Lying along Mexico's Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta boasts stretches of fabulous sandy beaches. The resort town is also home to a diverse ecosystem, including an extensive rainforest. These natural features make this South American town one of the top travel destinations in the world.

Apart from the fascinating features scattered around the town, Puerto Vallarta also has exciting activities lined up for tourists. Some thrill-filled activities are parasailing, abseiling, skydiving, and parachuting.


Puerto Vallarta is a stunning place to visit for thrill-seekers. The vast Mexican municipality offers various adrenaline-rushing activities both on land and at the sea. Here are activities that guarantee a thrilling vacation for travelers.

Skydiving At Puerto Vallarta

The skies of this Mexican resort town offer a breathtaking view of the artsy Puerto Vallarta hurdled between magnificent natural features. The region's scenery is perfect when skydiving over the stunning Pacific waters.

Tourists jump from a plane at heights reaching up to 12,000 feet. The freefall from the dive ranges from 40 seconds to one minute. Beginners also enjoy skydiving through tandem diving, which involves harnessing a diver to an instructor.

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Landing involves flying a parachute for five to seven minutes which lets tourists take their time assessing the magnificent Puerto Vallarta below.

The grounding is also safe as the stretches of sandy beaches offer the perfect landing spots. Another notable factor that makes skydiving worthy is the relatively great weather that stays constant all year round. Such conditions make the area ideal for skydiving for novices and experienced skydivers.

  • Cost: Starting from $229

Zip Lining At Puerto Vallarta

Another major adrenaline-rushing activity enjoyed in Puerto Vallarta is zip lining. The town boasts of one of the best zip lines in the Americas. These extreme activities are plenty in the town's Verdant Rainforest.

The zip lines take tourists through the magnificent ecosystem surrounding the Mexican town. Travelers also canopy zipline over the rainforest enjoying the pique terrain filling Puerto Vallarta's backcountry.

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Different tour companies offer vacationers multiple versions of zip lining. For instance, some zip lines not only glide the tourists over the town but also take them through winds and turns to increase the thrill. This creativity makes the sport more exciting and ideal for thrill-seekers.

  • Cost: Starting from $90

Paddle Boarding At Puerto Vallarta

One of the perfect thrill-filled activities for families is paddleboarding. The sport is popular in the Mexican town, with tourists enjoying paddling the emerald green waters of Puerto Vallarta.

The annual weather of the area makes it a perfect spot for trying this rare sport. Warm weather throughout the year guarantees calm conditions that are always perfect for paddleboarding.

Travelers safely paddle board the Pacific Ocean behind a rock barrier that ideally acts as a bay for docking. The ecosystem beneath the turquoise waters of the Pacific makes a scenic view for tourists when paddling.

Instructors are always available to teach and guide beginners. Also, the paddleboarding spot provides revelers with guidelines on what to do before and when paddling. For instance, it's advisable for tourists to paddle board in a group.

The sport is available in the area all year long. Therefore, tourists can visit any day to enjoy the activity.

Parasailing At Puerto Vallarta

Parasailing is the most prominent activity in Puerto Vallarta. Tourists of all ages and experiences enjoy this event as it requires little to no knowledge.

Speedboats pull tourists harnessed to a parachute at high speeds. The high velocity generates a strong wind that blows on the parachute, further hoisting the passenger high.

Vacationers enjoy the ocean view from the parasailing above the Pacific. These views include the amazing Mount Santa Madré from a distance and the white sandy beach of Puerto Vallarta.

Tour companies also offer a variety of parasailing activities. An excellent example of one of the options available is extreme parasailing which involves parachuting over an extensive distance. Flying for a long-distance lets vacationers experience a pique view of the coastal resort town and its environs for hours.

A safe landing is also guaranteed as the sandy beaches offer the perfect grounding. The weather also asserts safety since Puerto Vallarta rarely experiences harsh weather conditions unsuitable for parasailing. To land, tourists get tagged back to the shores by the speedboats while instructors wait to hoist them down safely.

The activities above are a minute part of the thrill-seeking sports available in Puerto Vallarta. Other adrenaline-rushing activities found in the resort town include the following.

  • ATV Rides: The rugged mountainous terrain of the area offers the perfect grounds for tourists to rover through with ATV bikes
  • Jet Boating: Like the majority of thrill-filled destinations, Puerto Vallarta also offers ideal waters necessary for jet boating
  • Mountaineering: Hikers also have a stake in this Pacific land as the incredible Santa Madré Mountain offers a perfect area for mountaineering
  • Surfing: Albeit not entirely ideal, the waters of Puerto Vallarta are also suitable for surfing

Puerto Vallarta is generally one of the best coastal travel destinations. Regardless of the preference of activities to partake in, tourists are guaranteed an all-around experience. Therefore, thrill-seekers should consider this melting pot of experiences as their next destination.