Moab desert is mentioned in a lot of discussions about road locations and destinations. Located in Utah, the town has distinct terrains that provide travelers with magnificent scenery. Although traveling this desert may prove to be a really hard experience, it is all worth it for travelers when they get to experience it, and they will surely never forget about it. There are just a few things to note before embarking on the journey — here are some of the things travelers might not have known about the Moab Desert.

10 Believe All The Excitement And Hype

Some people might say that this desert is not mind-blowing or it is overrated, but in reality, this place is incredibly magnificent. Travelers can take a once-in-a-lifetime drive straight through the spectacular terrain. This experience feels like living out the National Geographic but in real life. Driving around in this desert is an adventure worth taking. With all the beautiful scenic views it has to offer, there is absolutely no reason for people not to want to see this desert.

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9 Moab Is Small

The most popular part of Moab is the Sand Flats Recreation Area. This is the most popular desert because of the slick rock found all over the area. The slick rock is a surface that is hard and crusty. It is the ultimate attraction of Moab, and only a small area has these slick rocks. Travelers should not be surprised when the drive is shorter than anticipated, however, the experience is just about the best desert experience travelers could be looking for.

8 It’s Like Driving On Sandpaper

Travelers must drive with caution at all times. The place has a lot of slick rocks, and there is no designated driving way because they are trying to leave the desert as natural as possible for travelers and other tourists. Travelers might find themselves driving on soft sands and then suddenly on slick rocks. Travelers are advised to drive slowly, keep their hands on their wheel, their eyes on the road, and concentrate on driving to avoid getting stuck on the sand and slick rocks.

7 No Need To Have A Big Truck To Have Fun

Travelers don’t need to have an expensive big truck to be able to enjoy this desert. To be able to drive around more easily, the traveler's car should at least have strong tires and be cleared for the road by having the car serviced shortly before taking the trip. Travelers surely do not want to be stuck in the middle of a desert because of car problems, as it is not easy to get a mechanic out there. With the right equipment, this is the trip to take.

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6 Need To Have A Winch

Travelers should have a winch for those difficult routes, especially beginners who are still not used to the roads filled with slick rock. For those experienced travelers who can control their cars, not so much. The winch is going to help keep the traveler's car from failing to move. Because of the deep soil and the hard slick rock, it is advisable to winch onto another car. Taking a winch along could be what makes or breaks the trip for some travelers.

5 Always Prepare To Wake Up Early

Moab is always filled with lots of people who want to see the place and enjoy the views. Some people, however, take all the time in the world and drive very slowly. This could inconvenience travelers who want to explore the place in its entirety. Some routes get closed in the evening, and if travelers are slow, they might not get a chance to explore the whole place. It's best for travelers to wake up early to avoid any potential lines, as well.

4 People Drive Slowly

Moab's narrow trails and the slick rock doesn’t make the drive throughout any easier, but that’s one of the reasons people travel there. Travelers will not be able to drive around quickly, because doing so might cause some damage to their car. Because of this, the whole drive will take hours to finish. A normal drive should take about 2 to 3 hours if the traveler is not distracted. Travelers should aim to focus on savoring the views and not rushing to finish the trip to get the most experience out of the trip.

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3 Don’t Go Alone

Even though most of the trip is driving around the paths there, the trip is more fun with friends and family. There will be some places that will be hard to pass through with a car. The roads are narrow and have a lot of slick rocks, so travelers might need to abandon their cars to see certain spots. With a friend, exploring the place on foot will be bearable and a fun experience. When the traveler lacks the courage to take the drive because of the road type, they can easily rely on their travel partner for encouragement.

2 There’s Always A Camp Going On

At the entrance of the Sand Flat stands a sign for camping. People from around the world come to camp here. Some are just passing by to rest so they can continue going to their destinations, while for some travelers the Sand Flat camping site is their destination. Because this is on the road, there is always a variety of people camping. Of course, travelers must bring their own camping gear. There are over 120 camping sites here, and there are other camping sites available close by.

1 There Is Nothing In The Desert

Sand Flats campground has facilities that travelers can get their necessities from, but these facilities are all over the place. Travelers will have to go to town to get some fuel, morning coffee, and food. Travelers are also not allowed to use any of the wood in the desert — it is illegal. Travelers can purchase firewood for their camps from town, in gas stations, or from some people who sell wood on the street. Since it is a desert and there is mostly nothing there, the natural wood of the place must remain untouched to maintain its ecosystem.