There is a maze of different tunnels under New York City and perhaps the most famous tunnel network is the subway system. But there are other tunnels - like sewer systems, water mains, and others - there are also likely to be a number of secret tunnels under the Big Apple too.

While it is not possible to visit the rumored secret tunnels of NYC, it is possible to have a number of other tours of the world hidden beneath the streets of the city. Next time in NYC, explore underground and see abandoned stations and the history of NYC's subway system. London is another pioneer of the subway system, and one can explore some of London's many abandoned Tube stations while in England.


NYC Underground Subway Tour

Why Book The Tour

On this tour, visitors will discover what was the largest subway system in the world (today the largest is the Shanghai Metro in China). Travel back in time to one of the world's very first subway systems filled with history that millions using it daily may not be aware of.

One will see how the very first subway was actually built illegally and under the cover of night. The 6 train is your one's ten-car time machine that takes one through the abandoned stations people can not normally access.

During the tour, visitors ride through the abandoned stations with the 6 train. The tour ends at one of the newest transportation hubs of Manhattan contrasting just how far things have come since the subway's inception.

What One Will See NYC Subway Tour

The tour starts by exploring City Hall Park - the birthplace of the NYC subway system. On the tour, guests get to see parts of the decommissioned City Hall Station while learning about the early history of the system.

One will also learn about the ridiculously short route of the mythical “Subway before the Subway,” Alfred Ely Beach’s Pneumatic Transit System. It was the first attempt to build a subway in NYC in 1869 and was a demonstration line running on pneumatic power. There was only one car and the line had a length of only 300 feet.

During the tour, visitors will see partially abandoned, nearly forgotten ghosts of the past like Chambers Street Station (which was also nicknamed the "Grand Central of Downtown."

Finally, at Union Station visitors will learn about the hidden art installations. Thousands of riders walk by these every day unaware.


  • City Hall Park: The Birthplace Of NYC Subway
  • City Hall Station: Explore Parts of This Decommissioned Station
  • Pneumatic Transit System: The First 300-Foot Demonstration Line From 1869
  • Chambers Street Station: Now Partly Abandoned and Forgotten
  • Union Station: Learn About Hidden Art Installations
  • Abandoned Stations: Ride Through Abandoned Stations With The 6 Train

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Booking The NYC Subway Tour

One can book the tour on or on It will make a fine addition to anyone's weekend tour of NYC.

Dates and times:

  • Wednesdays and Fridays: from 10 am - 12 noon
  • Saturdays: 11 am - 12.30 pm or 2 pm - 3.30 pm
  • Meeting Point: 8 Park Pl (in front of the Five and Dime coffee shop)
  • Cost: $29 to $35
  • Duration: 2 Hours

The tour is offered as a group tour with up to 10 participants, it is also offered as a private tour on request with prices starting from $280.

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Other Underground Attractions To Explore In NYC

Crown Finish Caves

A brewery first grew here in Brooklyn in 1849 and after many name changes became the Nassau Brewing Company. An Icehouse was added to the brewery and connected with a tunnel and is now one of Brooklyn's most historic underground attractions.

Today the underground world here was built by the brewery and is used by Crown Finish Caves - a cheesemaker who used the tunnels as space to age its cheese.

Keep an eye out on their calendar as they periodically offer tours and events in the subterranean spaces.

New York Catacombs of The Basilica of St. Patrick's

Believe it or not, there are (small) catacombs in NYC. These catacombs are located under the 200-year-old Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in Soho (the cathedral also starred in the movie, The Godfather). While these catacombs are normally off-limits to the public, there are also 90-minute tours taking one down into the haunted lair.

  • Cost: $37 Per Adult
  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Largest: Old St. Patrick's Was The Largest Cathedral In The US When It Was Completed In 1815