Vince McMahon’s incredible success running WWE has made the promotion a global juggernaut. No one could have expected that WWE would not only become a powerhouse in the wrestling industry, but it also is now a relevant brand all over the world. McMahon’s vision was to change the wrestling business from small regional promotions into one branching out and finding audiences in as many places as possible.

Traveling schedules are a constant struggle for everyone that works in WWE. That was reason enough for McMahon to go through with purchasing a company plane. The WWE has owned multiple planes throughout the years with various uses for them.

The wealth of McMahon came thanks to WWE blowing up in the 80s, reaching new levels of mainstream success in the 90s and becoming a global force in the 2000s. A company plane was a perfect acquisition to have access to. Vince, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and a few others use the jet when flying to important business meetings. Wrestlers also get a chance to use it in special situations.

The plane is not something the company frequently talks about since it does contain a lot of insider news when it comes to both finances and how the WWE is operated. We will look at some of the lesser known stories, fun facts and interesting tidbits about it. These are twenty-five things you likely didn’t know about the WWE plane.

25 It's a Huge perk for WrestleMania champions

Media coverage is significant to WWE’s success. WrestleMania usually is followed with a couple of wrestlers traveling to the Today Show to represent the company on a huge platform by showing off their titles.

The corporate jet is often used to fly the wrestlers from WrestleMania to New York City for the Today Show, depending on where WM is located.

Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair flew on the jet to the Today Show following WrestleMania 32. It showed two wrestlers living the good life after celebrating the biggest moments of their respective careers.

24 The Private plane was a dream of the McMahon family

Vince McMahon always had big dreams when taking over WWE. The decision to grow the company into a national and then international brand was met with negativity by many others in the industry.

McMahon clearly knew best for his own promotion as WWE dominated the industry. Bruce Prichard revealed that Vince had many goals for growth in the 90s. One of them was reaching the point where WWE could afford their own private plane for him and select wrestlers to use. The dream was accomplished, and all McMahon family members loved having access to it.

23 Most current wrestlers have never been on it

The wrestlers to get access to the WWE corporate jet would make up a very short list.

It is mostly used for business reasons as Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon use the plane more than anyone else.

The trips from WrestleMania to the Today Show are among the rare times that active talent has access to it. Not even part-timers like The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels get to use it, as fans have spotted them at their local airports or flights heading to the show location.

22 The Plane Has been upgraded throughout the years

Vince McMahon likes to have the best of everything. The suits he wears are considered to make up the most expensive wardrobes one can find. McMahon clearly likes to upgrade whenever he can.

The current WWE plane is not the only one WWE has owned. Fans saw a previous one when Triple H and Shawn Michaels vandalized it as part of their takeover of WWE.

The most recent jet was purchased in 2013 as McMahon upgraded to a better one for the company.

21 It's a Bombardier Global 5000 Jet

The type of plane currently owned by WWE is the Bombardier Global 5000 Jet. It is among the most impressive corporate jets one can purchase.

The plane can carry up to nineteen people, and there are quite a few amenities and perks with it.

WWE has more than enough money to spend on major investments. You better believe Vince McMahon was going to pick a great one. The Bombardier Global 5000 Jet is a top aircraft that shows how great travel can be for the McMahon family.

20 It Cost a whopping $31.6 million

The price of the plane purchased by WWE was a whopping $31.6 million. Obviously, it is a massive investment for any corporation looking to buy their own plane. No one can really judge the value of the purchase from the outside, but the McMahon family feel it’s worth it.

WWE’s recent $1 billion deal for Smackdown to air on Fox shows just how great the company is doing. Success coming for the brand means purchases like this can be made without the fear of regret.

19 WWE took out a loan for it...

The purchase of a corporate jet adds little loopholes that can make it a more ideal purchase than the average person realizes. An argument can be made that it’s a business expense which helps anyone’s bottom line at the end of the day.

WWE even received the option to take out a loan as their way to pay for the plane. Vince McMahon has more than enough money to pay for the plane in one payment, but the loan was the most financially beneficial route to go about the purchase for the company.

18 WHICH THEY paid in $400,000 quarterly payments

Corporate Jet Investor reported that the loan for WWE is paid in quarterly payments. The smaller payments allowed them to pay for the jet over a course of seven years.

Each payment is $405,458 until the end of the loan agreement.

WWE is making tremendous money these days with the global success and the popularity of the WWE Network. The loan amount is rather small for the company given everything more they are making back. Vince McMahon found the best way to get his plane.

17 Seth Rollins used it to get back to Raw after TV appearance

Seth Rollins had one of the highest-profile moments of using the WWE jet. WrestleMania 31 featured an incredible moment of Rollins winning the WWE World Championship to accomplish his dream. WWE sent Rollins and Charlotte Flair from California to New York City for the Today Show on the plane right after the show ended.

Both wrestlers used it to return to the California area for Raw, but it was more important for Rollins. WWE booked a huge segment between him and Brock Lesnar early in the show. The jet helped Seth get back to Raw in time.

