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Being among the best-loved destinations on earth, Italy’s Eternal City receives 7-10 million travelers every year. Tourists who haven't explored the city yet probably have it on their bucket lists. From incredible fashion scene, ancient natural wonders to spectacular modern artwork, Rome has everything to offer a travel experience to remember. Wondering about the possibility of spending a vacation holiday on a budget in Italy's Capital? Travelers can always enjoy top attractions in the city on a budget – even the charged sightings and nightlife. The secret is to go with more enthusiasm than worrying about what’s in the pockets. This is how to explore Italy’s Capital on a Budget.Related: This Is How To Watch The Great Migration On A Budget


When To Explore Rome

The most popular time to visit Rome is in summer. However, travelers should put on proper attire – for very hot weather. Some visitors prefer exploring the city in winter, which is usually cold and windy without snow. Travelers looking to travel to Rome on a budget should target Winter and early Spring as more favorable pricing on the popular destinations is available. Visiting in Spring is increasingly getting popular as well.

Where To Have Meals On A Budget

Travelers are going to find it hard to get cheaper eateries in the Eternal City, but there are a bunch of dining options travelers can use when on a vacation.


Trapizzino is a pizza sandwich served with Roman Classics. This is one of the best ways to enjoy traditional local foods without breaking the bank. Eat a pocket of delicious fluffy pizza, along with some of the yummiest Italian dishes, including chicken cacciatore, meatballs, and oxtail stew. Travelers can have trapezing in most places in Rome.

  • Trapizzino Price: €4
  • Opening Days: Sun to Thur 12:00 pm-12:00 am, Fri and Sat 12:00 pm-1:00 am

Pastificio Guerra

Located close to the Spanish Steps, this is a tiny food eatery offering fresh pasta. The shop provides simple - yet delicious local dishes during lunch hours, and people line up to get served takeaways from these satisfying meals. Travelers have limited choices - the prices are favorable and open to bargaining. One can even have some glasses of water and wine.

  • Price: €4

Da Simo Pane E Vino

This shop is definitely of Rome's best-kept spots for having budget-friendly meals. Da Simo Pane e Vino offers panini stuffed with delicious home-cooked Italian dishes. The food is served at the tables outside the shop, and travelers can always order a cold beer for just €1 extra. The menu is not very limited, giving visitors different options to choose from.

  • Price: Start from €4.40

Where To Stay On A Budget

One of the popular budget-friendly areas for accommodation is the surrounding of the main train station (Termini). However, there have been numerous reported cases of crime making this area unsafe for travelers. Another cheaper alternative is staying in a convent, with essential amenities, including clean rooms, and friendly services at a much more affordable cost as compared to the hotels.

Most convents only accept cash and have set an early curfew that travelers must observe to have a comfortable stay.

Getting Around Rome On A Budget

Stunning sights are on every corner in Rome, and there is no doubt that a traveler can explore the city on a budget. Travelers can always use buses or metros to get around the Eternal City. A ticket lasting for just 75 minutes usually costs €1.50 and allows visitors to be transferred whenever they want within the city, but it doesn’t have to be on a bus or train to reach the city’s outskirts. With tourist attractions spread across the city, it's almost hard to believe visitors wouldn't want to tour Italy's Capital on foot.

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Explore Some of The Most Stunning Sights Free Of Charge

There are many ways travelers can explore Rome on a budget. First, all the city’s churches are free! The churches feature some of the most outstanding artwork and would be cherished in any gallery on earth. Travelers can explore Caravaggio paintings, drawn by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, an Italian artist. The paintings are found in some churches in the city, including Santa Mari del Popolo and San Luigi dei Francesi.

Piazzas in Rome hold spectacular monuments, including Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, and Piazza del Pietra.

Another stunning sight that travelers can explore without spending a cent is Trevi Fountain – a major attraction. Incredible views are guaranteed from the top of the Spanish Steps. Travelers can head to Villa Borghese, a parkland that was once owned and managed by a family - the Borghese. Apart from these popular and big sightings, Rome contains other off-the-track spots travelers can explore and enjoy, including Villa Aldobrandini, a tiny park located just above Via Nazionale and Piazza Magnanapoli and does not charge any entrance fee.

Rome promises an unforgettable travel experience to visitors - regardless of what's in their pockets.