flora is scattered all throughout this media. It only made sense that the museum makes this such an integral part of the journey, therefore visitors can take a stroll up to the roof to see what wonders await them in this unique rooftop garden. It's meant to enchant and transport visitors to a world undiscovered, and it serves its purpose.

8 The Actual Museum Is In A Multi-Story Mansion In An Effort To Recreate The Cinematic Artwork

It's not just the interior of this museum that has visitors so mesmerized, it's the exterior, too. The entire building is comprised of various levels, some covered in spiraling vines while others are painted in bright, vibrant hues. Some floors have balconies with wrought-iron overlooks while other portions of the museum have glass walls. Inside, visitors can expect the same type of whimsical walkthrough; with sets of stairs leading to a surprise around every corner and various interactive exhibits, it'll be easy to spend more than just an hour here! Plan on three, at least.

7 Photography Is Not Allowed, And It Detracts From The Experience

Contrary to what social media states, photography isn't allowed everywhere we go. In the case of the Studio Ghibli museum, photography is prohibited because this is something meant to be experienced, not seen from behind a camera lens. The creators of the museum designed it to be fully interactive and the only way to do that is by being fully immersed in what one is seeing. While photos of the exterior do get around, the interior still remains very much a mystery to those who have never been. Many of the exhibits change from time to time, leaving even more intrigue.

6 Smaller Exhibits Could Change From Time To Time

Speaking of which, not every exhibit is always the same from month to month or year to year. While the largest exhibits are mostly permanent, the smaller ones tend to be switched around a bit. Since the studio is still in production and continues to create new movies and shows, the exhibits changed depending on their creative flow at the time. This means that every person who visits the museum each year may see something different from the last, and so on and so forth. It's a great way to integrate both new favorites with everyone's classic favorites.

5 One Of The Permanent Exhibits Is That Of The Art Director's Studio

What would a Studio Ghibli Museum be without a tribute to the artists behind it all? One of the major exhibits—and one that does not change—is the art director's studio. Here, visitors will have an immersive experience with those who create the films they so love.

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The studio is designed to resemble the real thing down to the smallest details, complete with art supplies and visuals to accompany them. The way these animations are created is just as important as why, and visitors have the chance to witness the inspiration behind their favorite films here.

4 Visitors Can Expect Life-Size Depictions Of Their Favorite Scenes

Studio Ghibli follows no rules or boundaries when it comes to creating characters. Each animation has something new and different to offer in the way of creative character building and design, and that's something fans love so much about its style. At the Studio Ghibli Museum, fans will be delighted to see that they can interact with true to life-sized replicas of their favorites. These replicas seem to blur the line between reality and fiction, which is exactly the type of experience that's meant to be had in a magical place such as this.

3 There Is A Theater Which Shows A Short Studio Ghibli Film Exclusive To The Museum

The museum's theater room offers a short video animation from the Studio Ghibli creators that was made specifically for the museum. This film is shown nowhere else and can only be viewed by purchasing tickets.

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Although there are no subtitles as it's not in English, it's a delightful animation that everyone will love. It shows several times over the course of each hour, so if you've missed the beginning, it won't be too long of a wait until it replays. It's a cute part of what still stands to be an amazing tour.

2 Tickets Must Be Purchased In Advance, As Daily Admission Is Very Limited

The museum only allows roughly 200 guests daily and you can guarantee that they don't have a difficult time reaching that number. The museum is a widely-loved attraction and one that both locals and tourists alike visit on their trips to Tokyo, so it's best advised to purchase tickets well in advance. They can be purchased online through several different sites. If visiting from out of the country, it's best to plan ahead and purchase them as far in advance as possible. They do state clear entry times on them as well, so this is also something to consider when purchasing.

1 There Is Equal Emphasis On How The Films Are Created, As Well As The Films Themselves

The museum does an excellent job combining both the creativity behind the animations as well as the animations, themselves, in every exhibit.

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Guests will learn about the history behind Studio Ghibli as well as the creative process that goes into creating everything they love. Additionally, guests will have the chance to interact with their favorite characters and view various tributes to their favorite films as they walk along the self-guided tour. Some exhibits cater specifically to younger children, such as the 'Catbus' interactive exhibit.