16 Mid-Air Story: Goldust was fired after an infamous plane ride

One of the prior aircraft owned by WWE featured a seriously noteworthy flight with many strange things happening in the early 2000s. WWE was flying throughout the United Kingdom with the wrestlers getting a bit too wild.

Goldust revealed in shoot interviews that he was one of the culprits after having a few drinks. He started serenading his ex-wife and fellow WWE employee Terri Runnels on the plane in front of everyone. WWE fired Goldust for doing something that regretful.

15 Mid-Air Story: Brock Lesnar got into a fight on the old plane

Another insane story from the infamous 2002 plane ride for WWE featured a young Brock Lesnar getting into a fight with a legend. This was the first international tour for Lesnar.

Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect challenged him as both men were amateur wrestlers before joining WWE. It led to the two wrestlers (who'd had a couple too many drinks) trying to take each other down on the plane. Other wrestlers broke it up.

Mr. Perfect was eventually released for his role in the incident and Brock remained unpunished since he was getting the main event push.

14 WWE used a prior plane for the Tribute to the Troops shows

WWE aircrafts used to be the planes that helped the wrestlers and employees fly overseas for the Tribute to the Troops shows. These events used to be tough for the wrestlers given the long flights, but they wanted to give back to the troops.

Many wrestlers would get spots on the plane and fly together to the events. This is no longer the case as the annual show is now typically taped at bases in the United States or in a normal venue when members of the military get free tickets.

13 It's actually Based in Westchester County Airport, NY

The home of the WWE airplane is not where most fans would predict. An assumption is made that it resides in Stamford, Connecticut where the McMahon family live and where the WWE headquarters are located.

The jet is actually in White Plains, New York of all places. Westchester County Airport is where the plane remains until someone needs to use it. The cost of keeping the plane there is likely cheaper than other alternatives and it is close enough for the McMahon relatives to drive to from Connecticut.

12 Vince demanded to have the WWE logo on it

Vince McMahon tries to keep his thoughts private given the powerful role he holds for WWE. Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast is one of the few places where wrestling fans get inside information on McMahon by one of his closer employees.

Jericho revealed that Vince’s one demand about getting a corporate jet was having the WWE logo on it. McMahon is very much adamant about the visual of WWE’s logo being present in many places. This is also the reason there’s a giant WWE flag on top of their headquarters building.

11 Mid-Air Story: Vince McMahon challenged Kurt Angle to a wrestling match on the old plane

An older WWE plane featured Vince McMahon being the one that acted recklessly. Kurt Angle confirmed the rumors during multiple podcasts and interviews about the time McMahon challenged him to a wrestling match.

Vince’s bravado made him tell Angle that he could take him down Olympic wrestling style on many occasions. He tried it on the plane during an international flight. Angle tried using counter holds, but veteran The Undertaker attacked him thinking Kurt was attacking the boss. The ridiculous scenario unfolded thanks to McMahon being a goof.

10 Only one member of The Shield has yet to use it

The WrestleMania title winners of a few recent events have been the lucky wrestlers to get access to the WWE private plane. Roman Reigns was the WWE Champion after WrestleMania 32 and Seth Rollins was the WWE Champion after WrestleMania 31. Both men used the plane to fly to the Today Show.

The only member of The Shield to never get access to the jet is Dean Ambrose.

Despite having a successful WWE career himself, Ambrose has yet to leave WrestleMania as world champion nor has he ever had a flight on WWE’s plane.

9 The plane has a little kitchen area for meal prep

Another inside scoop for the WWE plane features a kitchen area where employees likely prepare meals and drinks for the people to use it. Corporate Jet Investor revealed the microwave feature is a great perk associated with this plane.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will likely have their dinner while flying to the next business meeting. The plane adds the convenience of having a decent meal on board for the McMahon family members or wrestlers flying to or from their destination.

8 it Includes a personal office

There is yet another perk to the airplane owned by WWE. It includes a personal office space that allows anyone flying on it to get some work down. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H each specifically have a lot of responsibilities for their jobs running WWE.

The office space allows them to continue finishing other aspects of the job while flying for work as well. Triple H has been seen on his laptop in photos while flying from destination to destination. The Game is truly a workaholic.

7 Charlotte Flair used it multiple times

The select few wrestlers to use the WWE plane usually don’t get many options to fly with it again. Charlotte Flair is one of the rare wrestlers that has been on the plane multiple times during her short run in WWE.

The first time came when heading to the Today Show with Roman Reigns following their wins to WrestleMania 32. WWE allowed her to use it again for an international press tour. Charlotte clearly has a great relationship with WWE that helped this happen.

6 Mid-Air Story: JBL was punched out on the plane by Joey Styles

The prior plane to have flights heading to the Tribute to the Troops shows sometimes featured wrestlers getting out of hand. Multiple wrestlers have shared the story of JBL getting struck with karma during one of the flights.

Rob Van Dam stated in a podcast interview that JBL dumped a bucket of water on Lilian Garcia as a prank and was then bugging announcer Joey Styles. The smaller Styles took a swing at JBL and knocked him out.

If you ever wondered why current wrestlers don’t get easy access to the plane, remember stories like this.