From opulent interior décor to chefs with excellent culinary traditions, New York restaurants have taken fine dining to new heights. Luxurious restaurants in NYC offer any type of cuisine a foodie could crave, including dry-aged steaks, French delicacies, tender seafood from Japan, and the world's rarest wines.

Everybody deserves a "splurge" meal every once in a while, be it a special occasion or an intentionally extravagant couples date. Here are the 10 most expensive NYC restaurants that are worth every penny.

10 Momofuko Ko

Situated in the East Village, Momofuko Ko is the epitome of fine dining for food lovers who can afford it. The Japanese restaurant, led by the artistic Chef Sean Gray and Chef Esther Ha, delivers award-winning cuisine that melts guests' hearts daily. From tantalizing 10-course meals to bubbly drinks at the bar section, Momofuko Ko gets everything right.

  • Average meal price: $299 per person
  • Recommendation: Mind-blowing Asian-American dishes include caviar, fried squid, fried chicken, and razor clams served with basil

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9 Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park is probably the most famous splurge restaurant in New York. This is because its legendary French cuisines are well worth the cost. Whereas all meals on Eleven Madison Park's menu are delightful to the taste buds, carrot tartare served with rye bread and green peas is a must-try. The award-winning restaurant boasts three Michelin stars, high ceiling décor, and a classy pre-sitting furniture arrangement.

  • Average meal Price: $150 per person
  • Recommendation: Guests should research the appropriate dress code as per the restaurant's rules

8 Masa's Sushi Bar

Commonly known by locals as Masa, this splurge-worthy restaurant is NYC's top sushi place. The restaurant is under the helm of Master Chef Masayoshi Takayama, who has three Michelin stars in his name. The chef's lifelong dedication to culinary skills pampers guests with extraordinary sushi. As a result, each plate at Masa delivers new tasting heights.

  • Average meal price: $595 per person
  • Recommendation: Masa's Sushi Bar is an excellent choice for romantic dates who want to spoil each other

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7 Aquavit

Aquavit has been winning the hearts of New Yorkers since 1987, thanks to its consistency in finger-licking onsite and takeout meals. Gaining a second Michelin star in 2014 under Chef Emma Bengtsson, the restaurant has gotten even more popular with locals. Aquavit serves delectable meals such as Swedish meatballs and Arctic char paired with squash.

  • Average meal price: $230 per person
  • Recommendation: Guests shouldn't be hesitant in pairing meals to come up with the desired dining experience

6 Per Se New York

New York is littered with Michelin-star restaurants, and Per Se is one of them. The restaurant features a blend of French-American cuisines that are mouth-watering to guests even before they have a seat. It's worth noting that Per Se's nine-course menu intentionally avoids repeating any ingredient, much to foodies' delight.

  • Average meal price: $320 per person
  • Recommendation: Vegetarians can feel at home in Per Se, which offers exquisite meals with wine pairings

5 The Frenchette

From its modern French meals to a fashionable pre-sitting setting, there is everything to love about Frenchette. The restaurant's cuisine is exceptional, with an added touch of fun and creative surprises that keep guests coming back every time. Since the fabulous restaurant is often full, so booking a reservation is a good idea.

  • Average meal price: $122 per person
  • Recommendation: Guests looking to splurge can try the entire poulet roti, which is worth every penny

4 Le Bernardin

Le Bernardin's success is phenomenal, boasting a James Beard Award and three Michelin stars. The restaurant features a lounge and dining room as the main areas for luxury eating. Le Bernardin is NYC's trend-setter for seafood, crafted by the maestro Chef Eric Ripert. For a memorable dining experience, the restaurant's menu changes with the seasons.

  • Average meal price: $420 per person
  • Recommendation: Wine lovers can explore the stellar wine list as Le Bernardin also tops in terms of wine

3 Yakitori Torishin

A beautiful slice of Japan in New York, this sophisticated restaurant is difficult to ignore. Yakitori Torishin offers indoor dining with a romantic tone and a terrace that gives off a laid-back ambiance. From expensive Wagyu beef to grilled vegetables and chicken thigh skewers, Yakitori Torishin has some of the most exquisite meal options.

  • Average meal price: $180 per person
  • Recommendation: The traditional wines in the restaurant are a must-have for couples on a romantic date

2 The Modern

The two-Michelin-starred eatery is one of the fanciest museum-themed restaurants in NYC. The carefully-curated menu consists of sumptuous meals such as dry-aged duck with poached peaches, hand-cut tagliolini, and eggs on eggs. In addition, the detailed wines list offers a variety of 3,000 international wines to choose from. The Modern is a hidden gem when it comes to opulent restaurants.

  • Average meal price: $249 per person
  • Recommendation: Guests wanting an exceptional experience should book the Kitchen Table, a separate spot from the main dining room that offers surprise additions to the regular menu

1 Peter Luger Steakhouse

Peter Luger is a breath of fresh air to any steak lover looking to have a unique experience. The chophouse is a perfect spot for a date night, thanks to its strategic location near Williamsburg Bridge. The James Beard Award recipient is home to classic delights such as dry-aged steaks seasoned with butter, juicy burgers, and Holy Cow, a locals' favorite dessert of hot fudge sundae.

  • Average meal price: $135 per person
  • Recommendation: The criminally underpriced "steak platter for two" should be on every visitor's priority list.