We all need a little bit of excitement in our lives! Well, maybe not this much excitement, but just a little. When it comes to thrill-seekers, sometimes the rides at theme parks can only bring with them so much adrenaline. While the rest of us are riding the same roller coaster ten times in a row, others are finding the real thrills in the only place they can: The Great Outdoors.

Outdoor adventure parks have been gaining speed (literally) over the last few years, with many people flocking to show off their athleticism as well as their brawn. It takes serious guts in order to attempt some of the zip lines and obstacle courses and if you have a fear of heights, we have one solid piece of advice: Don't look down.

10 The Gravityz In Malaysia Is The Most Extreme, Open-Air City Tightrope

One of the most extreme, and newest, attractions to hit the outdoor adventure scene is The Gravityz. This course runs parallel to a skyscraper, channeling the most soul-squeezing adrenaline you can find in the middle of a city. Visitors can walk around the building while harnessed in and even take a seat on a (very small) stool that's attached to the exterior of the building wall.

9 Arenal Volcano Park In Costa Rica Provides Chilling Views Of An Active Volcano

Have you ever wanted to zip line past a volcano? Well, now's your chance. The Arenal Volcano Park in Costa Rica is home to an active volcano but according to the experts, this volcano is simply just "sleeping." So while it's probably relatively safe, that doesn't mean some pants-wetting isn't in the itinerary.

8 Tree To Tree In Oregon Tests Your Balance... And Fear Of Falling

The Pacific coast is well known for its parks which tower high above the treelines and mountain summits that remain snow-covered year-round. Now, you can climb through the tree line in style - with a ropes course! Tree To Tree is exactly how it sounds, and we wish you the best of luck as you balance high above the ground.

7 Flight Of The Gibbon In Thailand Sends You On A High-Velocity Journey Through The Jungle

All you need to do is a quick search of this zip line to get an immediate "nope" reaction if you're not a daredevil. Not only will you begin above the rainforest canopy line in Thailand, but you'll be soaring through it, as well... At a speed that's likely to generate more of a windburn than a windy-day bike ride.

6 Adventure Park At Harpers Ferry In West Virginia Makes Thrill-Seekers Climb Up Before Flying Back Down

Half the fun is the climb up, right? Any hiker will tell you that you should enjoy the journey to the top because once you get to the summit, the hike is over in a flash. Harper's Ferry Adventure Park features a slightly harrowing wooden bridge that park-goers must ascend before being able to zip down over the woods.

5 Whistler Zip Line In British Columbia Is Not For Those Who Fear Speed

This guy clearly had a blast, but it's quite obvious that speed is half the equation here. It's one thing to be soaring at an altitude most of us only grace in an airplane, it's another to be zipping past trees with no means of stopping. Canada totally nailed it when it comes to experiencing Whistler in a whole new way.

4 Kerfoot Canopy Tours In Minnesota Breaks The Treeline As It Defies Gravity

You might think of Minnesota and immediately just think "cold" or "snow," but this state actually has plenty more to offer in terms of outdoor entertainment.

Kerfoot Canopy Tours, for example, allows thrill-seekers to spend an entire day high (like, fire tower height) above the trees, all while attempting a balance-based obstacle course.

3 Labadee In Haiti... Yes, Those Are Actual Zip Lines

Isn't it comforting to know that you can hike a tower and then just zip line back down to your cruise ship? Well, that's exactly what happens in Haiti. Not only do zip liners need to be fearless in the face of heights, but they also need to refrain from freaking out while they're suspended over open water... Yikes.

2 "La Bestia" At Toro Verde Adventure Park In San Juan Is Adequately Named "The Beast"

Yes, the photo to the right is an actual first-hand experience of "La Bestia." Rather than being suspended in a sitting position, this zip line halters visitors in while they're laying on their stomachs.

Our guess is that it reduces the resistance that way, but it also allows us to get a mouthful of fresh air while we're screaming the entire way.

1 ZipFlyer In Nepal, The World's Highest, Not Far From Everest

The ultimate, and we mean ultimate, adventure, is the ZipFlyer. It's the steepest (a 56-degree tilt) and fastest (85 mph!) zip line, standing 2,000 feet above sea level. This is the equivalent to hiking a small-sized mountain and simply just flying off the summit. With breathtaking views and a rush like no other, this is undoubtedly the thrill-seeking winner.