We all know that going abroad is something that needs to be planned meticulously, which is why it can be difficult to remember every single thing that needs to be done. Sure, we remember the big things, but sometimes the small things can be just as important if it ends up costing us money! Add up a whole lot of small things, and it can lead to losing a lot of money by the time everything is all added up.

What we've done is pull together a list of things that people often get wrong when they're going abroad, in the hope that they will be able to save themselves some money. We don't care about how much people think that they know about travelling, there must be some way that we're all making a mistake. Like we said, there are so many things that need to be remembered!

So, we think it's about time that we got started. That way, people can make sure that they won't make the same mistakes that so many other people do, losing more money than they needed to while on their travels. We think that this list will be able to help everyone out there!

25 Booking The Wrong Flights

Obviously, people don't book the flights to the wrong place, but they will often buy to fly during an expensive month, with some people waiting too long to book their flight as well. SkyScanner conducted a study, during which, they discovered "that travellers heading to Faro could save up to 19% on the average price of a flight by booking 4 weeks in advance. But for flights to Manchester the best time to book was 17 weeks beforehand."

24 Accept That The Dream Won't Happen

We know that a lot of people out there, ourselves included, want to pack as much into one holiday as possible, but it may be time to accept that this dream won't happen. Yes, try and see everything you want to see, but as OrdinaryTraveler puts it, "make sure you give yourself some time to relax and soak up the best of what each destination has to offer." The dream is impossible, so it's best to just accept that and have the best time the country has to offer.

23 Be Flexible, things can go wrong

GoBankingRates says it best, "inflexibility on travel dates might leave travelers with the more expensive options."

We understand that a lot of people out there have a strict schedule to keep when it comes to holidays.

However, for people that don't, they should take a look and see if their holiday would be less expensive if they decided to take it just a couple of weeks earlier, or later.

22 Keep An Eye On Overspending

GoBankingRates claims that, "anytime we are out of our normal environment, away from our homes [and] work with more free time than usual, we are vulnerable to overspending.” It's obvious to most of us, but some people really struggle to come to terms with budgeting when they're away from their usual environment. Thankfully, there are a lot of tools in the modern world that can help people keep an eye on their finances, whether at home or abroad!

21 Stay Away From Credit debt

Unless you have specifically planned for it, using a credit card once you're abroad is a very bad idea.

SkyScanner says, "if you travel a lot, it may be worth looking into an account with an online bank that offers better rates and easy transferring between currencies."

Getting in touch with your bank is the best way to find out if there's any chance you can get a credit account that works well abroad.

20 Book Time Between Flights

None of us ever want to think about the concept that something may go wrong during our journey on the way to a different country, but it can happen!

As OrdinaryTraveler puts it, "you might be forced to rush through an unfamiliar airport to make your connecting flight, and you might not make it in time. It’s best to book them with a safe buffer in between."

It's better to think about it now than worry at some point in the future!

19 Do Not Overpack

We know that it can be hard to keep it down to the essentials, but it's really important that you try, and we'll let USNews tell you exactly why.

"Some airlines charge up to $100 per checked bag and even more if your luggage crosses a certain weight threshold. Check with your airline to see how much your luggage can weigh."

This is one of those things that can end up costing a lot of money if you aren't careful!

18 Falling for too-good-to-be-true scams

One of the things about finding a cheap flight is that, there's often an expensive catch. As SkyScanner puts it, "the peripheral costs can quickly add up."

If people want to save an extra few pounds by getting a fight at an odd time, that's great, but what if you have to get a taxi to the airport seeing as the flight is so early?

Another thing to keep an eye on is how far away someone will land from their actual holiday destination, as this can save money on the flight, but spend a lot on travelling once you've landed.

17 focus only on high season

We've already talked about the way a strict schedule can end up costing people quite a bit of money. If you can only take a certain amount of time off, it doesn't mean you have to go at exactly the same time as everyone else, right? If you're looking for another time to go abroad, USNews states that, "if you can wait until the end of August, you'll find steeper discounts. But take your vacation around the Fourth of July, and expect to pay a lot more."

