So Expedia and United Airlines aren't splitting up after all.

The two companies have gone forward with fence-mending, so much so, they've even announced plans to work on more projects moving forward.

Expedia sued United for breach of contract back in April, accusing the airline of going back on an eight-year deal to let them advertise and sell their lowest fares. United looked set to pull their flight schedule from the online travel agent after September 30 when the contract expired and a Federal court had denied Expedia's request for an injunction against United albeit indicating the agency would win its suit.


The companies have decided to bury the hatchet and announced a new contract this week.

“Expedia Group announces today that it has signed a new, multi-year agreement with United Airlines, which operates flights to nearly 360 destinations in 57 countries,” a press release from Expedia reads (h/t “This new agreement ushers in an expanded relationship, meeting the strategic objectives of both companies and benefiting travelers around the world.”

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United was initially intransigent in its stance, claiming that they could sell fares on their own.

“The most simple way to say this is ‘time to change,’” United’s executive vice president and chief commercial officer Andrew Nocella said in an earnings call following the filing of the suit. “But, quite honestly, we think we can sell our lowest fares just as well, and that’s where we are. So, we look forward to having a direct relationship with our customers going forward, and that’s really where we are with Expedia.”

Monday's announcement, though, seems to have locked the companies up even more tightly than they were prior to the rift.

“The agreement continues Expedia Group’s leisure distribution with United, expands United’s relationship with Expedia Partner Solutions, builds on United’s relationship with Egencia, Expedia Group’s corporate travel business, and the companies will work to expand cooperation into other areas in the near future,” the press release continued.

Expedia did not respond to requests for comment from any publication and a spokeswoman has directed inquiries to press release.