There is a lot of things to see and do in New York, but Central Park, a gorgeous and surreal site in the center of the city. The park first opened to the public in the mid-1800s. Though the park has evolved throughout its lifetime, just as much of the city evolved. People once living in the park were forced to move out, the graffiti was cleaned up, and trash was removed. All these changed we mostly done in part by the Central Park Conservancy, an agency in charge of the park's maintenance.

These days, New Yorkers and tourists alike, enjoy the hundreds of acres of green grass, trees, flowers, lakes, streams, and even woodland that helps to create a sense of escaping city life. Surprisingly, it only takes about a couple of hours to walk through the park, and there are things a tourist in New York should avoid if they are interested in having a leisurely day at their own pace.

10 First Pick An Entrance And Exit That Correspond With The Sites Mentioned In This List

There are a ton of entrances into Central Park, so it would be best to pull up the park in Google Maps and take a look at the different routes around a person's location. For instance, if a person is coming in from around 55 Central Park West, they would be able to see the famous house from the movie Ghostbusters. Then they could travel up the park from one end to another.

9 The South East Corner Of Central Park Has The Famous Zoo With Almost Every Kind Of Animal In It

The Central Park Zoo isn't just only the inspirational setting for the movie Madagascar, it's a real gem in for people who want to escape the city and feel like they are not only in nature but the wild. There are giraffes and bears in the park, but there's also a water show with seals. People can feed the animals and take pictures with them. The park is popular with celebrities also, celebrities like Taylor Swift, Drew Barrymore, Katie Holmes, and Heidi Klum, and various other celebs have been spotted there.

The carousel is open from 10 to about sunset. Originally powered by a mule, and then steam engines. Parts of it that were destroyed were replaced by items found abandoned from Coney Island. The Carousel is not only popular for its affordable cash only rides, but it's also popular because of its history. Not only is the surrounding area being preserved, but a conservation society is making sure every horse and chariot stays up and running.

When the suns out in New York people flock to Sheep's Meadow to have a picnic and lay on the grass. Not only is this is a great way for tourists to catch a glimpse of real New Yorkers in their Spring and Summertime habitat, but it's also a nice way to stop and rest. Since the park is big, it wouldn't hurt to bring a bite, blanket, and hat. Perhaps enjoy a quick nap before moving on through the park.

6 There's Model Sailboat Racing For Kids And Adults

For years people have to Central Park to experience the model sailboat racing at Conservatory Water in Central Park. Not only has it been even more popular by the character Stewart Little, but the boats have brought both young and old out to the park to bond over the ships. The entrance closest to the boats would be the 72nd Street entrance. Plan to stay awhile, and wear sunscreen!

5 Naumburg Bandshell Is An Original Fixture In The Life Of The Park Near 72nd St.

The Naumburg Bandshell was made with music and concerts in mind, however, the area has brought all sorts of productions to the park for people's enjoyment. However, the most special thing about the arena is the fact that it's one of the original fixtures in the park. Not only can people take photos in front of it, but they can stand inside of it and hear the acoustics of their own voice for themselves.

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4 There's A Free Roller Skating Dance Group That Travels Around The Park

Depending on the time of year a person can roller skate in Central Park for free! The event feels like a giant block party on wheels. The Central Park Dance Skaters Association brings free music and rollerskating to tourists and New Yorkers alike, through the help of donations. Not only do they want to bring more outdoor activities to New Yorkers, but they want to inspire a name change for one of the park's roads. More information about them can be found on their site.

3 Rowboats Are Available To Rent At Loeb Boathouse Up Until Sunset

Depending on the weather the Loeb Boathouse on 72nd St. rents a ton of boats from sun up till sundown. Imagine one hundred boats gliding across the water during the afternoon or sunset. The cost to rent one of the boats is $15 an hour with a small security deposit people get back if they bring the boat back in one piece and ready for the next group of people. Four people are allowed to a boat, which makes it great for dates, double dates, or solo adventures.

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2 Head Over To Strawberry Fields To See The John Lennon Memorial

The Central Park Conservancy site explaining John Lennon's memorial in Strawberry Fields, notes that it is in fact in Central Park, and very easy to visit. Not only is the site sometimes decorated with flowers, but on the anniversary of John's death, people decorate the site with memorabilia, photos, and notes. This is a great spot for a selfie or a pose with friends. The site is located near W 72 street, right on the edge of the park's west side.

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1 Belvedere Castle Is A Pleasant Place To End The First Day

Many people come to the park in the hopes of finding Belvedere Castle. The castle seems like it should be an obvious find, but this romantic gem is nestled almost in the center of the park, near 79th St. Transverse. The castle is set on a rock and has views of the surrounding park and water. Not only is it the highest point in the park, but once a person gets there, they know they are halfway through the park.

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