16 not getting Travel Insurance

We know that people don't want to buy this sort of thing at first, because it seems like they could save some money in the short-term, but in the long-term it could end up costing you a lot.

As SkyScanner puts it, "if you’re unlucky enough to require medical assistance abroad, the costs can be astronomical, particularly in the US."

We know that it seems annoying to have to put money into this optional extra, but if the unthinkable should happen, it can save a lot of money.

15 forget about the visa process

A visa is a piece of paperwork that allows people the chance to travel to places around the world that they would otherwise not be unable to!

OrdinaryTraveller put it best - "Being turned away at a foreign checkpoint will be expensive, time-consuming, and possibly put an end to your trip."

We know that paperwork is always boring, but it's also incredibly important! Always keep an eye on your visa and your passport!

14 forget about taxes in other countries

It's important to remember that, while something may only cost a certain amount, once things like taxes or resort costs are added on, it can end up costing a lot more.

USNews state that, "if you're taking a long trip, forgetting about these can throw off your budget."

It doesn't matter how much effort somebody puts into making sure they stay within their finances if they forget about some added bills that get taken off the budget later.

13 don't learn The Local Laws!

People want to stay out of jail for the obvious reasons, but running afoul of the law in a different country can end up costing a lot of money, especially if you're jailed!

OrdinaryTraveler reckon they've "run across quite a few world travelers who have wound up in the clink, even in the most modern countries."

It keeps you safe, and you don't end up spoiling the home life of the natives to the area either, so learn those laws!

12 not turning their Phone Data Off

We all know that most phone plans don't allow people to use their data while abroad at the same rates that they have while they're at home.

SkyScanner states that "there are no longer data roaming charges within the EU, but do check your allowances with your provider to avoid any eye-watering bills."

Get your phone unlocked and pick up a cheap Sim once you land. That's the best way to do it!

11 not Booking Airport Car Space in advance

SkyScanner put it right when they said "if you’ve ever picked someone up at the airport and nipped into the short term parking, you’ll know how quickly last-minute rates can escalate."

It's one of those things that we just forget until it's too late, so make sure that you get it done before then!

If you're planning a holiday at the moment, make sure you remember to sort out your ride to the airport.

10 Changing Money At The Airport

Trying to get the best rate when it comes to swapping money can be a real stress for people, so it's important that you try and get the best deal possible.

According to SkyScanner, "buying currency at the airport will almost always leave you short-changed, thanks to unfavourable exchange rates."

The best way to do it is to keep an eye on the exchange rate and swap your money somewhere else.

9 Book the hotel Too Early

We've already commented on how important it is to put the work in and get those flights booked early, but the same doesn't apply when it comes to hotels!

GoBankingRates have looked into why booking early can cost more and it's because "operators would rather rent rooms at reduced rates than have them go empty and earn nothing."

It can be a little risky, but holding out until later can save you some money when it comes to where you stay.

8 turn their nose up to package holidays

A lot of travel snobs out there never want to take on a package holiday, but for a lot of people, they're actually the smarter option at the end of the day, which TheIndependent points out.

"With a package holiday, the tour operator is responsible for your trip from the outbound airport to the return home."

It's a good way of making sure that you have a nice relaxing time!

7 forget Their Reservations and itinerary

This one isn't that big a deal, but it can save you a lot of bother.

Rather than having to constantly go looking for your reservations, maybe think about memorizing them, or even taking a picture of them on your phone!

OrdinaryTraveler said it best -"It’s an unnecessary hassle to have to rummage through your bags for your itinerary, and you might not have access to a printer for another copy if you lose it."

6 travel way too far away from home

We believe that a lot of people think it would be smarter to get as far away from their home country as possible, as if this will give them the best experience, and it seems that TheIndependent agrees with us!

"There is no need to fly long-haul – save that for times of the year when you really need some tropical sunshine or a southern-hemisphere escape."

It's always good to remember how much the flight can end up taking out of you!