The Grand Canyon spans 277 miles in length, and it is one of the best national parks in the United States, receiving millions of tourists every year, which means that visitors can often have to compete with a crowd to find a good spot in a viewpoint or taking a picture. The South Rim is the most popular destination for tourists going to the Grand Canyon for the first time — and it has plenty of attractions. Despite its international fame, the Grand Canyon has some hidden gems that are breathtaking and less visited.

10 There Is A Quiet Spot at the South Rim

People visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time will often choose the South Rim, an area with dozens of viewpoints that offers an excellent structure for travelers. The panoramic views are mesmerizing, but tourists might also struggle to find a place that is not packed with people. However, it also hides a few almost-secret spots where visitors can have a quiet time visiting the South Rime. The Shoshone Point is a little-visited part of the national park located 1.2 miles away from the Yaki Point and can be accessed through an unmarked trail. The reward for hiking is a magnificent view. RELATED: Discover The Marvelous Trail Path At Sweden's West Coast

9 Only Five Percent of Visitors Go To This Area

Every year, nearly six million people visit the Grand Canyon, according to the U.S. Department of Interior. Only 5 percent of them go to the North Rim, one of the most underrated areas of the national park, with plenty of natural diversity and hiking. Visiting the North Rim will often demand a longer drive, but it is worth it, as it offers a better view of the Grand Canyon. Before planning a visit, tourists should be aware that this area is open between May and October due to the weather.

8 Not All Entrances Are Crowded

People who visit the Grand Canyon can often describe it as too crowded. However, a closer look at the national park can prove that the entrances are not the same. At the Grand Canyon East, for example, visitors don't need to fight for a good spot. The "Grand Canyon East" is not an official name used by the national park but among the locals. The Grand Canyon explains that it is not an official tourist area and part of the region belongs to the Navajo Indian Tribal Land - but it is still possible to visit some spots that offer a great view.

7 The Grand Canyon Has Its Own Shangri-la

Some people might be surprised that the Grand Canyon is home to impressive waterfalls. The Havasu and Havasupai falls are located in Arizona, and their blue water contrasts with the desert area of the Grand Canyon. The waterfalls are nested on the Havasupai Indian reservation, and they are closed until June. To visit the waterfalls, tourists need to book their entrances online, and it is recommended to stay at least two nights to explore all the waterfalls. It is also essential to check the restrictions, as alcohol and drones are forbidden in the region.

6 One Of The Best Places to Watch The Sunrise At The Grand Canyon Is Still A Secret

The Grand Canyon might receive millions of tourists per year, but not all of them stay time enough to see the sunrise. One of the best ways to do it is by taking the 13-mile Rim Trail and watching the sunshine is one of the highest points. The trail starts at Hermit's Rest and ends at the South Kaibab Trail Head. Tourists will stop at several viewpoints along the way and most of them are nearly empty. The trail is considered easy, so it's perfect for enjoying the path.

5 The Grad Canyon Has A 800-Foot Waterfall

The Grand Canyon is home to one of the tallest waterfalls in Arizona. The Cheyava Falls has 800 feet and it is still one of the hidden gems of the North Rim. The 8-mile trail starts at Clear Creek and tourists are allowed to camp in the region. The trail is open from mid-May to mid-October - when the North rim is also open for tourists and spring is the best time to visit it. It is also possible to take a longer trail from the South Rim.

4 Not All Trails Are Full of Tourists

Trails at the Grand Canyon are often crowded, but some are perfect for visitors trying to find a peaceful time. The 70-mile Tonto Trail is not as famous as other ones, and it is ideal for tourists who want some quiet time, especially by the Colorado River. Although camping is allowed, visitors need to have a backcountry camping permit to enter the campsites. The path is peaceful, but the trail is considered difficult and people might face extreme temperatures and unpredictable weather. RELATED: 10 Of The Best Hiking Trails Around Niagara Falls

3 This Road Demands A Special Permission

The Diamond Creek Road is located on Hualapai Indian Tribal land, and tourists need a permit to drive on it. The process is not complicated, and people can get it at the Hualapai Lodge on Route 66. The road ends at the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and it is the only way to get by car to this part of the national park. This is one of the least-visited spots in the Grand Canyon, and it offers visitors a unique perspective of it.

2 Not everything Was Created by Nature

There is no doubt that nature is the greatest thing about the Grand Canyon, and the region impresses visitors with countless viewpoints, rivers, hiking, and waterfalls. So the slightest human intervention in the national park doesn't go unnoticed. The Desert View Watchtower Retail Store is a tower built in 1932, and it is considered a landmark. The tower is located at the Desert View (South Rim) and tourists can get there by bus or car through a scenic road. People who decide to climb the stairs on a clear day can see over 100 miles of the Grand Canyon. RELATED: Top 10 Luxury Safaris in South Africa's Kruger National Park

1 A Week Exploring The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is not a place that can be explored in just one trip or a couple of days. People looking for an immersion in the national park can book a seven-day trip in the region and explore a wilderness environment. The tours often cover 188 miles of the area, and it is possible to see many least-visited spots, including river expeditions, Vasey's Paradise, and the Little Colorado River. It is perfect to have a new perspective of the Grand Canyon and discover new spots. NEXT: Here Are The Safest Countries To Visit In Africa As Of 2022