The idea that other intelligent beings exist somewhere in the Universe has baffled humans for a long time. It began as a conspiracy theory with few people revealing sightings of strange flying objects. At first, these people were thought to either be abnormal or lying. As more reports were made, it soon became a serious issue that now has scientists as well as governments all over the world dedicating their resources to learn more about the strange sightings.


The idea that these creatures are likely to possess greater technological advancements than humans even makes this subject more interesting. It’s even scarier when one realizes that they could be watching. So without further ado, prepare to get transported into the extraterrestrial as these UFO hotspots around the world are unveiled.

UFO Hotspots In North America (And There's A Lot...)

Area 51, Nevada

For several years, this Air force base located in a desert in Nevada has been regarded as a site where highly classified espionage programs take place. The secrecy of the site soon made it a subject of curiosity for the people and soon so many conspiracy theories about the possibility of an Alien presence on the site began to roam around.

The site became more popular in the 1980s after Bob Lazar - a man who claimed to have worked at the facility revealed information about the ongoing examinations of a crashed spacecraft and its passengers (who were supposedly aliens) at the site. Even though there has been no actual evidence about UFO sightings at this location, the public still strongly holds the idea that this desert military zone is an extraterrestrial highway.

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Sedona, Arizona

It turns out that Sedona is not just about beautiful red rocks and desert scenery as it is also a hotspot for UFO sightings. This desert town is one of the most popular destinations for UFO sightings in the United States. The clear skies, the high elevation, and the sheer scenery make the experience even more thrilling.

Most of the sightings at Sedona take place at night and people get to see them through some kind of infrared military goggles. Many UFO tours in Sedona guide people through this experience and it's just one more adventure to include to your to-do list on a visit to this adventurous desert town.

Roswell, New Mexico

The heightened level of UFO curiosity in the United States has resulted in so many parts of the country reporting so many cases of UFO sightings. New Mexico is one of the most popular places in the US where these happenings are constantly being recorded. This region became popular in 1947 when the Roswell alien incident occurred.

The US Army Air force initially revealed that they had retrieved a flying disc but soon reported a different story, perhaps trying to hide the discovery they had made. While the mysteries remain unsolved, the city where the incident occurred now has a UFO museum, a research center, and many other alien-themed attractions.

White Mountains Region, New Hampshire

Expect to be abducted in New Hampshire by some group of aliens just like Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. According to the story, the couple was abducted after they stopped to take a look at a bright and strange moving light in the sky. In the process of observing the object, it immediately began rapidly heading toward their direction. The curious couple headed to their car in order to get away but drove slowly to keep an eye on the object. As the object moved closer, the image of a rotating, and super silent flying saucer became clear to the couple.

It gets even scarier when the man later claimed to have seen about 11 human-like figures staring at him from the giant craft after he moved closer to take a look. Trying to get away from the scene was all they could remember when they found themselves 35 miles later with torn clothes, inactive watches, and tingling sensations. Their story could only be retrieved with the help of hypnosis as the encounter seemed to have tampered with their memory.

Mexico City, Mexico

From giant white balls to dark unidentified objects, Mexico City is notorious for the strange objects seen frequently on its skies. While it may seem like the speculations and imaginations of alien presence on earth grow stronger in humans with every report, a poll in Mexico has shown that up to 13.4% of people believe they have seen Unidentified Flying Objects.

That surely counts for something. UFO Sighting has become such a thing of interest in the city that some groups now dedicate their time to watching the skies in a bid to spot more of these strange phenomenons.

Spooks In South America: San Clemente, Chile

Chileans take the matter of UFO sightings seriously which is why the government in 2008 put in effort and resources to develop a 30 km long UFO trail in the town of San Clemente. Chile generally is considered to be a conducive spot for possible extraterrestrial visitation due to its clear skies.

Many cities in the country such as Santiago have reported strange sightings in the sky but this spot in San Clemente is believed to be a conducive landing pad for space ships due to its flat landscape.

Europe's UFO Sightings: Bonnybridge, Scotland

Bonnybridge is considered the UFO capital of the UK due to the numerous extraterrestrial activities that have been witnessed here.

Up to 300 UFO sightings are reported every year in the village which only has a population of about 5,000 people, some of which are probably tourists seeking to capture the sight of a flying saucer themselves.

UFO Capital Downunder: Wycliffe Well, Australia

Wycliffe Well is considered to be the UFO capital of Australia. This desert Oasis in Northern Australia has been famous for frequent UFO sightings since World War II. The consistency even means there is a high chance of seeing something extraterrestrial on any given day.

All over the town, there are alien statues and alien-themed attractions that amplify the region’s reputation of being an alien highway.

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